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    VOL. 15 NO. 36
At Annual Black <s* White Show Thursday
Kauffmans Win Top Holstein Honors
It was a good week for Penn
Springs Faim, Elizabethtown
RDI, and the Robeit Kauffman
Penn Spiings animals captured
two of the highest honois at the
Lancaster County Black & White
Show Thursday
The faim’s C Sedgiose Maiy
Texcn, a foui-yeai-old. took the
show's top honoi, the giand
champion of the show The ani
mal was also the senioi champ
Penn Spnngs Bill Maid, a
senior yeailmg, meanwhile,
earned junioi champion honois
This Week!!
It was a busy week foi faimeis
and Lancaster Farming took the
opportunity to provide some m
depth coverage ot the faim scene
—from cucumbeis to dairying,
from file to pig chase We think
we’ve captmed some of the beau
ty and agony and joy of farming
In Section 1, it begins on page
1 with the denying show of
shows, the Black & White; the
4-H daily activity is on page 6
the eonseivation Distuct Field
Day on 8 and 9, and Thuisday
night’s bain file on 10.
In Section 2, it’s an analysis of
Lancaster County’s newest cash
ciop, ci cambeis on page 17, and
a special lepoit on the Penn
State Reseal ch Faim neai Lan
di&ville on page 22
In addition, om broad covei
age, ccnt.nues with maikets, edi
torials, women’s news, 4-H news,
and special reports on numerous
local persons and activities.
ftp Slave Brings $12.25 an Hour
Fotnrj ~ongeneckei (left) pie
senL iiUt .ies to Ken Giube (cen
ter), tt* mghest puced slave at
the and Home Founda
tion’, a t.ion Thinsclav night,
and ((rmes new ownei toi a
day, J». £ e G Balmei of Lititz
Gnibe of Lititz RDI bi ought
The herd of J. Moweiv Fiej
Ji„ Lancastei, was a stiong con
tender all day and took seveial
top awaids, including leseive
giand champion with «n aged
cow, Alnat Tomlla Oingei
Piemiei bleeder and e\hibitoi
honors also went to Fiev, who
leceived the honois foi showing
the gieatest numbei of top ani
mals He leceived the banneis
in this categoiy for the Hisl time
Elam Bollinger, Manheim
RDI, showed the giand cham
pion bull, Lyndo Smokev Giue
on, the junioi bull calf winnpi
Senioi bull calf winner was
Pataja Tiue Type Patns own
ed by Jay E Landis. Lancastei
RD6 Kauffman’s Penn Spiings
Model was the senioi yea’ ling
Other class winneis -yeiC
Junior Calf Solanco Acres
Bonus Pepper, owned b\ Dorn i
M Akeis, Quairyville RDI, In
tel mediate Calf Pulton wav
Apollo Maty Loe ov.-ui> In
Sandia Frey, 401 Beaver Valley
Pike, Lancastei Senioi Hrifci
Calf Meadow View K Pei
foimer Kusty, owned bv Bien
da Ki eider, Mount Joy RD2
Junior Yeailing Wye Oak
Peifoimer Beauty, owned by
Richaid Hess, Stiasbmg RDI:
Senior Yeailing Pataja Ch
mas Lynnel, owned by Jay E
Landis, Two-Year-Old Con
Noll Model Sylvia, owned by
Nathan E Stoltzfus, Gip, Dry
Thiee and Four Yeais LJM
Beauty Quality Ivanhoe Mi'Jy,
owned by J Moweiy Fiey, Ji ,
the hefty puce of $l2 25 pel
hoiu foi a minimum of an eight
houi day The monej will go to
the Foundation to help letue the
Faim and Home Centei const’, uc-
Lion debt
Altogether, J Everett Kieider,
Quairyville RDI aucHoaeei, sold
48 slaves, but most went at a
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, August 1.1970
The Kauffmans display their award
winning animals at the Black & White
Show Robert presents the grand cham
pion and senior champion. C Sedgrose
Three Yeai Olds Rolling
stead Hi Hope Donna, owned bv
Loien and Helen Zimmeiman
East Earl, Fom Yeai Old'?
