Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, September 19, 1970, Image 20

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    20—Lancaster Farming. Saturday. September 19,1970 year- Concern was expressed by
—2 - some seed companies that farm
_ _ T”** ers will experience a loss in
U.S. Seed Corn Firms ss y “ s ,i “ m plamit,g K
Lewis Camp, research director
Til for P-A-G. Aurora, Illinois, said
1 ICI / I I O KolC at the conclusion of the mcet-
JLt/ioCsUdd JL ing: “Farmers can expect to ex
perience a reduction ot 15 to
Top off.cials of tho nation s system of labeling which will pgp cent in vields when plant
seed industry. repiesenting piovide intoimation iclative to inrt F 2 see d.’'
firms that produce over 95 per the kind ot cytoplasm contained “ ' ’
cent ot the nation's seed corn in the seed tot 1971 planting. Dr - Harold Loden, direct-or of
a,,, . research, ACCO Seed, Belmond,
Zln Inhehi «\o?1971 The meelins dlcl llcl deal w,lh lowa, said at the conclusion of
cuss seed coin labeling lot 19il. t j le seec i supp ;y -situation for n ie m eetin n ’ ’‘The reduction in
John I Sutliei land, executive ,q 7l . recomnzpd tint ” le . meen "=-- * ne leauciijn n
n,~ li>n slnCfc 11 1S >eco o nizea mac, gram \ields, when planting F 2
vice piesident ot the Ameuum as o j.- thls d a t e . a proper ap- seec [ j s related to the specific
Seed Tiade Association, said at p,- tU£a i could not be made since makeup of the hybrid from
the conclusion ot the meeting i ull vesting of the seed crop has w hich it is harvested Geneiallv
“The Association lecommends , f The seed indiish' wnicn . 11 18 naive6Cejl
,, , ... , tnr - Illsl suutea - lne seta mauaii.,, speaking, the second gcneiation
all membeia labet seed coin foi however, is currentlv cooperat- 0 t a s i n ai e cross will vield le=s
1971 with the per cent ot Texas , Wlth the USDA ' through a tl a „ the second Se Sn o
male steiile cytoplasm contain- sl ,t vev t 0 the ade- l u s'’
eel in seed supplies Approval a com way cioss.
ot this recommendation will be q ‘ 1 11 The objective of uniform
requested from the U.S Depiut- Labeling of F 2 or second gen- labeling of seed corn throughout
ment of Agncuduie and state eration seed was leviewed since the United States, both inter
depailnvents" of agncultuie" leports from some arers of the state and intrastate, is to
The seedsmen, meeting in Ar- country indicate a limited adequately and pioperiy infoim
iin«ton Heights, Illinois, re- amount of this seed is being the customei regarding the type
viewed the outbreak ot the new haivested foi possible use iv'xt ol seed available for 1971
T-stvain of Southern corn leaf
blight which is found in \ arv mg
degrees Ihioughout much ot the
corn growing aieas
ASTA otticiais felt that in
dividual companv members
would fulfill to the utmost ex-
tent the obligation ot inlorming
the faimei-consumei thiough a
Greenhouse Vegetable
Conference Set in Sept.
Speakers from Penn State,
Rutgers, Cornell. Ohio State,
Arizona, Texas A & M, and
West Virginia Umveisities will
be featured at the first North
American Greenhouse Vege
table Conference in Pittsburgh
from September 29 through
October 1, 1970.
Two speakers from Europe
also will participate in the
meeting. The speakers are from
England and Holland. Both
countries are among the lead
ers in greenhouse vegetable
production in Europe
A special tour will be taken
on September 29 to Grafton,
West Virginia to visit the new
est greenhouse vegetable com
plex in North America 11
acres undei glass
Copies oi the piogram and
icgistration forms are avail
able fiom the Agricultural
Conference Coordinator 410 J
O. Keller Conference Center,
The Pennsylvania State L'.u
veisity, University Park, Pa.
Bedding Plant Meetings
Bedding plant groweis shmU
rote the dates ot October 5 0, 7
1970 for the National Beer no
Plant Conference, The meet.ncs
will be held at Michigan State
University, East Lansing, M.chi
Complete details and the iT r '
Siam can be obtained fiom D .
William H Carlson, Depaitment
of Hoi ticultiire, Michigan State
University, East Lansing, Michi
gan 48823.
Topics to be discussed range
from varieties, marketing, gei ru
ination and ail pollution to
Plant Perennials
September is a good time to
plan and plant many peien
nials, suggest extension specia
lists at The Pennsylvania State
University. This includes m>,
peonies, dayiilies, haidy limbs
phlox and many others 11 pos
sible, it may be a good idea to
buy plants locally or from veiy
nearby mail order firms, since
these plants will have lo 1 -- ad
justing to do before w mtei
Try A
It Paj's
For good production next lactation,
As a dairvnan, vou know that good milk production
doesn’t just happen It’s something you plan for bv
establishing a herd with the genetic potential for good
pioduction, then managing and feeding your cows so
they’" produce up *o their bred-in ability.”
Many successful local dairymen also plan for good pro
duction with a prosen program of dry cow feeding.
They need Purina Dairy Conditioner, a research
proven ration to help give dry cows body condition
tney need for good production after they freshen.
Purina Dairy Conditioner is an extra-palatable
peicent piotein ration. It’s fortified with vitamins A
and D plus extia phosphorus to help guard against milk
Purina Dairy Conditioner is low-cost, too, because the
amounts you feed depend on your cows’ condition and
on the quality of the roughages you feed For example,
a cow dried off in good condition being fed high-quality
roughages would require less Dairy Conditioner than
a cow in only Lur condition being fed fair quality
Drop in soon and get your free copy of the
Purina Dry Cow Program folder. We'll be glad
to show you how Purina Dairy Conditioner can
help you prepare your dry cows for good pro
duction next lactation.
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