Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, August 29, 1970, Image 1

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VOl 15 NO. 40
18 FFA Dairy Show Blue Ribbons
Lancaster County FFA mem
bers won 18 blue ribbons and
the lust place Holstein group
at the Southeastern Regional
FFA Dairy Show at Hamsburg
All the blue ribbon winneis
Corn Leaf Blight Hits!
Impact Highly Uncertain
The Southern Leaf Blight has
hit Lancaster Count''
That was the official woid
Fiidai from Donald Petersen,
Penn State plant pathologist
Max Smith, Lancaster County
agricultural agent, said Peter
sen confirmed the blight on
three samples sent from Eliza
bethtown, Milleisville and Gap
In addition, Smith said he
has heard of one grower in the
Lampeter area who has identi
fied the blight on his own corn.
Before the blight report, the
general consensus in the farm
community had been that Lan
caster County is headed for top
notch corn yields from a record
corn acreage.
But impact of the blight is
highlj uncertain Smith pointed
out Fuday that the blight fun
gus appears only to attack cer
tam hybud vaneties Those
varieties not susceptible to the
disease apparently will not be
hint b' the blight, he indicated
Of the four instances of blight
State Board increases
Chester Co. Milk Price
The Pennsylvania Milk Mai
keting Boaid has inci eased
fluid milk Class 1 producer
puces in the Philadelphia and
Subuiban Philadelphia (includ
ing most of Chester County)
At the same time, the board
changed the maiket area’s
name to the Southeastern Milk
Maiketing Area No 1, compos
ed of zones 1 and 2 The changes
aie effective September 1
The Class 1 price will be in
ci eased by 13 cents per hun
dredweight to $7 50 in Zone 1
and eight cents to $7 45 in Zone
Farm Calendar
Saturday, August 29
830 a m Sixth annual St
Maiy’s Hoise Show, West
Gi ove.
Poultiy Queen Contest, Heishey
Paik Bandshell
Monday, August 31
Bpm DHIA Boaid Meeting,
Fai m & Home Centei
Lancaster County FFA Meet
Tuesday, September 1
Lancaster County Holstein As
sociation to host marketing
officials for steak barbecue
on Page 5)
qualify for the state junioi
show at Haiusburg in mid-
Of the Lancaster County win
neis, Earl Stauffer of Cloistei
FFA Chapter, Ephiata. placed
found so fai in the county, only
two varieties are involved
Possible impact of the blight
is unknown at this point Miss
ing links include a bieakdown
of the vaneties which aie sus
ceptible or an indication of how
much of each variety is planted
in the area
Even where the blight strikes
the amount of damage it will
cause is unknown at this point
“It’s new in Pennsylvania,”
Smith noted Friday. “Even the
people at Penn State have nevei
had any experience with it.”
Smith did indicate that “dam
age begins when it hits” and
the oprn can soon “look like a
blow torch has hit it ”
But most corn in Lancaster
County already has reached the
“milk to early dent stage” and
it’s questionable just how much
damage the blight can cause at
this late stage in the corn’s de
velopment, Smith explained
He indicated that if the corn
is being used for silage, the
farmer can piobably escape
most of the damage Penn State
pathologists infoimed him (hat
the blighted corn is safe foi
silage, Smith said.
But Smith is concerned that
if the blight hits the milk to
early dent stage corn which is
lef in the field to mature, there
may be consideiable damage
The corn may not fill out pio
peily, he said.
But, as of Fnday, the local
blight situation and its mean
mg for the farmer was highly
uncertain Just how much of the
area’s corn is susceptible to the
blight or what damage will oc
cur wheie the blight strikes
were all unknowns
Pievious leports have in
dicated that even where the
blight stnkes, the overall loss
may not be as great as had been
originally indicated The latest
estimates of national ciop lo«s
fiom the blight have been
aiound five pei cent
But the figure is much high
ei foi some aieas and foi some
Some local officials pieuous
ly had indicated the oveidi
ciop loss fiom the blight should
not be seuous if it strikes th’s
late in the season
But if the fungus gets esta
blished this yeai, there’s con
cern about next year, when the
blight will have a chance foi an
eaily stait
A scramble for resistant seei
and knowledge about the blight
aie indicated. i.
Lancaster Farming. Saturday. August 29. 1970
He had (he fiist place thiee
and fom-year old Holstein The
animal then went on to become
icserve senior champion and
leserve giand champion Hol
Carl Ki eider. Solanco FF\.
