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    VOL. 15 NO. 45
Clair Witwer Hog Is
Lampeter 'Rail' Winner
Clair Witwer, Stiasburg Pike,
Lancaster, had the best hog “on
the iail” in a contest associated
with the Lampeter Fan
The contest involved live 01
on foot ludgmg duung the fair,
followed by carcass 01 on the
i ail judging eaily this week af
ter the animals wei e butchered
Seven animals weie entered
in the contest
Witwer’s animal made a poor
showing in the on foot judging,
placing only sixth Most other
animals, however, finished re
latively close m both the live
and dead j'udging The number
three and four animals, for in
stance, were the same in both
categories. The number one ani
mal on foot was number two
There was considerable dif
ference between Witwer’s ani
mal and some of the others.
In tne carcass judging, the
Witwer animal had the highest
percentage of ham, loin, 42.7
per cent, compared to 40.6 per
cent for the second place animal
and 32.2 per cent for the seven
th place animal. ;
The top hog was 31 5 inches
long, longer than all the hogs
except the sixth place animal
which was 34 inches long The
shortest animal was the thud
place hog, 29 8 inches long
‘The Witwer hog had a lom
eye ei 3 1 inches This was
about average of the seven
hogs Tne numbei two hog was
largest w ith 6 4 inches and the
seventh place animal m caicass
judging was last with 3 9 inches
The Witwer animal, howevei,
14th Pa. Livestock Exposition
Offers $87,000 of Premiums
Prem.jms of $87,000 will be
offered at the 14th annual
Penii'jjA ama Livestock Exposi
tion to be held at the Farm
Show complex Nov 7 14
Thomas W Kelh, show man
ager, gave this bieakdown of
pienuums cattle, $53,000 sheep,
$15,000 swine, $l5 000, and
hoi sc $4,000
Sprnal events at the exposi
tion include a live hog evaluation
contest feedei call auction sale,
educational piogiam lor swine
bleeders, Noitheasi Regional
4-H loosing contest and a bain
vaicl baoies exhibit
An >r novation at this jea 's
is the combining ol
niaikct and caicass bauow class
es into a single class in which
40 per cent of the animals mus.
be slaughtered At pievious ex
positions maikct baiiows weie
not designated foi slaughlei
The exposition is sponsoied by
the Pennsylvania Livestock and
Allied Industiies Association in
cooperation with the Pennsyl
stood out with the least back
fat, only eight tenths of one
inch, much less than the near
est competitor’s 11 inch, the
figuie for the numbei thiee
hog Back fat langed up to 1 7
inches foi the numbei seven
Witwei’s hog weighed the
least of the seven animals
shown at 200 pounds, but the
heaviest animal weighed only
220 pounds.
Other results in the caicass
judging included second place
for Dutch Valley Farm, Man
heim RD3, at 215 pounds live
weight, 1 3 inches of back fat,
313 inch carcass length, 6 4
inches of loin eye, and 40 6 per
cent ham loin.
Third place was Robert W
Armstrong, Drumore RDI, at
212 'live weight, 1.1 back fat,
29 8 carcass length, 5.9 loin eye,
37 8 ham loin
Fourth place was Glenn
Livengood, Pioneer Road. Lan
caster, was 220 live weight, 13
backfat, 30.0 carcass length, 5 2
loirt eye, and 37 2 ham loin
Fifth, place went to Willow
Glen Farm, Strasbuig RDI,
with 206 live weight, 15 back
iat, 30 5 caicass length, 5 2 loin
eye, 37 0 ham loin
Sixth place was John Shank,
Holtwood RD2, with 219 live
weight, 1.4 back fat, 34 0 caicass
length, 4 0 lom eye, and 34 7
ham lom
Seventh place was Earl Liven
good, Morning Side Duve, Lan
caster, at 217 pounds live
weight, 17 back fat, 310 cai
cass length, 3 9 loin ej e, and
32 2 ham loin
vania Department of Agncul-
Uue and its Farm Show Com
Four-year-old Janae Martin, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs Robert E. Martin, New
Holland RDI, liked the rabbits at the New
Lancaster Farming. Saturday. October 3, 1970
Manheim Fair
Wcdne«da>, Oct. 7
2 30 p m —Sheep and Sw me
5 30 pm —4 H and FF \ Bain
Beef Show
7 pm Community Faim
Show Parade
Thursday, Oct. S
6 30 p m —Daily Show
Fiiday, Oct. 9
10 a m —FFA Tiactoi Dnving
