Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, July 25, 1970, Image 20

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    Lancaster Farming, Saturday. July 25.1970
• Facts
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cm «hould be tilled Iwo-lluuLs to
thiei I|U.H in s full
Ml samples must he lull! :il
tempi*) ..lines below 40 F pi 101
to testing Plastic hag s.imples
.should be placid in .m insulated
case with ice on lop of them
Samples m glass bottles should
be iiansponed in an icc and
w.itei mixtuic file level should
be above that of the milk in the
Chui mug oi ’oilin'.; oil" will
otcur at tempo a.uies absvc 40
F on eithei daily oi coni
posit samples
Keeping these poinleis in mind
and c.nefullv obsdvmg propci
sampling and handling techni
qm.s will hdp assuie accuiate
milkfal tests
Use Good Management
A study of 116 Noith Caiolina
d.iuy laims analyzed the factois
affecting i etui ns to labor and
management It is interesting to
study the ranking in oidei of
impoi tance as they affect dollar
1 Size of held
2 Hired labor pei bundled
weight of milk sold
3 Milk sold per cow
4 Total purchased feed and
crop expense per bundled weight
of milk
5 Blend price of milk
6 Livestock expense per hun
diedweight of milk
7. Machinery and genei al farm
expense per hundredweight of
These seven factois explained
80% of the variation m net oper
ating income The factoi that is
often placed first by dairymen as
a reason for low income, the
blend price received for milk, is
The fiist four factois are all
related to the management abil
ity'-of the aanyman and are di
rectly under control of the dairy
man. Let’s not blame the price
received for milk for all of the
low dollar ictuins to manage
Best Foot Forward
What is your image as a dairy
man in the eyes of the consuming
public 7
Theie was a time when the ap
pearance of your faim was not
too important You weie isolated
fiom the consumei This is not
so today Consumei s by the thou
sands drive through the farming
areas of Pennsylvania and what
they see and smell formulates
their opinion to buy or not to
buy milk
The appeal ance and odoi of
dairy farm waste (manuie) is
accepted by you and your neigh
bors as part of the faim, so you
have learned to live with it.
The city consumer who enjoys
a drive thiough the countryside
is upset by the appearance and
aroma that you accept as normal.
Good dauymen are learning the
value of handling farm waste
properly so that it will not be
objectionable to those who dnve
by the farm Those drivers are
your consumers
Attention Dairy Farmers
All danymen should be en
couraged to pay paiticular atten
tion to any farm diainage from
the imlkhouse, barnyaid or silos
that could be taken by the public
as a source of stream pollution
President Nixon’s speech on
pollution has turned many
Americans into “eagei beaveis”
looking for every possible source
of pollution.
Don't be surprised if a summer
tourist reports you, if he sees
youp farm drainage running to
ward a stieam The “heat is on”
to clean up oui environment and
no individual 01 business is going
to be ovei looked as a souice of
pollution This will include dany
Golden Delicious Apple Symposium
Slated August 13 at Penn State
Kxpeits in the field of pomol-eu»s "The Futuie for Apple
ogy will seive as piogram speak- Markets.” Dr Russell E Larson,
eis fo’- Iht Symposium on the dean of the Penn Slate College
Pioduetion and Utilisation of the of Agriculture, speaking on "The
(lolden Debeious Apple to be Futuie of Pomological Reseatch
hi Id August 13 on Pennsylvania m Pennsylvania.” Don Horst,
State Umvcisity campus chairman of The Pennsyl-
Di C Mai shall Ritter, Penn vama Apple Marketing Ad Vl -
Stale extension pomologist and Committee, who will pie
a symposium eooidmatoi, points the l ° pi £ Plo^lems and
out that this is the fust progiam Status of the Golden Delicious,
of Us kind in the Commonwealth a,ld , Ralph Heise y- Pennsylvania
Sessions will stall at 8 a m on apple grower, speaking on Char-
August 13 in the J 0 Kellei nctenstics the Piocessor Wants
Building and conclude following 111 tRe G°l den Delicious
the evening banquet Banquet speakers wll be Paul
Sponsoi of the confoience is Staik, senior vice piesident of
tnc Penn State College of Agn- Staik Biotheis Nuiseiy, Louisi
cultuie, in coopeiation with the ana, Missouri
Pennsylvania Apple Maiketmg Penri state college of Agncul-
Advisoiy Boaid tuie faculty membeis also pie-
Heading the list of speakers senting topics aie B. Wayne
aie State Secretary of Agncul- Kelly, Extension faim manage
ture Leland H Bull who will dis- ment specialist, Dr Donald H
' \
\\j V 3;
\fc _• •' f /""“- S 4
Electric heating cable is invisible. You don't see
it or hear it . . . only gentle warmth tells you
it’s there.
Basically it’s wire . . . usually hidden in the
ceilings of your home. The wire’s connected to
thermostats that let you "dial” the comfort level
you prefer in every room. Incidentally, ceiling
cable rarely requires maintenance because the
thermostat is the only thing in the whole system
that has a moving part.
There’s no furnace ... no flame ... no dirt
1 ./
What electric
healing cable
- and what
can do lor
Poorbough to Resign
As Extension Official
Harry J. Pooibaugh, professor
of agriculture Extension and as
sociate dncctor of Then Penn
sylvania Slate University Co
operative Extension Service, will
iclnc July 31 with 39 years of
Named associate dnector in
1964, he has been in charge of
piogram cooidination and devel
opment and has had administia
t*\e duties in connection with the
overall Extension Seivice pio
Pooibaugh was appointed to
the Penn State staff in 1931 as
assistant county agncultuial
agent and assigned to Jeffeison
Petersen, Extension plant path
ologist, and Di C M Riltei, Di
Cyril B. Smith, Dr Loien D
Tukey, Dr. Chestei W Hitz,
George M Gieene, 11, and Geiald
D Kuhn, all of the Depaitment
of Horticulture
< *s.
( Sr , ]
• I ' VSwmVM « a. V S
•I *
... no pipes ... no ducts ... no fuel tanks ...
no wasted space ... no chimneys. It is clean,
comfortable and carefree.
If you’re thinking of modernizing, be sure to
think of installing flameless electric heating
cable, or one of the four other types of electric
heat... warm air, hot water, baseboard or heat
pump. For more information and a free estimate
of operating costs, call PP&L or your PP&L
Recommended Electric Home Heating Dealer,
listed in the Yellow pages under “Heating.”
I *
si *
* ’ r
- ' J
I" PP&L™
Harry J. Poorbaugh
County, seivmg theie eight
yeais In 1939 he was piomoted
to county agent and seived
twelve yeais in Schuylkill Coun
ty and five yeais in Ene County.
In 1956 he was named assistant
daector and supei vised Exten
sion progiams in 16 southwestern