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    () Lancaster Farming. Saturday. May 9.1970
Poultry Processors Discuss Controls
' . i i r .i....,,,,,) nrohnhh ill ii profit "Industry. for example should
I’u’sidml Gene 15a1lev of the is hoped they may come up ton. undo, one head foi bilk l pi, “ J ' a ‘ timc decide what will be put in a
I’ Poult.y Pieces with an idoa that will \yqik and and moie acceptable contiol. » 1 ‘ av no l be pio landfill, and allow the Health
soi s ion lepoitod at a bo acceptable Lawless said iblc •>nd > olher plans indiid- Dept to look at the situation
ieconl meeting that a pioblcm The matte, of ictimi inji wann The USDA has now approved „ * .‘ ,t in*, V be necessary loi compliance "When the pro
has anseii legaidmg featheis watei is not in efleil yet: there- the Go.don Johnson eviseeialoi mf. •' .. . j, iam KOCS in to efrect, plans w,ll
and h.ui on necks of buds, so a foie. evc.y plant should cheek As soon as nnpiovements on the "Theie aio a number of i, e p,esentcd to the county and
meeting was called and the m out the situation bcfoic meet- o nc at Gnmos has been made, methods of disposals -atih as lhe countv w ,n WO rk thru tho
dustiv was lecpiested to co mg an inspocloi’s iequest other pioeessois aie united to sight burning, sp. cad on fields, Dept " Lacour said
opciate It appeals now that meal and come and examine it landfill oi disposed of by liu
rpi . . mn , t poultry inspection will be se Picsidcnt Bailey called upon mg some one to haul waste it was repoi ted that HB.
, i hiii thp mriiisin will be paiated as it used to be. It is William Lacour. Assistant Chief away. =1619 dealing with markings
••non time lo make liecessaiv ex P ectecl th ‘' l m:in -' situations Solid Waste Section Fcnnsyl- -Accoiding to the Dept sur- ® n packages appears to be na
collections with * the helo of will impiove because theie will vama Depaitmenl of Health, to vev mfoimation approximately popular in the Legislature, and
equipment manufactuieis be a bstter understanding of discuss ACT 241. relating to 123 tons of waste is generated therefore is not likely to pass.
If the industry does not cor- con ddions Those at the top Solid Waste Disposal p ei . temploye annually Any Following a shoit discussion,
reel the situation, however, be tbe sa ™ e . - but the ser- Lacour said. “The question disposal of solid waste must be it was unanimously decided that
regulations will be established vic . es be divided from that 1S o f ten raise d, how does the done in a manner that will the Association will support a
and the inspection service will P°* nt - disposal of solid waste effect avoid any kind of pollution display of products at the 1971
collect the situation and in so It appeals now as if industry agncultur-e No permits are -industry should start think- Farm Show. It is understood
doing hint some operations, will go along with the moistuie needed b y those f aime is who mg seriously about a program that support will be financial
Bailev warned control regulations r’lesemiv lise waste for a by-product or 0 f so ii d was t e disposal, but will with products to make the dis
there is alobu d test, ana it w hen waste is stoied on the pre- be notified in advance when ac- play acceptable. It is also under
, The question of waim water moisture is high buds from mises tion will be taken There will be stood that the Turkey Random
at the inspection stations was that point on must be held un- “For poultry pi ocessors there standaids for an incinerator Sample Committee will assist
discussed, and it was decided til another test is made and 1S offal, feathers, blood, papeis, and mdustiy will be given time financially as they have for sev
that if waim water is provided moisture meeting requirements etc < with the fnst thl . e e being lo mee t such standaids eral years
foi inspectois. everyone would On the moistuie situation a . .
