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    —Lancaster Farming. Saturday. July 25.1970
Gather and Evaluate Industry Reseach, Will Disseminate It
Sheep Producers Report Progress
Moic pioducls and more pio
fils thiough new management
methods is the course the sheep
mdusliy is steering these days
m a robust attempt to revci se
a tiend of declining sheep mim
be i s
M Joseph Buike. of Casper,
Wyoming, chan man of the
Steeling Committee of the
Sheep Industry Development
Piogiam, told the five man
committee and advisois. meet
mg in Denvei. Co in late June,
that the sheep industry is teet
enng on the bunk between the
oppoitumtv for renewed giowth
and piospenty and eventual ex
The sheep industiy is peihaps
in a bettei position to succeed
now than it has for years The
Sheep Industry Development,
Buike said, has managed in
thiee shoit years to gather and
evaluate all sheep industry re
Now we are developing the
tools of communication to help
those who serve the sheep in
dustiy to bung the new techni
ques and information to sheep
men across the country, Burke
We must have a change in at
titude in the sheep industry,
Burke said, so that producers
will adjust their sheep raising
to a business basis and not con
tinue to think of ourselves as
lust individual ranchers and
fai mers
Buike said that livestock men
have for too long competed
among themselves instead of
working with each othei to sell
a better pi duct at a better pi ice
Tlie Steering Committee
heaid final repoits fiom coor
dinators of the production and
maiketing projects, George
Scott, of Colorado State Univer
sity and Di Jack Aimstiong, of
Puidue Umveisity In making
then lepoits, these men sug
gested that the sheep industry
should follow a stiong couise of
action which would help pio
vide a gi eater piofit to sheep
men thioughout the countiy by
solving some basic pioblems in
production, management and
One of the piogiams cuirent
ly under way, in cooperation
with the Federal Extension Sei
vice, is a development of infor
mation to show the profit poten
tial in various types of sheep
opeiations Dick Biglin, manag
ing director, said this is one of
the most important elements of
the progiam at present “We
have always known that sheep
pioduction can be pi of liable,
but unfoitunately, we have not
always had the facts and figures
to piove this ”
Biglin said that SID will now
encouiage the formation of ad
visory groups to the sheep in
dustiy fiom vauous allied in
dustues associated with sheep
pioduction He said that SID
will also ask allied industries,
as well as sheep groups, to pai
ticipate in the SID program
By August 1, the Sheep Pro
ducers Handbook is expected to
be off the pi ess and available
thiough SID A similar booklet
is aheady available on market
mg and coveis te 10 basic issues
in lamb and sheep maiketing
This fall, it is hoped that a text
book on sheep pioduction and
maiketing will be available
thiough SID
SID will, tbiough sheep or
ganizations, attempt to esta
blish pnouty pioiects that will
be solved as rapidly as possible,
including such things as sheep
disease that cause a maim loss
to the industiy and such piob-
Jems as piedatois.
Ralph Grimshaw. speaking on
the piospccls for the sheep in
dustry. said that because of its
adaptability to many types of
production practices, the sheep
industry has a tiemendous po
industry should strive for a
tential Grimshaw said that the
larger, leaner lamb, weighing
120 to 140 pounds, that there is
the possibility of reducing the
cost of feeding lambs by 25 to
40 per cent and thus help lower
unit cost, that sheep compete
less for food which man con
sumes directly than any other
red meat, and that the amount
of concentrates lequired per
pound of dressed carcass is 87
per cent lower for sheep than
for beef
The sheep extension specia
list from Ohio State University
said that if the producers want
to market lamb and wool dif
The money you spend for feed
mokes more money for you,
when you choose FLORIN forti
fied Dairy Feeds. Count on it for
maximum production from your
dairy herd . . . maximum profits,
BROS., Inc.
-w* ■* *- *<«•* ■* " » ■» - -
ferently, it is up to them to
change. No one else will do it
for them, Grimshaw added.
George Scott lecommendcd
in his report that further study
of lamb marketing be made to
help solve some critical prob
lems in this area. He said that
the industry should involve the
young producers in their plans
and programs and that one of
the most important needs is for
all segments of the industry to
communicate with each other.
Armstrong recommended to
the committee fuithei explora
tion of opportunities fr yield
grading; that the industry look
for ways to increase competi
tion; that it explore possibili
ties for coordmatin of efforts
with lamb importing countries,
be aware of the situation in cen
tral cutting f meat; develop car
cass testing and seek opportuni-
ies to attract new capital into needs of the industry and the
:he industry. funds and facilities needed. Dr.
Dr. Clair Terrill, chief of the Terrill said that communica
fur animal research at Belts- tions is most important now so
ville, said that the industry’s that research information
research needs should be quick- reaches its maximum effective
ly established, based on the ness.
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