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    Farming. Saturday. July 18.1970
Selenium Deficiency Explained
Oik pound in 5.000 tons of protein may be practical under primarily affecting their livers ccphalomalacia. a
hod—this is the small amount some circumstances. and called hepatosis dietctica. In brain condition. 01 with i u‘ d
or me element selenium neeo S . Weclable products _ wmc o( Mbee cttitle t,s . ttnown as eumulntton ceiled exudatise d,a
s.ny to pievcnl ccilain diseases which contain both selenium and 7i • . . , „ ilim
in both livestock and poultry, vitamin E-are available for use condemnation at slaughter. Baby Also associated with selenium
Each year Penn State’s Animal in livestock and afford practical chlcks may be afflicted with en- deficiency are certain cases of
Diagnostic Laboratory encoun- control in many situations. In- . . ___ #
ters what are termed “selenium- jections should be given only on f 1 I 'mo
icsponsive” diseases—cases that recommendation of a veterinar- IvVkUvv i Z CIVESUK
could have been pievented or ian.
tieated with selenium, rcpoits a survey of Pennsylvania for- ¥ * r | 0 J
David C. Kradel, assistant pro- ages and grains, some of which I iICfiTISP IS ill 1
ie'Sor of veterinaiy science at came from farms with “selenium- Mr
Penn State. responsive" diseases, has shown
White muscle disease, also these to be low or borderline in
called stiff lamb or stiff calf dis- selenium content. This correlates
ease, is the most common “selen- with selenium deficient soil aieas
mnvresponsive” disease encoun- found in the northeastern spates
tered. This condition, as sug- and the Pacific northwestern
gested by its name, affects the states The plant analyses weie
muscles of lambs, calves, foals, done by Dr W. H Allaway of
pig, and chicks. These young the U.S D A Plant Soil and Nn
ammals become stiff, aie leluc- tution Laboiatory, Ithaca, XY.
tant to move, and may be unable One foim of white muscle dis
to rise. Many develop a compli- ease destroys portions of the
eating pneumonia prior to death heart muscle and young animals
Such diseases may be con- may be found dead without pnoi
ti oiled in several way s. signs of illness The heart form
is observed in thrifty, rapidly
Grains and certain feed mill growing hogs,
supplements produced in the
prairie states, an aiea of high Because of the red hemor
soil selenium content, are ade- rhages in the heart muscle, the
quate or high in this element condition is called mulberry
When these products are mixed heart disease
with ingredients grown in selen- Affected pigs usuall> weigh
ium deficient areas, a feed with between 100 to 150 pounds and
adequate selenium usually re- often are found dead without
sults prior signs of illness. One or
Because the amount of selen- more hogs may die over a sev
mm needed depends in part on eral day period and then losses
cei tain other nutiients, addition- cease as suddenly as they started,
al supplementation with vitamin Selenium deficiency has been
E. methionine, or high quality associated with a disease of hogs
Public Auction
Located on Route 181 4 miles north of York in
Emigsville, Pa.
From Interstate =B3 Exits 10 or 11
A C HDS crawler, loader. Huber maintamer. small roller
j D. 1010 D backhoe & loader, Ford N AA backhoe & loader
Ford forklift
International I 240, F. 340 & 4 row cultivator. F, 350. Inter
national 806 D, Super A w/cultivator. F, 140 w/cultu ator
F2OO, John Deere A. B. 1010. 2010, 730 D. 60. TOD. Ford BN.
640, 800, 6000, 4000, A C.D.. Dl7, Dl9. B w/equipment, M.F
35, 50, 135
John Deere 45 HiLo, Int. 203. Int. 403. MF. 35. Int 91 and
some pull types, Red River Thresh machine on steel
Plow, cultivator, harrow wagon, 2 New Lamco forage
boxes. New Idea ii:2o6 spreader, lawn & garden equipment
Note —complete farm stock, J. D. 730 D, J. D. 50, Int. 4 row
planter, wagon, grain bin. spreader, etc.
