Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, September 12, 1970, Image 17

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    3 Hog Cholera Cases Found
In Md., 2 Areas Quarantined
Thift n vv hog choleia wms Route 374 cast to the Poiomokc has hog choleia oi p.iiiiis it, fa-Li detected in Maiyland, River, thence following tlu Po- Hi Hammond explains
two i Wicomico County and comokc River in a noilheily One of the faimeis whose
one in Pi nice Geoige's Counl> dnection lo its junction with h OJ . s weie deslioyetl niised only
Tht Maiyland Boaid of Asti- US Route 50, thence following l(( pigs from 20 sows since ea. lv
cultu.i quaiantmed pait of US 50 west lo its junction with S pi mu Noimallv he .should
Wicomico County and Animal Sixtv Fool Road have laised at least 180
Ilealtn officials destiovccl (wo "Most of the hog choleia we "vvhat we would like is foi
heids of 145 hogs and fanned aie finding now is the piegnant n ,, 0n i..\0 icnoit if thev hive mv
them .mmediately lo pi event sow syndiome type, such as npi’ts X Th" .snmio.lmt
anv sp ead of the disease both cases in Wicomico Conn onlv fol thc lcsu i pio
The quarantine aica begin- tv. says Di Roboit Hammond, nam bllt fOl tbe bo „ niMM \
ring the junction of Route Umveisity of Maiyland veto. “ ‘ . ft 0 ‘. '
U S 50 and Sixty Foot Road been hjving tlouble since , jrh
south to its junction with Maiy- ‘ln the piegnant sow syn- n<l anolhel smce u . nW
Lnd Route 350, thence follow- (home, thc piegnant sow seems f , h f|m ‘ ,
ing Route 350 east to its junc healthy, but hei piglets aie still- * for piofesslonal he ‘i p> .. Dl ‘ H . im .
tjon uuh Route 354 at Powell bom, bom piematiuely, 01 die monc j a( j c | s
ville. thence following Route shoilly aftei bnth, because ~/ . f . chol
354 south to its junction with they have hog choleia This WJS found |n p unce ° Geol „ t a s
Route 374, thence following occurs when the pregnant sow Count and a heid ot 132 h o„ s
was destioyed This outbieak
DRINC Announces Annual pievious outbreak in Chailes
County The quamtine imposed
4 T> 1 v A | on the southwestern pait oi
Sl,OOO Research Award county and the
" noi them half of Charles County
An annual awaid of $l,OOO mg towards the development of August 6 will now continue foi
nine a nlaoue for outstanding increased uses for milk ” at least another 30 days
plus a plaque ioi ouisiannin o Farmers owning pigs m quai
research in dany pioducts de- Dr D H Jacobsen, Technical antined aieas ate allowed to sell
velopment has been announced Consultant to DRINC, will as- them only foi slaughter Slaugh
by Dr Richaid E Farrai, Exe- S i S t the Internal Affairs Com- tei hogs must be Inspected by a
cutive Vice President, Daily Re- mittee of ADSA in the develop- vetennaiian to make suie they
search. Inc, Ailmgton Heights, ment of a set of guidelines for aie healthy before they leave
111 selecting recipients Dr Jacob- the farm
, , , sett is a former Director of Livestock inspectors and state
The award, sponsore y A DSA, and before joining and federal veterinarians will be
Dairy Research thiough t e was p ro duct Research working in quarantined aieas,
American Dairy Science Asso- Mana . for the American and all farmeis are uiged to
ciation will go to a university Dairy Association. cooperate with them
researcher chosen by a special 1
committee of ADSA The first y y T*
DRINC award will be presented I — |n'|T f \\/ -t
to the chosen recipient at the X 11 f V 111110
ADSA Annual Meeting in June **
Established in 1969, DRINC PrO^rCSSDfIVS
is a non-profit reseaich and
maiket development organiza
tion whose goal is to stimulate Wauen Bucher of Myeistown, show was Milton Hershey School
the de\ elopment of new and in- Lebanon County, exhibited the Farms of Heishey, Dauphin
creased uses for milk and S'and champion hay sample, a County, a legume and glass
dairy products It is financed mainly glass, wilted sample, at mixed wilted sample
entnely by milk producers, the 1970 Agricultural Piogiess Giand Champion in the Coin
whn fiirnnoh thpir on ons and Days at Windy Hill Farms, Titus Silage Show was Edgai Gish and
lLocir o ns account fo?about viUe last week Son of Lebanon RD3 The Gish
73 pei cent of all milk piodue- About 20,000 people paitici- sample was whole coin plant
ed in the U S pated in first day activities in silage with no additives
which exhibits weie shown by Reseive silage champion was
“We are happy to sponsoi 75 faim pioducts manutactmeis Ernest Mellingei of Quauyville
this award progiam,” Dr Fai- and vauous state and fedeial Lancastei County He also ex
rar said, “and hope it will agencies hibited a whole corn plant sam
stimulate some bold, new think- Reseive champion in the hay pie with no additives
An excellent Angus cow is the subject
ot this new picture just released by the
American Angus Association
The cow has the femininity and struc
ture to conceive regularly, calve easily
and wean a heavy call at least every 12
She also has the frame, size and
muscling to produce fast growing calves
that will weigh at least 1,100 pounds as
bulls at a year of age And she should pass
this ability along to her daughters
Her sons should sire steer cal\ es that
weigh at least 1,000 pounds at 365 days and
produce an average USDA Choice carcass
or better
If necessary they should also be able
to take longer periods of feeding and con
tinue to gain efficiently, then grade USDA
high Choice or Prime without excess fat.