2 pm—\dult Tractor D.n
ing Contest
8 p m—Maiket Hog Sale
8 15 p m FFA Beef Sale
following Market Hog
Farm Calendar
Monday, October 5
National Bedding Plant Confer
ence, Michigan State Uni
versity, East Lansing,
Michigan October 5 - 7
Tuesday, October 6
630 pm 4-H Leadership
Banquet, Faim and Home
Pennsylvania Farmers Board
Meeting, Faim and Home
Wednesday, October 7
Bpm Red Rose Baby Beef
and Lamb Club, Faim and
Home Center
Bpm Lancastei County Soil
and Water Conservation
Distnct, Farm and Home
Bpm Lancaster County
Senior Extension Club,
monthly meeting, Farm
and Home Center
Manheim Community Fai m
Show, October 7 - 9
Thursday, October 8
7 30 p m Faim Women 21,
home of Mrs William Ar
rowsmith, Peach Bottom
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Manheim Fair
Slated Oct. 7-9
The 1970 Lancastei County
Fair season diaw s to a dost
next week with the 17th annual
Manheim Faim Shou Ouobei
At the stiicth educational tan
exhibit aieas will featiue a wide
selection of baked goods canned
goods, fai m ci ops tloweis \ege
tables, iuuts and nuts These
items will be on display at the
Haivey Spahr warehouse
Commeicial exhibits and FFA
and FHA window exhibits will
also be placed in a tent near the
Spahr warehouse
To be on view in the Scout Hall
wall be aits and crafts tancy
wotk, models and woodwoik
Tents will house beef, swine,
sheep, dairy, poultry and small
livestock categories
Sheep and swine judging wall
take place at 2-30 p m Wednes
day Categones for swine will
include prizes for senior sow
junioi sow, champion sow. mdi
Two Lancaster Co, 4-H'ers
Get Blue Ribbon in Omaha
Two Lancaster County 4-H
mem Deis, who have just return
ed from the National 4-H Live
stock Conservation Demonstra
tion Contest in Omaha, Nebias
ka, have received a blue ribbon
foi their team efforts
Membeis ot the Conseivation
team weie Miss Nanc> Yunging
ei and Miss Cmdj Hess The>
weie accompanied on then flight
b> Mis -Richard Hess, Cindy’s
According to Mrs Hess they
Holland Fair There were also large coin
and tobacco displays in the 1 arm section of
the f-air.
52.00 Per Year
\idual maiket sow pen of three
market hogs. champion ma-scet
hog, ie*eive champion ma-Ket
hog and champion pen of three
market hogs Maiket hog sale
vvi.l be held at 8 p m Faday
4H and FF\ babv beef judg
mg activities begin at 5 30 pm.
Wednesday m the laige ring out
side the beef tent
One of the highlights for FFA
showmen is the beef sale of
Angus, Herefoid and Charolais
steers Friday night immediately
following the swine sale These
animals were raised by vocations
a 1 agncultuie students as pro
jects during the past year.
Memorial Field is the site for
the FFA and adult tractor driv
ing contests The FFA contest
is scheduled to begin at 10 am.
on Friday followed by the adults
at 2 p.m All contestants must be
residents in the Manheim School
Distnct Tractors for the events
will be furnished by farm show
t actor exhibitois
had a veiy enjoyable flight and
enjoyed particulaily a visit to
Boys Town and seeing the huge
feedlots She leported the girls
unofficially placed third out of
six teams and leceived a blue
ribbon The results will for
vvaided later
Nancy Yungingei. 16. is the
daughter of Mi and Mrs Kich
aid C Yungingei, Marietta KDI.
She is a junior at Lancaster
Mennomte High School She has
been a 4-H member six years.
In addition to her livestock
pioject woik she completed
pi ejects m clothing, capons,
sweet com sti aw bei nes, and
teen leadeiship
Nancy paiticipaled in the
Pennsylvania Fa m Show, State
4H Days PenuscKama 4-H Don
g’ ess, and the 4-H exchange trip
to lowa
Cindc. the daughtei of Mr and
Mis Richaid H Hess, is 15 and
a jumoi at Lampeiex-Strasburg
High School Sle has been a
mombci ot 4-H foi seven ye l rs.
Nancv has completed projects
in bab\ beef, dauy, cooking,
stait yyith a small change, and
Piesident of her local 4-M
Club Cindy took part m the
local distuct, and state 4-H
dairy shoyys, and State 4-H days.
The demo-istialois will eac&
i eceive a $25 U S Savings Bond
for taking part in the contest.