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Public Dispersal
Thursday, September 24, 1970
1:00 P.M.
Dutch Row Road, one mile cast of
Elmer, Salem C'ounlv, New Jcisr%
Dain Cows: 90
Moionnicr Milk Tank; .1000 lbs. Cap.
Eskay Milk Tank: 3100 lbs. Cap.
Surge Pipe Line for 50 cows \ other (lain equipment.
The dany consists ol mosth \oiim; <ow\ eood U'ldeied.
huge sue and heaw piodneeis Snetal fusli tows and
spi in ‘40i s among them loi base time TB and blood tested
within 30 days foi intent ite shipment
\lso examined foi piegiiaiuj.
Owner; Morris Rubenstein
Terms: Cash
Auctioneer: H\l<m C. Coates Telephone, 358-8404.
iftn? .i ioi’K. ij
mean poor quality
You can get rid of these probfem weeds
in alfalfa, and most other annual broad
leaf weeds and grasses as well, l£you
spray Princep- herbicide this Fall.
And jFyou spray this Fall, you’ll cut
better quality hay, higher protein hay,
more palatable hay at every cutting
next year.
But get Princep on now. See us for
Smokefwn ‘ J
4 t <
Ph. Lrfnc. 397-3539 s ‘
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1 1.0 Sti.i*ilniru ,ind Paiiidi'c
Twj> h.m .(r. ('
Ni'Mii llcislus .iml Allu'il MH
(14) Mai tic .md PiOMdcncc fading purposes, but. U is pos-
Twp C.IIIOIIB Hfn.rh.nlcs c ' ow wintci bl "l l ’. v "m
A. Rc.ssbr .md E. Benjamin an< * C,O P l '• ,,n, ' xt
Ch ,nk summci. bailey is one of the
best substitutes for coin m
most i.itions Bailey .Melds ,nc
usually woi thwhile in south
c.istein Pennsvhama and wo thv
of moie consideiation the stiaw
j badly needed
(15) Di uinon* and East Dm
mou- Tvvp—Robeit C Bui kins.
Samuel 11 Kicidei and Paul M
Hei r.
(16) Fulton Little Rntam
and Colei am Twp Loian W
B imon, Noiman E Whi.esde
«nd Cliffoi d U Hollow a> Ji
Pi o-(iami admimsteied b\ the
countv aic wheal, feed Siam
cost shaiing, puce mppoil and
faun stoiage tacihtv lo ms fo'
eligible commodities and the
wool incentive piogiam
Lancaster Farrnmp.. Sn
• Now Is The Time
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mol woim .mil the leaf bliglm
have made then ap| e.nanees I
don't think aii.vont is icadv to
quit growing coin foi llves'ock
Incomparable because...
0 Only the 234 has a self-contained universal
frame that mounts 5 makes of tiactois, 29 differ
ent models, in minutes
B Only the 234 has corn head design that
eliminates butt-end shelling
B Only the 234 harvests field corn, seed corn,
and sweet corn with equal efficiency
■ Only the 234 harvests field corn husked, un
husked, shelled, shelled and cracked, and as
ground ear corn feed
Ask About Waiver of Finance
Kauffman Bros.
Cope & Weover Co. Messlck Form Equip.
786-7351 367-1319
... C. B. Hoober
International Harvester g, s on
DM R a l e TA aild Ser 'J' e ??4rt INTERCOURSE
EPHRATA <OO-2283 768-8231
lilt fla\. Seplemlu i I't, l')70
Try A Clossifiod Ad
It Pays!
Robert K. Rohrer
Bulldozing - Grading
Patz Sales & Servica
Barn Cleaners - Silo
Unloadcrs - C'Utle Feeders
Quarn \ illo. R. D. 1
fjonsol 348-2559
234 CORN
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