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    Dairy Extension* Specialist Recommends:
Put High-Moisture
By Richard S. Adams
Dairy Extendon Specialist
Penn State University
Ensiling high-moisture corn
can provide an economical and
convenient method of storing
corn grain that is to be fed to
livestock on a farm.
This method of storage makes
artificial drying unnecessary, re
duces risks from mold and
blight prob’ems, and enables
heavy -purchase of grain at the
depressed prices often present
at harvest time.
Most researen indicates that
the feeding value of high-mois
ture -com for dairy cows usually
is similar to that for dry grain,
when fed on' a equal dry matter
basis. For fattening cattle, high
moisture corn often may have
about 10 per cent greater feed
ing value on a dry matter basis
Silos to be used for storing
high-moisture grain must be
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.*■— *
reasonably air-tight and ade
quately reinforced with extra
hoops and the like. Iligh-mo.s
ture ear corn which has been
adequately ground or otherwise
prepared will keep well in most
upright silos that are in good
condition. Well-built and prop
erly used horizontal silos have
been used satisfactorily in some
Prepared high-moisture shell
ed corn requires close manage
ment and extremely good silo
conditions. It is best to use only
gas-tight silos for storage of
high-moisture whole shelled
corn. Ensiled whole shelled corn
should be prepared before be
ing fed to dairy cows.
Suggested moisture ranges for
ensiling corn are, as follows:
Ear corn at 3040 per cent mois
ture for the whole-ear (32 per
cent preferred), and shelled
corn at a kernel moisture of 25-
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30 per cent (28 per cent piofer
red). Diy shilled corn also may
be reconstituted to a moisture
level of 25 per cent for ensiling
Corn to be ensiled may be pre
pared using a burr mill, ham
mermill, crushers or rolleis. and
certain types of blowers, field
choppers and pickers equipped
with recultmg screens and other
special attachments. Pieparation
of ear corn befoie ensiling
should be equivalent to that at
tained by grinding with a 3 4 to
1 inch screen.
During warm weather at least
1 to 2 inches of corn
should be removed daily to pre
vent spoilage. Corn lemovcd
should be fed within 12 to 24
hours after removal to pi event
heating and spoilage. Silo size
should be tailored to herd needs.
Generally, ensiled high-mo.s
ture corn is extremely palatable
to cattle. Too frequently dairy
men who lack experience with
high-moisture corn will overfeed
it and/or fail to adequately bal
ance their ration with sufficient
protein and minerals.
Users of high-moisture corn
should take advantage of forage
testing and professional feed
progiammmg. These services
Try A
It Pays
Lancaster Farming. Saturday. September 2(i. 1070-
Corn in Silo
ate available fiom Penn State
and o.hei sources.
When proptrly ensiled and
fed m a balanced rat.on, feeding corn pioduces
good results, and sometimes may
even reduce problems with feed
refusals and digestive upsets in
high-producing herds.
Feeding a blend of lugh-mois-
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