Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, August 01, 1970, Image 16

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    16—Lancaster Farming. Saturday. August 1,1970
USDA Reports PAC Act A
Johnic Stanley Banana Co Inc.,
708 E Second Si. Huntington,
W Va . has satisfied a icparation
aw aid of $G.911 issued undoi the
I’uishable Com
modities Ad. the U S Depart
ment of Aguculluie lepoiled
Odicials of USDA's Consumer
and Maiketmg Seivice said the
fnm’s PACA license was sus
pended effective May 27, 1970,
when it failed to pay the repaia
tion award. Now that the awaid
has been satisfied, the film and
ns officeis, duectors and stock
holder Johnie M Stanley,'
Chailes A. Clark. John H Flour
noy and Patncia A Adams—aie
again entitled to conduct busi
ness subject to the PAC Act.
C&MS officials said the awaid
vas based on the Rim’s failuie
to pay a Noith Carolina produce
fiim lot thiee tiuckloads of
bananas puichased The Noith
Carolina fiim had icgisteied a
complaint undei the PAC Act
Elsewheie, the USDA has sus
pended the produce tiading
Lcense of Sun Ripe Banana Co,
New Castle, Del, undei the PAC
Act. effective June 26 foi failing j
to pay a lepaiation awaid of
522 899
Officials of USDA’s Consumer
and Maiketing Seivice said the
fiim and its officers, dnectois
stockhOideis Samuel I and
Leonaid Beikowitz—aie not en
titled to conduct business subject
to the PAC Act until the lepaia
non awaid is satisfied and the
license suspension is lifted They
Egg Production
Shifts Sharply
The numbei of faims selling
eggs deci eased shaiply, conti ac
tual anangements gained impoi
tance and egg pioduction tended
to shift to the South and West
dining the 1950’s and 1960’5, ac
coidmg to the USDA Economic
Reseaich Seivice
The nnmbei of faims selling
eggs fell fiom 2 4 million m 1949
to 527,000 in 1964 alone
And, while faims with less
than 400 chickens accounted foi
70 pei cent of all chickens on
faims in 1950, this gioup ac
counted foi less than 20 pei cent
o the total by 1960
Also, in 1964 about 16,000
fdims selling 50,000 dozen oi
moie eggs each in 1964 ac
counted foi two-thnds of all
eggs sold, while the 1,000 laigest
egg laims accounted foi moie
than one-fifth of all eggs sold
While conti actual auange
ments accounted foi only a small
piopoilion of total egg pi educ
tion in the 1950 s—peihaps five
pel cent—they accounted foi 30
to 35 pei cent of it by 1968
While the West Noith Cential
States accounted toi 25 pei cent
ol the Nation’s egg pioduction in
1959 they accounted foi only 14
pei cent ol it by 1969 While the
South Atlantic States, which ac
counted foi only 12 pel cent ot
egg pioduction in 1959, account
ed toi ovei 20 pei cent of the
1969 total
A fuithei bieakdown shows
that since 1959 egg pioduction
hdS deci eased 42 pei cent in the J
Most Mo’th Cential States, de- j
c: eased 18 pei cent in the East
\oith Cential States elect eased
nine pei cent in the Xoi th At
lantic States
On the olhei hand it has in
c; eased 39 pei cent in the West
em States inci eased 60 pei cent
in the South Cential States, m
ci eased 89 pei cent in the South
Atlantic States.
cannot be employed by anothei Also, the produce trading li- C&MS officials said a produce for his own account and did not
PACA licensee without USD K cense of Nat Gieene. Miami, Fla, shipping firm in Scianton, Pa, adequately justify his failure to
approval has been suspended under the claimed that Greene puichased pay the Pennsylvania iinn and
PAC Act, effective June 23. for for his own account but failed ordeied payment of W»© f»U
C&MS officials said a pioducc f a ii m g to pay a leparation awaid to pay for two trailciloads of amount claimed due for the
shipping fum in New Oilcans, ot $3 586. tomatoes. Greene was advised of transactions.
La. claimed that the Delavvaie „ the complaint and filed an an- t ,
fum failed to nay for numerous ° ‘ llS ° USDAS Consumer swer claiming he was a broker The PAC Aot estebhshes ft
Jots of bananas shiooed between a " d Ma,ketin " Selvices 531(1 for a Puerto Rican buyer in the 00(16 of S°od business oouduel
July and SeptemberigsgS G ‘ een i$ nol . entitled t 0 000(11104 transactions. Greene requested for 11,6 Produce »
fum was advised of the com- b y smess subject to the PAC Act an ora i hearing which was held that^interstate
"* f" 8 ™ the Uf,tll thC le P aratlon award is sa4 ‘ at Miami, Fla. in fresh and frozen Iruits and
cnar s es ÜbDA s Judicial Officer isfied and tne license suspension _„ . , vegetables be licensed The law
oideied payment of the full is lifted He cannot be employed USDA s Judlcla! officer c° n " authorizes USDA to suspend or
amount claimed due for each by another PACA licensee with- eluded from the evidence that revoke a trader’s license for rio*
transaction out USDA approval Greene purchased the tomatoes lating the Act.
Z— L— * ' ' ' " ■ ■ 1 ■ ■ - . _
Available in one and
five gallon cans and
30 gallon drums
r' ■ •
® - MH-30 is the U S Rubber reg trade
maik for its growth legulant U S Rub
bei Co, Chemical Division. Naugatuck,
Conn 06771
Ph, 397-3539