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    VOL. 3S NO. 47
Ruth Ann Hockenbroch of Richfield, Pa., was installed
this week as national president of the Future Homemakers
ot America.
Pa. Girl Named President
Of6oo,oooMember FHA
A IVeai-old Pennsylvania
gnl was installed as national
piesiden* of the Futuie Home
Lsnctisburg Man
Tops Dragon Safe
A 1 Ale tight of Landisbui g
Pa showed the giand cham
pion «, a Holstein, at the
Gieen Dragon Dany Cow Show
and Saif Fuday
In the afternoon, Melvin Kolb
of Lancaster bought the animal
foi SI7OC
Larry Loose, co-ownei of the
Gieen Dragon, said the weatnei
was excellent and turn out was
outstanding for the sale He
estimated up to 500 faimeis at
Albright's top Holstein was
followed by animals owned by
the fellow mg Mike Rissei,
Palmyra, RD2, bought by John
Moser, Barto RD, for $760, and
two animals shown by Kelly
Bowser Worthington, and Bob
Kennedy Mars, near Pitts
burgh The latter two animals
were bought by Robeit Katz.
Bernviile, for $950, and Lloyd
S Martin for $785
In the Guernsey competition,
makeis of America this week at
the FHVa 25th national eonven
tion in New York Citj
She is Ruth Ann Hocken
bioch, daughtei of Mr and Mis
Palmei Hockenbioch, Stai
Route, Richfield, and a senioi at
Middlebmg High School
Miss Hockenbioch seived as
fust vice piesident of the 600,
000 membei oiganization foi the
past yeai" 1
She will study a mixed
academic and commeicial cm
uculum dm mg hei semoi yeai
She intends to emoll in the
Pcnnsjlvama Junioi College of
Medical-Ails, Ha wishing, upon
Miss Hoekenbioch was ac
companied to the convention by
both of hei home economics
teacheis, Mis Alice Wendel,
Selmsgrove, and Miss Baibaia
Feistei, Richfield The three
weie slated to leturn home Fu
day evening
A 1 Albright’s animal was first,
followed by animals shown by
Elmer Bachman, Lebanon RD4,
second and Glenn Fite, Quarry
ville, third
In the mixed breeds, A 1 Al
bright again was fust followed
by Bob Kennedy with the next
three animals.
Lancaster Farming. Saturday, October 17, 1970
Earl M. Weaver Named Star
Agribusinessman of America
A 21>eaiold Middletown
FFA mcmbei was named Stai
Agi ibusmessman of Amenca
this week at the National FFA
Convention at Kansas CiU
Missoni i
Penn State Schedules
Agronomy Workshop
At Fleetwood Nov. 17
Penn State Univeisitv's 1970
Agionomy Dealoi Woikshops aie
slated around the state in mid-
The one ncaiest this aiea will
be held from 10 a m till 4pm
Tuesday, November 17, in Beiks
County at the Fleetwood Grange
The Workshop is for all seed,
fertilizer and pesticide dealers
and their seivice men
Directions to the.meeting are
Fiom Reading, rake Route 22?
