Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, May 30, 1970, Image 25

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    Ames, Capitol Hill
Speak for Flowers
Singer Ed Ames’ most recent he was going back to Washing
recording has cicaled reverbci a ton. DC. and asked for some
tions nil the vsay to Capitol Hill copies of the tecoiding
The tall, strapping big-voiced "WeH, he sent a i ecoid to each
Ames sang Leave Them a Flow- senator and congiessman in both
er several months ago and houses, Republicans and Demo
thereby set off a chain reaction crats The icaction was immed
ringingm the halls of Cong.ess. ljU . and tiemendous Many of
The lyrics of the song warn oi the lawmakeis asked for addi
the consequences of air and wa- tional records
ter pollution and the desecra- .. v „, .
tion of man’s envnonment . , ‘ w of l,le radl ° a " d
. . , ... television stations aie using the
Ames has been involved in song as a theme foi anti-poilu
ar.U-pollulion activities for five tion pub]ic semce announcc .
years. The recording was his m ents ”
special means of d* awing atten- The song was wntten by Wally
tion to abuse of natuic by man- wh>lon, an English folk smgei
* md> Ames said, “Whyton hoped it
"I was a guest of the Ed Nel- would help convince Europeans
son talk show," Ames explained, that they weie mining the con
“and, by coincidence. I met Con- tinent with pollution and the
gressman George Bi own of Cal- destruction of natuul lesouices ”
ifornia on the show who was
talking about pollution
“I liked what he had to say FACTS ABOUT FARMING
against automobile exhaust con-
taminating our an I got so car- Cities are absoibmg about 1
ried away I giabbed a guitai and million acres of new land each
began to sing the wOids to ‘Leave yeai but only about 200,000 acies
Them a Flowei ’
“Congi essman Biown told me bettei giades
O Rental Equipment or 9 Custom Applied
• Rental Spreaders or
Grofftown Road, Lancaster, Pa
of this land is faimland of the
Top Dress Wheat and Barley
Use 30-60 lbs. ACT. NIT,
Use 100 lbs. ACT. NIT. or 400 lbs. of 26-13-13 BLEND
• Custom Applied
392-4963 or 392-0374
May Cut
A combination of profitable
hog prices and the dcsnc of far
mers to gel more for their com
ciop by marketing it thiough
livestock has led to expanded
hog production on the Dclmar
va Peninsula duung the past few
years, points out W T McAllis
tei, extension agricultural econ
omist at the Unvieisity of Dela
Howevci, it appeals the easy
piofit period for hog pioducers
is coming to an end Stai ting this
fail and extending through the
winter, hog puces are expected
to be lowei, says McAllister
“Prices and returns to produc
ers aie expected to be lowei, but
not below the profit level This
means good management, econo
mical gams, and cost control and
expansion planning will be essen
tial foi maximum profits,” he
McAllister points out that the
U S Department of Agriculture
Maich Hog and Pig Report for
the 10 cornbelt states where
most of the hogs are raised show-
in Beef, Broiler, Hog Production
Fall Pork Profits, Economist Says
ed a four per cent increase in tending the large supply of pork
farrowings duung the Dccembci well into 1970
to Febiuaiy peuod In addition, Incicased beef and bioiler pro
farrowings from Mai eh to May duction may also affect hog pne
were expected to inciease at es, contends the ag economist,
least seven pel cent Beef supplies aie expected to be
The impact of this increase in two to three per cent larger in
maiket hogs will not be fell un- 1970 and broilei pi eduction is
til this fall Puces through the currently 10 to 12 pei cent above
summer should be close to but a the iccoid flock of 1969 and may
little below those hog producers average eight per cent higher
leceived in 1969 It is possible foi theyeai
the fall pig ciop could be some- Although hog puces may take
what larger than expected ex- a dip. MeAllistei cautions pro-
changes in well-laid production
Chester Co. Nutrition plans Now is the time to take a
Committee Organized closc ; haid look at mana s e f ment
3 practices foi maximum perform-
A Nutrition Education Com- ance fhe lowest possilbe cost,
mittee foi Chestei Count* has There 15 no loom fOl sl °PPy man
been recently foimed agement when the piofit maigm
Chau man of the steeling com- nanows
mittee is Mis Emily Peteis,
Chief of DieteL. Service. Veter- Umonville High School. Miss
ans Administiation Hospital, Fences Bnnton. director of caf-
Coatesville Mrs Alyce Shay, Su- etenas, West Chestei Area
pervisor of School Feeding Pro- Schools, Miss Eunice Kendnck,
giams and Home Economics dietition, VA Hospital. Coates-
Teachers in Chestei County is ville. Mrs Saundra Biunson,
cochauman home economics teachet, Coates-
1 Pmpose of the Committee is to * lll6 Hospital, Mrs Jane White
[explore ways of reaching all bead j home economics teacher,
people with leliable nutrition H en dei son Senior High School,
information and to help them ™ e3t Chestel ’’ a , nd ls f Elenol „ e
understand the impoitance of Ziager ’ regional nutrition con
good nutution to good health sultant Pennsylvania Depart-
The White House Conference on 11,6111 of « ealth ’ servmg as a 1131 ‘
Food, Nutution, and Health, s °n naembei
held in Washington, DC in The committee plans to work
December 1969 reaffirmed the thi ough subcommittees with wid
need for a'nation-wide nutution e i’ niembeiship These have e
education pi ogram and the deve- Piaan . ed m the ?° wm ° a .
lopment of a national nutution lea Ms ' curriculum, press and
po l lcy ladio, speakeis, books, audio-
Others serving on the steering visual aids ’ and exhlblt and poSt '
committee are Dr Julius Margo ers _____
lis, Chestei County Medical So-
ciety, Mrs Carol Cochi an, Health FACTS ABOUT FARMING
Educator, Chester County Health
Department, Dr Wilbur Reese, Today there are 2 4 million
Assistant County Superintendent fewer farm workeis producing
of Schools, Miss June Wilke, ex- 14 per cent more farm products
tension home economist, Chester on 23 per cent fewer acres of
County Cooperative Extension cropland than m 1960, according
Service; Mrs Helen Hooper, to New Holland, the farm equip
chairman, home economics dept, ment division of Speiry Rand.
Lancaster Firming. Saturday, May 30.1971^-
ducers against making major