Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, March 28, 1970, Image 9

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    Tele-Lecture Used by Penn State
/ r n 1 ’' '7’7" V 1 '"Win. •« lo foi in n U*U* lectuic number in lVmis\ Iv.mia .md
' U ''.7’ of T' ll *' lll 1,01 otln-i wis«* avail- Washington, D C without .i spec-
C «.w r . e .i i dinß \ Jl 1 l ’ nn Sl ;' U ’ willing lo pin • long distance eh.ii go foi each
member', lo employ lieip.ile in piogiaim e.dl The same lines e.m be used
U S”' PFl, i , ' r,om " ,un - for .md
lion, business, industry, .tnd gov- Die equipment used in the tele- e.ills.
thel^courscs m confe| , enr C .s Sl n'l I' UUK s ' sl,-m eoiisists of .in oi- \Vhile lelelccluie has been us
workihoos ' ,m(l I,h< T, «IW‘PP«d with a e d in a limited wav at Penn Stale
woruwops. .special eonfidencei micioplione (he Collo „ e of A „,, cllllu , e thc
A D a'L J \ C^ rdl ‘ !l "‘'V I’’ 1 ’’ W,,dloTV ‘ ‘■ l,mi "; ,lcs dCOU ? I,Cd J feed - fust to install pe.mancnl jacks ,n
Audio Aids specialist with the back, an eight tei nunal jack, and al buildin ,, s and lent the
Cooperative Extension Seivicc a loudspeakei ampJiflei equipped ~c cessaiv eauioment to make
at the University, explained that with on off switch and volume e rTlegLlp. ™tof
the system allows students, facu- t0 "} lok its educational pi ograms.
Ity. »Dd adult education groups This anangemcnt can amplify . - lonhftnn
to hear and question a guest both ends or several ends of a . Dl ’ Ud C , h and * th Telephone
lecturer by telephone telephone conversation Forvciy i tp 4 l e ,7. tatl^e^ S
Several speakers can be inter lar ® e Sroups. says Dr. Hatch, ad- u ‘f ed lke s >’ stem - R £ slden | Edu ‘
several speaxers can oe into- , . . ~n ilH cation. Dr Jeiome K Paste, as
connected by conference call ar- s cTn be added d ’ sociate dean, and the Cooperative
■ — T . „ . ' Extension Seivice sponsoied the
Lancaster County poultrymen piojec t
Beacon Milling Begins it'cently experienced successful
I a ... a opeialion of a tele-lecture at the
Lancaster Area Advisor Fann and Home Center A coun . Good Breakfast Termed
Wilson V. Chambers. Ji. of * a f nt , s P ok « in California to | mporfanf . f or Everyone
West Willow, has joined The tl,e local Poultiymen on forced I
Beacon Milling Company as a m<dting An adequate morning meal is
Beacon Advisor, according to The College of Agriculture important for each family mem-
James A. Price, general manager tele-leetme system is portable, ber, icmind extension food and
for Beacon’s York area Cham- easy to use, and economical, nutrition specialists of The
bers will be working with poul- Equipment is taken into the Pennsylvania State University
trymen, dairymen, other hve- classioom wheie special wall Perhaps the way a family eats
stock producers and feed dealers jacks aie located, plugged in, breakfast is not conducive to
in Lancaster and adjacent coun- turned on, and used as an ordin- current living patterns,
ties. He has had over 16 years ary telephone This means the homemaker
experience in working with poul- The jacks aie connected to the may need to evaluate family
■trymen in this same area, and re- new CCSA (Common Controlled practices and adj'ust plans to
ccntly graduated from the Bea- Switch Access) State Govein- provide nutntious and adequate
con Dairy Feed Sales and Service ment Telephone Netwoik lines food combinations that appeal
School. Staff members can dnect dial any to all family members
use the best...
Pre-emergent Lasso and Atrazine corrals profit-thieving
grasses and broadleaf weeds all in one blow. Clear weeds
out of your field corn and you've got a clear trail to big
yields fat profits.
Lancaster Farming, Saturday. March 28. 1070 !)
New tele-lecture system in College of Agriculture at
Penn State is used to amplify a telephone discussion be
tween Dr. Jerome K. Pasto, associate dean for resident
education, and officials in Harrisburg Dr. J Cordell Hatch,
Extension Radio-TV-Audio Aids specialist who designed the
system, is shown adjusting loudspeaker volume for the lis
tening group.
County Has Two 1969 Fish Kills
Lancaster County was the chance of iam was minimal, “taut
scene of two of the state’s thiee the weathei didn’t coopeiate
fish kills last summer, the State The other county kill happened
Sanitary Watei Boaid has been four days before, on June 14,
told. when 1,000 fish of all species was
Last June 1819 in Donegal killed in Lititz Spimg Cieek The
Creek, in East Donegal Township cause was not detei mined
some “3,000 tiout, suckers and JM/tTj9A/TP/‘A/i£p JZ*
minnows weie killed, caused by nCHIrcK
a pesticide which was washed by
heavy rains into the cieek, fiom
an aiea that had lecently been ,
spiayed ” -•**
The iepoi_t said a faimei at- v_/j /S^====^"
tempted to" spiay when the
Top iocoiHiiioiicled
• Cert. Ca\u®a Alfalfa & Climax Timothv
• Cert. DuPuits Alialfa & Smoth Brome Grass
• Celt. Iroquois Alfalfa $ Penn Mead Orchard
• Cert. Saranac Alfalfa Grass
• Cert. Vernal Alfalfa % Birdsfoot Trcfoil
• Cert. Buffalo Alfalfa „ , ... J
• Pennscott Red Clover ® PastuieMixtures
• Penna. Red Clover ® Dekalb Coi n
• Ladino Clover • Dekalb Sudax
• Cert. Maine Seed Potatoes
• Garden Seeds • Lawn Grass Seeds
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