Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, July 11, 1970, Image 5

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A eld i ess
Telephone Code (
Contestant for: (uiele one)
Small Plow Level Land (2 A 3 bottoms)
Larne Plow Level Land (4 bottoms and laigei )
Optional Invitational Contest (specify)
Plow • Make
Circle appiopnate items
Type Bottoms Width (inches)
Mounted 2 5 8 12 16 20
Semi-Mount 3 6 14 16
Trailing 4 7
Tractor - Make
Fuel Used -
I ceitify that I am a bona fide Lamer, farm woman, legu
larly employed faun woiker. or faim jouth 16 \eais of age
or oldei
Fill out and mail this entrj foim to Gus
Bnchlei, secietaij, Lancastei (. Soil and Water Con
sei\ation Distuct, \oag depaitment, Penn Manor High
School, Millersville, Pa 17551
Fust Initial
Diesel L P
Zip Code
Plowing Contest
New Holluml
Persons who wish lo enlei the contest fill out this
application and mail it as instructed at the bottom on 01 hefoic
•Inly 21. 1970
4 Sheepmen Included
In Ram and Ewe Sale
Lancaster County was slated
to be lepiesentcd bv foui sheep
men at the 22nd annual Keystone
Stud Ram and Ewe Sale Friday
and today (Saluiday)
Max Smith, county assent,
tcimed the sale a “good sou ice
ct breeding animals” since "some
of the best flocks in the East ’
will be lepiesentcd
The local entnes included Mr
and Mis Clyde Biubakc 2418
Hanisbuig Pike, with six sheep.
H J Showaltei, 109 Fulton St.
-\kron, with six animals, and
Robeit R Buch, Ephiata with
two All thiee aie enteiing
Hampshites The fouith county
entiy, Mi and Mis Robeit D
Heir, of Nan on HI)2. will have
iv o Dorset-, in the contest
Joseph P Wentz. Atglen aiea,
will entei thicc SufTolks
Milton K Moittan. of 191(1 New
Holland Pike, well known Lan
caster County sheepman, attain
selves as sales managei
Judge will be Wauen C
Squnes. of Chestemlle. Ohio,
and the auilioneu will be Col
Hobait Fai thing of Findaly,
The fust annual Ki\*tone
Wcthei Lamb Sale also will be
Weights on the sheep will
lange fiom 35 pounds to 65
pounds, ideal weights foi 4 H and
FFA lamb pi ejects
Chan man of the wetheis sale
is Robeit D Hen, Xaivon RD2
l.tiiie.i 'U-f Kamiitm. Sal in dnv. July 11. I!)70 1
Co. Whcot Allotment
Drops 10,000 Acres
I. UK .I'll I ( (111 111 V h,U I I'll l\l 1
. wheal .illolim nl of .1.1 It')- ,im .
(«i 1071 This »(iiii|i,ii es Willi ,i )
iillolnu nl of 18, uni s m 107 c.
Hu ,illo:mt'iil Inen u
<liu«ii In in .ii 10.000 acies In ■
i.iiisi of los, of wheal hisloi) i.>
ilio (oiniu in 1070. .iccoi din it hi
\iiss Doio.ln Y Noel. local \yi • Stabilization .uni C'oi ■
si Mahon SoiMir (Inetloi
I T n:11 1008. each f.nm iccened
(!. i f. ii in .illolmcnt .is hisloi
.uio.i,!o cath sear n
1008 only those f.nms 111. t
planted at least 75 per cent oi
Iho allotment in the eui.enl, o,
one of the two piecedinjt yeais
lete.Md the allotmenl as hi'tor,
ii edit Those that did not t
at hast 75 pei cent of the alio -
n'uit in one of these thice yean,
itceneel the cut lent jeai planted
at leant as tied it
F.umeis .ne sent c.uds e.ici
>l.ll foi icpoitmg the plank <1 acieage If aflei <1 u
nnndei notice the caids .ne not
uUn ned, ihi planted aciease is
ucoidcd as zeio on the fain
ucoid caul
Regulations icqune that any
f’ m with zeio wheat histoiy n
1968, 1969 and 1970 will leceiv,
a “zeio” allotment notice in 1971
They will also leceive a letter
advising them of the oppoi tunity
to appeal If they can piove to
the satisfaction of the Count;
ASC Committee the acieage of
wheat giown in 1970, the alloi
ment will be lecomputed on the
same basis as fauns that le
poited acieage
At piesent, 2,178 faims will be
diopped eithei because wheat
has not been giown oi the acu
age has not been xepoited The
1971 Allotment on these faims
totals 7900 acies
Faims that giew 75 per cent
of the allotment in either 1968,
1969 oi 1970 will receive a veiy
small reduction fiom last yeais
aho'ment, (97 7 per cent of the
1.970 allotment)
PP&L Slates Workshop
PP&L will hold a Faim Lead
eis’ Woikshop at the PP&L
Clubhouse at Pine Giove begin
ning at 4 pm July 23
Dale Boweisox, faim leprc
sentative, will speak on “What
Went Wrong,” a leview of what
can go wiong when farmstead
wmng devices and elect neal
equipment ai e misapplied o 4 do
not icceive pioper mainten
O C Lange, farm sei vices
cooidinatoi, will speak on
“What’s New ” He will cover
electuc gaiden ti actor, all
electuc poultiy housing, the
super 55 water heater, and
watei puuficalion
Quentin H Smith, envnor
mental development dnector,
will speak on ‘Powei Supply
and the Envnonnient ”
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32 00 32 50 Mixed High Choice
and Pi une 1100-1375 lbs 3150-
32 00 Choice 950-1375 lbs.
Yield Giade 2 to 4 30 50 3175,
few loads 1375-1450 lbs 30 00-
30 25, Mixed Good and Choice
29 75 30 50.
On Wednesday, High Choice
and Pi ime 950-1050 lbs Yield
Grade 3 and 4 30 75 31 25, one
load at 3150 Monday. Choice
850-1050 lb Yield Grade 2 to 4
20 00 30 50, few loads 750 875
lbs 29 00 29 25 Mixed Good and
Choice 750 950 lbs 28 50-29 25
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