want it Again the equipment change in proceduie will be
people weie approached and it granted, providing it is present-
ed in writing
The Institute of Amencan [ WELCOME [ _
Poultiy Industues will hold a -—*■■■ - .■ li"S THE
_ meeting soon and it is hoped t
sufceLi^e^lTTild 1 ' tests °be jSw C AIS H\Ar Ail SELLING
W comphshed instead of inst one
Piesident Bailev repoi tod lYi DDI^C
ELMPENRYN 1-H that an Industiy 8101101 Com- 'A. IJiflS/isC' Q r|%IVL
By Giegory Schell mi «ee has been appointed * . i T A
piesumablv to advise the El finnle For Tklc I 1 1 H/VT COUN ih'
The Elm-Penivn 4H Chib v?s Goveinment No meeting has , Jrw V _9. s | *
called to 01 dei b\ the picsidcnt been held vet, so the pm r 1 TOMPARF AT fA^HWAY
and club pledge lecited Roll ro se of the committee is not // I | dwam- va?i nm/
call was then taken and club known 7/ a a BEFORE YOU BUY
membe.s icsponded b\ gi'ing a A pioblem is expenenced by __________________ _ _
lepoit on then piojects The piocessois wheie a vetennanan ——————
minutes weie then lead and ap- and a lav inspector both take 1/BMVI IYIICDI AV PLUSWOOD® $ M QO
Plowed chaige of a situation and cause W |PI 1 L W W I .. ~n -
T u , , , . vanations Theie should be one „ .. . . VINYLPACE® m
!n new business it was decided m charge to make deci . Four Attractive Finishes 3/16”x4’x8’ Panels
Si n ."IS sums and not two as m the case
changed to Monday. June 8, 1970 , , ; 4-
at the White Oak Elemental y no ' v ’ ll was mged ", '4*l
0 , i n „ The industry should be given g - -I :
PLASTIC shutters exterior
theschoolyea. wien '“he eZ Tl Y. at »® l/Vood Mflill BSIUT
Then a demonstiation on clash of peisonality, E J Law- ClVfc WWwWW IfIVIU |
Atiican Violets was given by less Ji , association secretaiy, In Tnlnrc; Can he Minted 11 II
Debbie Patschoike followed by a reported In Col^, s , NONE BETTER!
speech on How to Take Care of It appears now as if districts j P * - m
Yom Pig pioject by Mike Giube will no longei operate as they <t/l on n mr Oil RACF UOIKF PAIKIT
Then we had a few songs and do now It is expected that all 16 P Qir BA!SE HOUSE PAINT
the meeting adjourned will be centralized m Washing- T£ 1/ x48 #/ $7 90 nmr White $4.95 90!.
16 # xss 7 $B.BO pair White $5.50 gal.
I ■ ■! IMS I —■ ■■ I II II HIM I———■■lll T
I Square Barn Poles GARAGE HSH
Penta Tieated Yellow Pine T =s =Tj======== r^^|
rrf ’ i? ■ ■ “*gs DOORS fflN
14’ ... $3.57 .
16’ . . $4.16 ®y colder
4”x6” 12’ . $4.56
B\7’ 4 Panel 4 Section $ 55.85
18 $7-20 9’x7’ 4 Panel 4 Section $ 52.50
20’ . $8.20 10’x7’ 4 Panel 4 Section $ 64.85
6”\G” 14’ S 7 08 16 x7’ 4 Panel 4 Section $124.25
IC , cq'io 9’x7’ 4 Panel 5 Section $61.50
; b 16\7’ 4 Panel 5 Section $131.50
18 ... . $lO.BO 9’x7’ 4 Panel Flush S 68.00
20’ . . $12.30 16 x7’ 4 Panel Flush $131.50
24’ $15.48 9\7’ S 77.00
__________________________________ 16’\7’ $128.25
Low Headioom Kit $ 7.50
““Torsion Hardwaie $ 8.00
7’ 31/,” ton $ll5 Includes Transmitter $111.50
1 * Extia Transmittei $24.00
;an your
n take?
ich without the yield hurl
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se AAtrex® SOW controls all
tion of AAtrex gets the foxtail
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