Fultonway Rachel Angela own
ed by J MoweiyFieyJi Aged
Cow Hilltoppei Retleetion
Nanette, owned by CLuence
and Earl Stauffei, Eplnata
Blue nbbon winneis weie
Junior Calf Fultonway
Rachel Jane Amy owned by
moie leasonable puce, aiound
$2 an hom
Giube’s puce shot up when
Ealmei got into a bidding con
test with Longeneckei, who lives
a, Lititz RD3 Longeneckei, who
indicated afterwaid that he was
seeking some tobacco hands,
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John M Fiey, 401 Beaver Val
ley Pike, Red Rose Apollo Dee,
owned by Doithea A Geoige,
242 Pitney Road, Lancastei
Gioffdale Admual Jeanette,
owned by Caiol J Gioff, Quai
lyville RD3
Intel mediate Calf Fulton
way Apollo Gietchen, also a
Frey calf, Solanco Acies Bonus
Hattie, owned by Gaiy Akeis,
Quanyville RDI, Pataya Preci
sion Lem, owned by Biuce E
Landis, Lancaster RD6, Mai
, Cly Queen Paiagon, owned by
LaVern Mai tin, East Eail RDI
Senior Heifei Calf Penn
Spungs Bill Stai, owned by
Robeit Kauffman, Elizabeth
town RDI, Allwine Debbie
owned by Raelene K Haibold,
Elizabethtown RDI, Zimhaven
Black Eagle Tottie, owned by
Loren and Helen Zimmeiman,
Penn Spung Bill Lucy, owned
by Linda Kauffman, Elizabeth
town RDI
Junior Yeai ling Pondbank
Pei former Annette, owned by
JeffieyD Haimsh, 1036 Beavei
Valley Pike, Lancastei, Papa
ya Climax Pallas owned by
Jay E Landis, Lancastei RD6,
Sunny Ciaft Bienda Peifoim
er, owned by Claience Stauffer,
Ephiata, and Glen-Bai Aichie
Lou, owned by Baibaia Kieid
-ei, Quanyville RDI
Senior Yeailing Hess Va'e
March Wien, owned by Donna
Hess, Stiasbuig RDI East
Kioll Chaimer Kay, owned by
Sue Kauffman Elizabethtown
Two-Yeai-Old—Penn Spungs
Bill Joann, owned by Penn
Spungs. Flo Indo Jane Mayesty,
owned by Robeit Zimmeiman
Denver RDI. Fultonway Re
flector Caimella. owned by
Frey. Wesholmen Martha Mi
chelle, owned by Frey; and
Mary Texen a four-year-0.0, and daughter
Linda, 12, shows Penn Springs Bill Maid, a
senior yearling.
Pequea Paj amount Sherry,
owned by Melvin R Eby, Gor
don ville
Diy Thiee and Four Years
Sunny Ciaft Captain, owned by
Claience Stauffer, Fultonway
Reflector Hanna Jo, owned by
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Farm Calendar
Saturday, August I
1 30 p m—Faim Women Society
1, Donegal Chuich
Ameucan Society of Animal
Science, Penn State Univers
ity, August 1-5
Monday, August 3
2-5 p m —FFA Hog Show entries
due at Stocky aids
Tuesday, August 4
Sam Bth Annual Lancaster
Countv FFA Maiket Hog
Show and Sale Lancaster
Stockyards '
Wednesday, August 5
6 a m -7 p m —Lancaster County
Poultiy Association, but tour
to Penn State fiom Farm
and Home Centei
Atlantic Bieedeis Cooperative
Field Day, Lancastei
12 Noon Lancastei County
Faim Women Societies an
nual picnic Lampeter Park.
1-4 pm & 630 p m till daik—«
Field and C, op Day, Penn
State Field Reseaich Fatal,
neai Landisville
Bpm —Red Rose 4 H Baby' Beef
and Lamb Club Farm and
Home Centei
Bpm —Lancastei County Senior
Extension Club swimming
paity and monthly meeting,
home of Robeit Board
Thursday, August 6
7 30 a m -8 p m —Ephrata Young
Faimeis tom, (Walker Gor
don iarm. New Jersey),
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$2.00 Per Year