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VOL 15 NO. 35
Holstein Field Day Report
Abo. • 450 persons attended the
Lanca.-tei County Holstein
Bieeut.s Association Field Day
at the Curtis Akers farm, Quarry
ville RDI, Tuesday
During the afternoon pio
giam William C Nichol, Penn
sylvania Holstein Association
secieta*.v, gave a demonstiation
on ho.c to take a pictme of a
Pom's included Get the front
legs running straight down fiom
the shouldei, always take the
picture from the light side, the
came.? should be about perpen
dicitla. with the center of the
animal both fiont legs should
be seei take the pictuie when
46 Strong Backs
To Be Auctioned
Mi. Faimei 01 Business Man,
need a 'iiong back
Some 46 young faim men, ages
15 to 20. mostly from the FFA
and 4H, have volunteeied to
donate a day of labor.
They 11 be auctioned off Thurs
day, July 30 at the Farm and
Home Centei to the highest bid
der fo a minimum of an eight
hour day
The slave auction is sponsoied
by the Faim and Home Founda
tion and proceeds will be used
to lower the debt incurred in
construction of the Center
The action will stait at 7 30
pm w.;h a volleyball game Re
freshments will be served A
short progiam, including slides,
will be held on construction of
the Centei
Fo.ney Longenecker, Founda
tion member who helped organ
ize the auction, said he’s still
hoping to get a few moie slaves
to raise the total to a minimum
ct 50. Bidding well be open to
Pork Cookout King Contest
Set Aug. 15, Entries Sought
The Lancaster County Pork
Cookout King contest will be
held August 15 and entries are
now being encouraged, according
to John Henkel
Henkel of Strasbuig RDI is in
chaige of the contest, which will
be held in conjunction with the
Lancastei County Swine Pio
ducers Field Day at the Faim
and Home Centei from 1 to 7
p m August 15
Any male ovei 12 yeais of age
and a -esident of Pennsylvania
can en.ei the Cookout King con
Winneis will be selected on
the basis of excellence of piep
aration. use of Pennsylvania
quality pioducts, ouginality in
selection of poik cut used in
outdooi cookeiy and the finished
product s appetite appeal
Winnei of the local contest will
be eligible for a state contest,
tentatively set to coincide with
the Ln estodc Exposition in Har
risburg in November
the animal has a full uddei,
place the icai leg of the animal
so the rear udder and two front
teats can be seen; have someone
wave plastic oi make similai
detraction so the animal has an
aleit look when the pictuie is
Jay Landis, Lancaster County
Association piesident, piesided
over the afternoon piogiam He
pointed out how much the late
Victor W E Plastow, associate
county agent, had done foi
dauymen and a moment of
silence was noted in tnbute to
The event was planned by a
committee consisting of Dave
Svreigert, chan man, Jim Ki eider
and Donald Eby Mastei Mix
feed picked up the cost for items
such as fiee ice cream
Coming events of intei est to
dairymen also weie noted, in
cluding 4-H Daily Roundup
Tuesday and Wednesday, follow
ed by the Black and White Show
Thursday at the Guernsey Sales
The morning activity was
highlighted by a dairy cattle
judging contest Seveial vo-ag
teacheis donated time to judge
the contest
The winner in the youth divi
sion with a perfect 300 points
was Jesse Balmer, son of Mi
and Mis Jesse L Balmei, Lititz
RD4 Earhei this yeai Balmer
was elected piesident of the
Lancastei County 4-H Council
Balmei edged out anothei
youth, Vernon Yost, of New Hol
land RD4, who scored 298 points
In thud place was Ed Hess,
Sti asbuig RDI, with 283 3 points,
followed by Nelson Martin, East
Earl RDI, 2713 points and
Lloyd Welk, Quauyville RD3,
270 3
Heading the men's judging
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Contestants must furnish their
owm equipment and pork for the
prepaiations of their entry, un
less otherwise arranged The
pork must be cooked at the con
test to be ready for judging at
4 p m.
Although details have not been
completed, plans are to give
avvaids to the top two winner,
possibly a nice outdooi gull for
first place and some pork foi
second, according to Henkel
This contest is not just for
swine producers, but is open to
any inteiested person
Intel ested perons should
enter by wilting to Henkel at
Stiasbuig RDI or by phoning
him at 717-786-2562
The Swine Producer Associa
tion also has sent out letters to
hog pioducers on the evening
meal, which will include barbe
cued pork chops, potato, apple
sauce and dessert for $1,775 for
Lancaster Farming, Saturday. July 25. 1970
William C. Nichol, State Holstein As-
sociation secretary, explains why this is
4-H, Black and White Dairy Judging
Set Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
The annual 4-H Dairy Round
up and Black and White Show
will be held Tuesday, Wednes
day and Thursday at the Guern
sey Sales Pavrllron, East of Lan
The three-day atfarr, whrch
features cattle showrng for
awards, rs one of the outstand
one-chop and $2 for two chops.
Tickets are avarlable from drrec
tors and should be obtained be
fore the field day to allow for
meal arrangements
A wide presentation of hog
equipment exhibits by distribu
tor in the area will be presented
to give producer an insight into
modern hog equipment which is
available, reports Mark F
Nestleroth Association presi
dent Door pnzes will be pie
sented by the exhibitor
He said inquiries also aie being
made on a Sonoray machine to
piovide demonstrations on the
use of this tool in selection of
bettei meat-type hogs
“We urge you and youi fuends
to be present at this event de
signed to display modern and
economical hog production sup
plies and to bung agrr-related
people together in an atmospheie
of good taste and aroma of pork,"
Nestleroth said.
one of the best photographs of a cow he
has ever seen.
mg daily events of the year
locally Seveial bundled pei
sons are expected to drop by foi
at least pait of the activities
The colored dairy bieeds—Ayi
shne, Jeisey, Biown Swiss and
Guernsey—will be featured in
the first day of 4-H activities
4-H members with Holsteins
will show Wednesday
On Thursday, the Lancaster
County Holstein Breeders Asso
cratron annual Black and Whrte
Show writ be held
The 4-H judging Tuesday and
Wednesday will start at 9 a m
and the Thursday activities will
start at 10 am The activities
each of the thiee days is ex-
Conservation Field Day
Schedule Is Announced
A complete schedule foi the
Conseivation Field Day Tuseday
July 28, has been announced
by the Lancastei County Soil
and Watei Conseivation District
The activities will stait at 9 30
a m and uni till about 4 p m at
the Eugene Eberly faim, New
Holland Ram date is the follow
ing day, Wednesday
An toms to view conseivation
practices fiom the an will iun
tram 9 30 a in till 4 p m and
machinery exhibits will be a\ ail
abie all day
The contour and level land
$2.00 Per Year
pected to um until about 2 to
Claience Stauffer of the Hol
stein Associat'on said he expects
anothei good show yeai with the
numbei of entues comparable to
last year
Farm Calendar
Sunday, July 26
Ipm Fai m Women Society
26 family picnic, Manheim
Memorial Park
Monday, July 27
6 30 pm Lancaster County
Agricultural and Home
Economics Extension As
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plowing contests will um from
10 ain to 3p m
Land nidging contest will be
gin at 1 p m
A 4H tiactoi dnvmg contest
foi junioi and scmoi 4-H mem
beis will be held at 1 p m
The Fish Commission will
sponsoi a fish shocking demoli
sh ation fiom 11 am till 1 pm.
and fiom 12 noon until 2 pm
Dooi pnzes will be awarded at
3pm and then there’ll be A
pig chase for youngsters under
12 who still have plenty o£
eneigy left