Lancastcr Farming. Saturday. September 12.1970
jjjN. | _ Ljr^ J -r- ~
Pa. Grange Slates
Officer Election
A full stuff of officeis, in
eluding master, foi the conclud
ing two yeais in a centuiy of
semce will be elected by the
Pennsylvania State Giange at
its 98th annual meeting Octobei
26 to 29 at Meadville
They will seive until the cen
tennial meeting in 1972. an
event that will fall just pnoi to
the 100th anniveisaiy of the
founding or the state unit on
Septembei 18, 1873, in Read
A Wayne Readinger, master,
said William A Steel, New
Freedom and Washington, D C ,
assistant steward, and Mis
Richard Koenig, Slatington
RDI, will retire under a rule
limiting tenure to six years
Steel has been doubling in
grange work as national direc
tor of youth activities
Others eligible for reelection ?
in addition to Readinger, are
Overseer, Clifford Tmklepaugh
Thompson, lecturer, Miss Mil
dred M Shultz, Somerset, ste
ward, Marvin Miller, Gettys
burg RD3, chaplain, the Rev
James H Gold, Ickesbuig, tiea
surer, John H Minor, Waynes
burg, secretary, J Luther Sny
der. Camp Hill gatekeeper.
Robeit E Steese, Grove City
RDI, Ceres, Mrs Ruth Fish
Towanda RDS, Pomona, Mis
J Leßoy Cooke, Cross Creek
Flora Mis William Buffing
ton, Chadds Ford, and two elec
tive committee members, Earl
Mosier, Guys Mills RDI, execu
tive committee, and Geoige
Cole, Limestone, finance com
mittee Committee membeis
will be elected for three-year
terms, all officers foi two years
Aside from elections, the ,
Meadville session will act on a PP° ln^men t Janies M.
resolutions, hear officer and Leuenberger as directoi of m
committee reports and ad- formatlon fOl Holstem-Fnesian
dresses by visiting speakers Association of America has been
select winners in a wide lange announced b y Association man-
Farming News Briefs
IFF Cites Lititz Woman
Edna Shenk, Lititz RD2, ie- involve a majoi poition of his
ceived a Landit Ceitificate dm- time devoted to editing the
mg ceremonies at the 25th an- Registeied Holstein News, pro
nual convention of the Intel- ducmg leatuie stones and stand
nttional Fl>mg Faimeis \sso- , llc j nev vs leleases Othei duties
ciation ieccntl> in \mes, lowa v/ill include the development of
The Ceitificates of \chieve- pi emotion and mfoi manon
men! was piesented bv Rodnev leaflets pioduced b\ the Asso
M Tinne.v, of Continental ilolois ciation
Among the highlights ol the g e j was taised on a Registeied
famih afTan convention weie Guernsey laim at Foit Atkinson,
election ol international officets j ow<l Duung a nine \eai 4-H
a tom ot the lowa State Umveis- cale ei he earned swine and
ity Enginecnng and beef plo iects a’ong with actm-
Vgiononu Reseat ch Centet, and Ges in innioi dam woik In
a seminal on AgiiFutmes tU i c i lton to holding all club
made up ol lepiesentatnes iiom o fhccs he iccened the state 4-H
h\e maiot taim equipment man- c b- ln aWd i d in 1964
ulacUuing companies
The 1971 IFF Comonlion will WO tked at the Um\eisitv dairy
be held in Edmonton, Albeita fann oimaiions calf feeding ex-
Canada peiunents In 1968 he leceAed
The IFF which began in Okla- ins B S degtee in Daily Science
homa m 1944, now has 8 000 with a minoi m journalism fiom
membeis and 39 chapters in the lowa State Umveisitj He served
United States and Canada Olhet btiefly as a Count;, Extension
members aie scatteted thiough- Assistant puoi to entering mili
out the world tai\ seivice
of talent contests and exhibits,
and considei convention sites
for the next scicral yeais. in
cluding one foi 1976 when the
Giange will join in celebrating
the na 1 1 o n's bicentennial.
Speakeis will include State Ag
nculture secietaiy Leland Bull.
The oiaest ami largest farm
family fiateinit> in both the
state and nation, and possibly
the world, the Grange (short
for Order of Patrons of Hus
bandry) has been active ia
Pennsylvania since early 1871
when Eagle Grange No 1 at
Montgomery, Lycoming County,
was instituted just four years
after the founding of the ordei
James M. Leuenbergcr
Holstein Information
Director Named for U.S.
In his new position, Leuenber
gei will be responsible for all
mtei nal and external communi-
cations toi the bleed This will
A natne ol lowa Leuenber-
Du mg his college caieei he