took fust place in the semoi
yeaihng Holstein class The ani
mal was also junior champion
Olhei blue ribbon winneis by
FFA Chaptei in the Holstein
division vveie Holstein junior
calf Ronald Gruber, Eliza
bethtown, fust, Linfoid Weav
ei. Cloister, fifth, Thomas Bol
lingei, Cloister, second and
Russell Kline, Cloistei. thud
Semoi calf class, Ronald
Mai tin, Manheim Central, sec
ond, Jumoi yearling class, Earl
Stauffer, Cloister, second, and
Linford Weaver, Cloister, thud
Senior yearling, Kieidei
first, and Nelson Weaver, Clois
ter, thud, two year old, Tom
Bollinger, Cloister, second,
three and four year old, Stauf
fer, first
The winning Lancaster County
Holstein group consisted of Earl
Stauffei, Tom Bollinger. Ronald
Mai tin and Carl Kreider
Burkhart Wins State Plowing
Contest, Chance at U. S. Title
A Lancaster County farmer
has won a first place in the
State Plowing contest for the
fust time since 1952 when the
contest began
He is Fiank R Burkhart, 35,
1030 Silvei Spung Road, Lan
castei He won the laige plow
division at the state contest at
Heishey Wednesday
By finishing first, Buikhart
won the light to repiesent
Pennsylvania in the national
plowing contest September 12
in Gieenville. Ohio He is eli
gible foi funds from the state
for the tup
Burkhait beat 14 other plow
men in his division, many of
them veterans of the contest
Burkhait edged out his near
est competitor by a mere two
points, 503 to 501 To win, he
had to score high in opening
furrows, plowing his mam fui
rows, plowing his finishing fur
row and piepaung the tilled
sin face
One of his secrets for win
ning is simply taking the time
to do a good job “It’s no place
foi hmlying,” he said Of the
14 in the laige plow division,
Bmkhait was one of the last
two 01 thiee to finish
Mamed with five childien,
Bmkhait says, “I’ve had several
chances to leave the farm, but I
just can’t do it It’s a gieat place
to i aise a family ”
He has been actively faimmg
with Ins fathei J H Bmkhait
since 1957 They operate thiee
[aims totaling 237 acres He
[arms 55 acres of potatoes,
lame grains and hay “We’re
In the Uishire competition,
Lancaster County had the follow
ing blue ribbons Semoi calf
c', Robot Campbell, Glass
lard, fust and Ken Fo\ Gia=s
land, second semoi yeailinq.
Kail Gerhart, Cloistei second
In the Guernsey competition
Lancastei County took the iol
lowmg blue-nbbons semo’ calf
class, David Billei. Soianco fust
How Protein Foods
Can Boost Health
Heibeit Joidan, Penn State
extension poultry specialist,
made the following comments
this w'eek on why some doctois
piescube eggs
The egg is the only natui ally
packaged food designed to stait
feeding life from its beginning as
a cell All other foods are de
signed to sustain life after it is
bom or hatched into our en
The egg is the only complete
Frank Burkhart
Plowing Winner
potato faimeis by natuie,” he
Burkhait earned the chance
at the state title on July 28 at
New Holland by beating sevei
al othei countv dnveis A yeai
eaihei he was thud in contom
Altogether 38 plowmen en
tered the competition at the
Heishey Estates faims noith of
Heishev All weie pieviouslj
county wmneis
James Mowiy of Beilin RDI
was first in small plow competi
tion and also will have a chance
at a national title
Charles A Hess of Dallas
town was fust in contour plow
ing, but there will be no con
tour contest at Greenville
S 2 00 Per Year
stmoi \ calling class, Ken Gruoe,
Waiwick. second, two year old
class Jesse Bulmei. Warwick,
fiist. thiee and tom year old
class Jesse Balmei, second
Both the Lancastei County
Ay.shne and Guernsey gioups
placed second
Theie were no entues from
Lancastei County in the Milking
Shot thorn, Jeisev oi Brown
Swiss competition
food package a young bird has
foi the first seveul weeks of its
l.fe The egg ofteis man this
same delicate balance o f au
tuents to sustain his life.
(See Omelet King story oa
6 and 7.)
Although the egg offers an
magic as a therapy, it is and has
been a well-balanced package of
essential pioteins, fats, minerals
and vitamins which are the nu
tuents necessaiy foi human
An ailment occurung m some
Ameucans today is hypogly
cemia Hypoglycemia means be
low noi mal blood sugar levels in
the human body.
Hypoglycemia may be the re
sult of seveial disoiders A de
fective funtioning of the cortex
ol the adienal gland can cause
hypoglycemia which is often the
most fiequently obseived dis
-01 dei in this gi eater condition
called hypoadienocoiticism
By definition hypoadrenocorti
cism is eithei a lack of adequate
adrenal coitical hoimone produc
tion oi an imbalance among
these hoimones The quantity
and quality of hoimone produc
tion in the body depends greatly
on a well-balanced diet
Caibohydi ates, especially the
high (quick) eneigy ones like
sugais found in foods such as
pastues, candies, and other
sweets, aggravate the hypogly
cemic disorder These rapidly ab
sorbed carbohydrates can cause
blood sugar levels to sharply rise
and fall This fluctuation in blood
sugai levels is a characteristic
ol many hypoadienocoitical pa
To pievent gieat fluctuations
in blood sugai levels and prob
lems associated with it, intake
fiom caibohydiate sources
snould be i educed and protein
consumption should be in
ci eased
Shoit lange collection of h>po
adienocoiticism includes drug
theiapy Howciei a pumary
pait of the long-i ange tieatmenf,
u nututional The patient is
encouiaged to i educe carbohy
diate intake and increase fat
intake to a model ate level Pro
tein consumption should be m
ci eased by eating such foods as
eggs, milk, cheese, meat, fish,
shell fish, and some vegetables.