Note —All items subject to prior sale and some new items
will be added.
Terms: Cash
By York Co. Form & industrial Equipment
Company, Inc., Box 222,
Emigsville, Pa.
Blaine N. Rentzel & J. Larrv Hollinger. Owners
Phone: 717-764-6412 or 717-764-5115
10:00 A. M.
The produce trading license of for a truckload of potatoes. The
ACF Produce, Inc.. Newton, Pa., Pennsylvania firm was advised of
has been suspended under the the complaint, but did not an-
Perishable Agricultural Com- swer the charges USDA’s Judi
modities Act, effective June 1, cial Officer ordered payment of
for failing to pa> a reparation the full amount claimed due.
award of SI 425. the L S Depart- The produce trading license of*
ment of Agucultuie leported j o hnie Stanley Banana Co , Inc.,
lecently 708 E. 2nd St. Huntington. \V
Officials of USDA’s Consumer Va. has been suspended under
and Marketing Service said the the Perishable Agricultural Corn
firm and its officers, directors modities Act for faihng to pay a
and stockholders—Celeste Fern, award of s6 ’ 9ll ’ the
Angela M R Pno, and Mary Ui»UA said
Piro Ferri—are not entitled to C&MS officials said a Winston
conduct business subject to the Salem, N.C. produce firm com-
PAC Act until the reparation plained that the Huntington firm
award is satisfied and the license had failed to pay for three 1 truck
suspension is lifted. They cannot loads of bananas p¥rchased.The '
be employed by another PACA Stanley firm was advised- olihe
licensee without USD A approval, complaint but did not answer the
C&MS officials said a produce charges. USDA’s Judicial Officer
shipping firm in New Brunswick, ordered payment of the full
Canada claimed that the Penn- amount claimed due for each
sylvania firm had failed to pay transaction.
A B'G DUTCHMAN FARROWING UNIT. Workable design and durability make
the Big Dutchman Farrowing Unit the leader in the field Constructed of
tough 16 gauge SQUARE steel tubing and embossed draft panels with heavy
galvanized side wall, it offers maximum rigidity while exclusive reinforced
edges assure stability Lower side bars are double strength and feature
easy adjusting Sidejnembers are WELDED to the frame doing away with
time consuming nut and bolt cleaning Built in Big Dutchman HEAT MATS
and SLATTED FLOOR reduce mortality rates Pigs are born on the porce
lamized steel slatted floor and immediately seek warmth of the first of
two "safely zone" heat mats When the first heat mat is turned off, they
seek the heat of the second mat which is located at the front of the unit
By nesting on this mat, pigs quickly form the good dunging habits vital to
a disease free environment Heat mats will not overheat the sow, reducing
pig loss due to discomfort and uneasiness FOR FARROWING, FINISHING,
GESTATION or NURSERY... for one piece or an entire system for total
confinement, semi confinement or pen feed lots, it will profit you to look
to the leader Big Dutchman has equipped hundreds of profit making hog
operations and has an open invitation for you to inspect them Contact any
Big Dutchman dealer, representative or write to Hog Division, Big Dutchman,
Zeeland, Michigan 49464. We are eager to make the necessary arrange
ments for your visit
DiHer Ave., New Holland, Pa. Phone 354-5168 \
- i Bali's d'-u ,
A Division of U.S. Industries, Inc.
unlhriftincss In lambs and calves,
“tying up" in horses, and a typo
©[ infertility in ewes and possibly
cattle. Many of these diseases
ha\e been observed in-Pennsyl
Kradel pointed out that al
though these conditions result
from a selenium deficiency, this
is an over-simplification of a very
complex problem.
Research and field observations
ha\e shown that these diseases
occur only when a certain com
bination of numerous interrelat
ing soil, plant, animal, and en
vironmental factors is present.
Often scientists are at a loss to
precisely define the necessary
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