Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, September 19, 1970, Image 9

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had the top Guernsev. a font
yeat-old, which \\a* shown h\
Lloyd Wclk
Roger Sh.iub. ijii.tiiwilli
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Brown Swiss und the top \\,
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Gtber dair> wmmi* included
toilet had lome champion
ships in Biown Swis* and Hoi
stein: Kathy Kuidu had the
receive Jersey. Wat, on Sch
Much, rcseivc Xmsliiic
Shaub. who had the deise\
•hampion, also had bleed fusts
in junior calf scnio: calf iiinioi
yearling and foui \cai old class
es. Miss Kieider had the best
intei mediate calf
in Guernseys, otbei lop win
■cis were Robcil Wagnei. pi
■i«r *alf; Jon Bitlei. inlei me
diate calf: Betty Jo Biller,
senior calf: Ricky Cnder, yumoi
j calling; Diane Crider, sen.oi
yearling; Debbie Cndei, two
year-old; and Robeit Wagnei.
Wuee-y ear-old
In Holsteins, division winneis
were Donna Akeis, mnioi calf.
Tom Kieider, inteimediate calf,
Shaion Groff, senior calf Bien
da Herr, yumoi yeailing. Call
Kinder, senior yeailing, Maurice
Welk, two-year-old
Swine champion with a pen
•f two was Clyde Dearolf and
Richard Aliment. Quauyville
RD2, had the best pen of fom
Reseive pen of two honors
went to Steve Muiphy, Peach
Boltons, and leseive pen of
lorn was owned by Da\id Bit
tler, Cimstiana
Extension Directors
Slote Meeting Tuesday
The Board of Dnectors of the
Lancaster County Agncultuial
and Home Economics Extension
Association will meet at 8 pan
Tuesday', Septembei 22 in the
Conference Room of the Faim
and Home Centei
Guest speaker will be Mauon
K Deppen, assistant dnectoi ot
Extension Seivice liom Penn
sylvania State Umveisitj
He will explain the pioposed
“Nutrition Nutution Aide”
program foi Lancaster County,
♦his Home Economics program
is intended to assist low-income
Roger Shaub, Quarryville RDI (front), shows his
champion Jersey at the Solanco Fair. The animal is
four years old now and was the All-American three-
Preston Lefever Jr., 20, Quarryville RD3, was the win
ner of the adult diusion of the tractor driving contest at
Solanco Fair He does most ot the tractor work on his par
ent's 200-acre cropland farming opoianon The farm ot Mr.
and Mrs. Preston Lefever Sr. includes about 42 milking
Holsteins and another 20 heifers Scoring on a low-ponu
wms basis, Lefever had only 65 points compaied to his
nearest competitor's 150.
. Leßby.welk, 17-year-old Solanco FFA members,
shows off his grand champion animal at the Solanco
Baby Beef Show Thursday. After se\eral minutes of
close comparison with the reserve champion Angus,
show judge Donald Fowler, Northampton County As-
* *
neater Farming, Saturday. .September If). I!)70- ')
year-old last year, Shaub said. Meanwhile, Llojd Walk,
Quarryville RD2, shows the champion Guernsey, a lour
year-old owned by Man in Miller, Strasburg RDI.
First pi 17 c in the ‘‘neck mimpkin' categoij at Solanco
Fair this week went to Bill Ross (highi). son of Mr and
Mrs. How aid Ross. Paik Aienue, Quamulle Helping
joung Rosa hold the 20-pounder is a luend. Rick Leteier,
son of Mr and Mrs. Richard Letcier Chinch Street,
Quaxryville Asked how he came to grow such a laige
specimen. Ross replied, "We thiew the seeds out m the
garden and they grew.”
sociate county agent (right)'; gave the nod to the
heavyweight Hereford because it had “more thickness
and depth of the loin.' 5 Welk is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Ira D. Welk, Quarryville ED3, r