Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, July 25, 1970, Image 23

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That Comes
Doing A
Good lob Of
It’s a great feeling to know that you are the
master of your farmlands . , . that when you
treat your soil right, it will treat you right.
Liming is one of the most important factors in
keeping your soil in the highest productive
range. By raising the pH from a level below
6.0 to 6.5 or higher, you can expect to harvest
7 more bushels of wheat per acre, with similar
increases for all other forage and cash crops.
Order Now For Prompt Delivery
Blue Ball, Pa. 354-4125
the FUTURE is HERE with
forage box BY LANCO
■ vi Mg'* LOCKE, N Y.
WonnDiiven NO RATCHET "5
Main Api on
Worm Diiven
Built with Good
New Yoik Oak
(Dimensional Lumber)
Smooth, Easy, Trouble Free
Handling Of Heavy Loads
Complete 14 fool box (16 fool oveiall) 2
boatei 54” high, 7 ft wide inside
Reveise and Swinging Tailgate foi Bale Thiower
595 00 exti a
Right or Left Hand unloadei available
$1095. F. 0.8. Locke, N.Y.
* YoiVh Equipment Center in Lancaster County
Box 23, Kinder, Pa.
V M V £
- l >
Gap, Pa. 442-4148
SAFE ...
Phone 442-4186
Phone 768-8916
Inspection Fees Hiked
Amendments changing piovi
sions foi giadmgs and
incicasing fins for some giading
and inspection sei vices foi poul
tiy and eggs have been an
nounced by the U S Depailment
ol Agiiculluic, ellcctive July 1
The amendments broaden the
cncumstances and pioducls for
which an appeal may be filed
Authonty to pci form appeal
giadmgs 01 assign appeal
g'adeis, p.eviously confined to
the national office, will now be
delegated to some field super
USD Vs Consumei and Maiket
mg Seivice. which conducts
these voluntaiy fee-foi-service
giading and inspection piogiams,
said the changes in appeal pio
ceduies will inciease the effec
tiveness of the giading seivice
to its useis
Incieased tees will apply to
giading and inspection of poul
try and labbits, inspection ol egg
pioducts, and giading of shell
eggs foi woik pel formed on an
Poultry, Egg
hourly (lot) basis Laboialoiy
fees for testing egg and pouitiy
pioducls ne also being in
ci cased.
Houily rales will be mci cased
fi om $8 to $9 20 Horn ly i ales foi
service pci foi meet on Saturdays,
Sundays, and holidays will be
increased to $ll 40 Chai ges to
plants using USDA’s ievident
giadmg seivice will icniain the
The inci eases aie neeessaiy,
C&MS officials said, to covei sal
ary laises for giading peisonncl
and higher letn ement fund costs
Additional minoi changes have
been made in the legulalions foi
the sake of clanty and unifoim
ity The amendments to the icg
ulations weie scheduled to be
published in the June 17 issue of
the Fedeial Registei
Copies of the amendments may
be obtained fiom the Dnectoi.
Poultry Division, Consumei and
Maiketing Sc: \ ice, US Depait
ment of Agncultuie, Washing
ton. D C 20250
Lancaster Farming. Saturday, July 25, 1070-
Molds .iic ah\a\s pie sent in
the .111 but thme m damp, poor
1\ .mod .md w.nm d.i k places
Such aica-. as ccllais, closets,
showeis and basement plav
i ooms at e easv t.n ue‘s
Check these aieas olten in hot
humid wealhei and make su-e
theie is good \enlilation Keep
the aieas as div as possible
Mildew appeals as a thin whit
ish giowth with an offensive
odoi Mildew attacks tabucs.
kaihf* 1 , papei. and wood
Fabucs of man made fibers,
such as acetate, nvlon. and polv
estei, noimailv aie i constant to
molds Howevei they mav be
come mildewed if thev aie soiled
oi stained with food Clean tab
ncs ol any fibei aie less likely
to mildew than an* soiled ones
As soon as vou tuscovei mil
dew spots on tabucs icmove
spots piomptly by tho,ough
b.ushing 01 vacuuming Take
tobucs outdoois it possible so
you can pievent sen teung mold
spoi es in the house Hang tabi ics
i" sunlight
If spots lemain atle. blushing,
diyclean oi wash tabucs at once
with deleigent and watei You
can bleach stubborn stains with
lemon ituce and salt, sodium
pc-i boi ate bleach oi dilute chtoi
ine bleach
Mildew Strikes
In Poorly Aired,
& Warm Places
As tin* hiimiditv goes up. so do
chances foi mildew lo stnko
fin nishings in >ou home Boon
the lookout foi this mold, sug
gests .Inno Wilke Chestei Cotin-
I. extension home economist
To pievent the giowth of mold
on leathei goods, scattei a moth
pievenlive, such as paiadichloio-
qivstals. in , shoes and
luggage, then keepT’the ai tides
in an tight containeis oi wiap
paikages and seal tightly Befoie
using any tieated ai tides, ar
them well
When using any chemical pro
duct to piotect furnishings fiom
mildew, lead the instiuctions on
the containei and follow them
Help Us
Serve You
Don’t assume we know
about your faun oiganiza
tion's meeting To get yom
meeting on our Faim Galen
dai. it’s safei to assume we
don’t know
Remind us by calling 394-
3047 01 626 2191 oi by wilt
ing to Lancastei Fai ming, 22
E Mam St, Lititz, Pa 17543
You’ll be helping us to seive
you better
PS If you’re not sine
you told us aii eadv we don't
mind heaung fiom you
FREE Subscnbei s to
Lancastei Fai mmg will
receive one advcitisencnt
Fiee each month in om
Mail Box Market Sub
scnbei s using the Mail
Box Maiket will be
governed bv the following
i ules
Limit youi adveitisement
to 25 woids All adveitise
ments must be m om
hands by Thmsdav noon
01 same will be held ovei
foi next week’s papei, No
business adveitisements