noitheast 13 miles to Mcselem
Springs, turn right at the tiaffic
light on Route 662 and the
Grange is one and a half miles
south 'on the light side of the
Max Smith, Lancastei Count)
agucultuial agent, said the
Woikshop is conducted by Penn
State extension specialists ‘to
cooidinate the 1971 lecoramen
dations relating to agionomj ”
Penn State feels it’s impoi taut
that the vanous farm supply
fums geneially make the same
lecommendations as extension
agents, he said
Similar workshops aie being
held from Novembei 10 thiough
Novembei 20 in Venango Coun
ty, Weslmoieland County, Fiank
hn County, Centie County, Biad
foid County, Lackawanna Coun
ty and Montoui County
The morning piogiam will in
clude an in-depth discussion ol
Robert Weaver Honored
At U. S. FFA Convention
Robeit Lee Weavei, 21-yeai
old Stiasbiug RDI dany faimei,
leceived a $5OO award at the
National FFA Convention at
Kansas City, wheie he was
honoied as one o 1 foui Regional
Stai Faimeis
Although Weavei didn’t win
the coveted Stai Faimei ot
Ameuca award, he reported Fri
day morning that the convention
was a memorable one for him
The Star Faimei candidates
were mtei viewed on radio and
TV They met big city mayors
and state govoinois They pai
ticipated in banquets and weie
interviewed in depth about then
fanning piogiams, leadership
experience and community
Weaver, the son of Mr and
Mrs. Ivan Weaver, said the con-
He is Eail M Wcavei, a mem
btv of the Uppei Bucks Tech
FFA Chaplei
VVeavei pie\iously had been
announced as one of loin Re
gional Stai \giibusinessmcn and
the pi os and cons of no-till coin
planting by a faimei, engmeei,
entomologist, agionomist and
county agent
In the aftemoon, a panel will
discuss the latest developments
in grassland management, in
cluding new varieties, new herbi
cides, insecticides, machmeiy
and fertilizer
Other items include bird re
sistant grain sorghum, cereal
leaf bettle, weed indentification
and agricultuial pollution
U. S. Farm Bill
is Still Stalled
The new US faim bill came
close to passage this week, but
didn’t quite make it and now
can’t be acted on before Novem
bei 16.
Previously, both the U S
House and Senate approved
separate bills, then a joint bill
was worked out in conference
committee and the House ap
proved the joint bill
But the Senate this week fail
ed to act on the joint bill and
since the Senate adjourned this
week and won’t be back in ses
sion until November 16, that’s
vention was the laigest evei
with ovei 13 500 attending The
eldei Weavei attended the con
vention and leceived an Honoi
aiy Amencan Faimei degiee
Also piesent was Geiald Kigei
foimei Lampetei-Strasbiugvoag
teachei and FFA advisoi when
the voungei Weaver was a stu
dent theie
In addition to being honoied
as Regional Stai Faimer,
Weaver also leceived the Ameu
can Faimei degiee, the highest
degiee at the national level,
along with two Solanco FFA.
membeis, Preston LeFevre Ji .
Quau yville, and James S
Huber, Peach Bottom RD2
Robeit Weaver also said the
Delaware Association represen
tative won the public speaking
52.00 Per Year
he was given the top nation*!
agiibusmess awaid m competi
tion this week with the other
thice legional winneis
The \gnbusiness wmnei is
the son of Mi and Mis Melvin
X Wea\ei of Middletown
One of 12 childien, Weaver
decided that it would be impos
sible foi him to have an exten
sive framing piogiam on the 18#
acie family faun so he began
looking foi altei natives
Because ot his mtei est in
agucultuie he took advantage
of the Agucultuial Occupational
Experience Piogiam offered by
the vocational agucultuial de
paitment at Uppei Bucks Tech
Thiough the Agriculture Oc
cupational Experience Program,
Bail Weavei has gained exper
ience in fiuit faiming, dairy
herd testing, and most recently
in the bleeding and care of
laboiatoiy animals His super
visoi in these activities has been
vocational agncultuie instructor
James E Diamond
Until he was 13, all but 10 per
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the fust date on which action
can occm Theie is no guaran
tee the bill will come up next
month, howevei
That the information this
week fiom the Washington of
fice of Congiessman Edwin D.
The Congressman’s office al
so said the two mam differ
ences between the House-ap
proved bill and the current
farm legislation are -
First, a $55,000 payment limi
tation has been written into the
bill Until this bill, there has
never been a payment limita
tion m the faim act As a re
sult, many laige farm opera
tions weie getting federal farm
payments exceeding $lOO,OOO a
yeai But the pi actice has been
coming under fire m recent
yeais and the opposition to un
limited payments leached a cli
max this year
Congi essman Eshleman re
poi ted that he voted m favor of
the $55,000 limitation, although
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Farm Calendar
Satin day, October 17
Bpm Lancaster County
Pomona Grange meeting,
Fulton Giange Hall, Oakryn.
Farm Women Society 3, Mrs.
Irvin Buikholder, hostess.
Farm Women Society 18, Lititz
Church of the Brethren, Mrs.
David Buckwalter hostess
Farm Women Society 25, home
of Mrs. Ralph Schlegelmilch,
Lancaster RD6.
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