Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, August 08, 1970, Image 8

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    I-Lancaster Farming. Saturday. August 8.1970
Neighbors Lend a Hand A T""!* "I 1
At Kettering Prep.rty JH USiV
Moic th.m 100 fi .cuds and noth
bois Thuisdav helpul clean up
thi debus .it the Menu Kettei
mj; farm at RI)3 .dons; An
po: t Road, fiom the bam fne
Ikeie last week
The B B Kieidei Co supplied
hea\y cquipbent and .ibout 10
churches lepiesenled It
was icpoited that about 55 tiuck
loads of debus weic hauled away
to a noaibj quauj
Elsewheic Thursday fire des
lro\ed a bain on the piopeity of
Ben Beilei. Knkwood RDI The
propei ty is opciated b\ Sa'a
of 20 tons of hay 20 tons of sli aw.
Lapp Fnemen icpoited a loss
a calf and a giain elexator
La ge quantities of hay and
lye also weie desnovcd and two
youths mimed in a ine Sundaj
■lorning in a bam owned by
Clarence R Metzlei, Manheim
Crushed to death in a tiactoi
accident Tuesdav was Robeit
Maybeny. 14. of Nottingham
RD2, who was woiking on the
farm of Chailes Ciaig, Notting
ham RD2.
Incentive Awards
Moie than 295.000 incentive
awards loi 4-H bov s and girls ai e
provided annually by piivate
business, industiy and founda
tions through the National 4-H
Service Committee of Chicago.
Farm Women Societies
Society 2
Society of Faun Women 1,
Lititz, met lecently at the Done
gal Presbytenan Church Mis
Joseph Russel was the hostess
Devotions weie in chaige of Mis
Abram Bollmgei Mrs J Clayton
Sangiey conducted the meeting
Mrs Bollmgei lepoited foi the
ways and means committee that
the Society will have an all
foods sale on Sept 12 at Nichols
Store, Epluata
Membeis visited Embieeulle
recently to seive cookies, le
freshments, and piesent entei
tamment foi the guests
Farm Women Camp will be
held Aug 23 24 and 25 at Camp
Swatara, neai Bethel Anyone
interested in attending may con
tact Lancastei Extension Office
by Aug 8
Mrs Heibeit Seivei, Mount
Joy RDI gave the guided tom
of the chuich and told of the
history theie
The next meeting w ill be held
at the home ot Mis Geoige
Zahn Chestei Count', on Sept
18 Mis Russel seive J icfiesh
ments in the b< cement of the
Society 4
Societv of Faim Women 4 met
the Hempfie d Paik, Xoith oi
Sdountville, last Satin day foi an
informal mectng with Mis
Robeit Gaibei vice piesident in
Mrs Elmei Schioll was m
charge of devotions Hostesses
were Mis Richaid Wile, Alls
Garbex and Mis Schioll
Mrs Edwin Yeaglin special m the hands of the txeasurer,
activities chan man, leminded Mrs Abiam Weidman by Octo
members that the bus toui of ber I so that the County Gift
Harnsbuig on Aug 11 will leave may be piesented at that time
the Landisville Fne Co paiking Plans were finalized for serv
lol at 745 am The itineiaiv mg and chapeiomng at the USO
includes a vis.t to the Govemoi s on Satuiday. August 8 Volun-
Mansion, the Capitoi and the Wil- teeis aie scheduled to assist
iiam Penn Museum with an an- fiora 430 pm. until 11 pm.
~ * V*
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[a • &»&>
£Sil\ |ig&
Wlrf *
Lancaster County Dairy Princess, Marilyn Krantz,
offers some refreshment to McMichael at the
Atlantic Breeders Cooperative Field Day on Wednesday
afternoon. Miss Krantz, a senior at Solanco High School,
v\ as a special guest at the field day. Darlene is the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Fred McMichael. Oxford RD2.
ticipated return by 6 30 p m Mis
YeagLn also announced plans foi
a tup to the National Biscuit
Company in Octobei
The next legulai meeting will
be held Sept 26 at St Paul s
United Methodist Chuich,
Mountville when a “back to
school' skit w’lll be featuied
Society 23
Safety Tips foi Women” pie
sented bv a membei of the Penn
sylvama S.ate Police w r as the pio
g’am featuied at a meeting of
the Societv of Faim Women 23
held in the home of Mis Paul
Kepeilmg; Lancastei RD2
Mis Benjamin Shenk was in
chaige ol devotions Mis Ralph
Kauffman intioduced the speakei
and aiianged the piogiam
Mis Robert Rohiei, piesident,
conducted the meeting when
plans weie made to enteitam
Lancaster County Farm Women
Hold Covered Dish Luncheon
About 125 faun women and
fi lends attended the Executive
Boaid meeting and coveied
dish picnic luncheon of the So
ciety of Faim Women of Lan
caster County at the Lampetei
Fair giounds Wednesday.
Alls John N Hess, county
piesident, conducted the busi
ness session which followed the
Airs Hess leminded the local
piesidents lepiesenting 31
County Societies that the gifts
to Alental Health, the County
guests at Conestoga View on
Aug 20 along with Society 24
Society 23 also plans to send
sandwiches to the USO on Aug
8, when County Farm Women
will be hostesses.
Five dollais will be foi warded
to the Ameucan Red Cioss foi
ditty bag supplies A new child,
a Koiean orphan, was assigned
to the group since the boy they
veie supporting was adopted by
a Koiean family
Society 23 has suppoited oi
phans foi the past 12 yeais It
was also lepoited that there is
no fuither need to furnish meals
ioi a membei convalescing fiom
an opeiation, since she has le
cupeiated sufficiently to do so
hei self.
On Sept 24 at 215 pm , So
ciety 23 wall entertain Society
30 at the Mountville Civic
Center The Rev Elwood Mehle
will present the piogiam
Luncheon tickets for the 1970
County Convention to be held
in the Faim and Home Centei
on November 7 may be pm
chased thiough local piesi
dents, who will obtain them
fiom Mis Milton Ebeily, Eliza
bethtown. oi Mis Ai thin
Landis, Clover Couit, Lancas
The County Choi us, undei
the duection of Mis Scott Nis
sley, will lesume practices on
September 29 at 730 pm in
the East Peteisbuig Chinch of
the Brethien in prepaiation
for singing at the County Con
tention Any member of faim
women who would like to pai
ticipate in the choius may at
tend the piactice or contact
Mis Nissley, former county
I think this cow could give milk forever. Charles
Hubbard found the large model of a dairy cow on display
at the ABC field day an interesting object. He seems to be
studying how ; to make’the milker produce some-refresh
ments. ' s ''
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Bradley Boiler would like to speed things up a bit so
he couid get his dinner. Bradley, the son of Mr and Mrs.
*V n ? e , l er ' Gordonville RDI, is impatiently waiting for
ie iimch line to mot e him a little closer to the food.
* *
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