Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, December 20, 1969, Image 1

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VOL. 15 NO. 4
County farming methods was evident on
the National Young Farmer tours conduct
ed in the County as part of the organiza
tion’s Education Institute held this week at
the Host Farm, (left to right) Robert Neff,
Millersville Rl, one of the host farmers,
From All Of Our Staff
To All Of You
8 I
Recommendation Given To Set
Aside Land For Farm Use Only
A 40-page repoit of a plan to
save Pennsylvania’s farm land
was handed to Gov Shafer this
week, as the special study com
mittee headed by Curtis B Wach
smuth and including two Lan
caster County men Amos
Funk, Millersville R 1 and Larry
Skromme, New Holland finish
ed two yeais of woik
Of special interest to local
faimers because of the piessmg,
steady enroachments of uibamz-
Farm Calendar
Saturday, Dec. 20 (today)
9 00 a m —Distribution of Lan
caster County 4-H steers,
New Holland Sales Stables
Tuesday, Dec. 23
11-45 a m —Pa Holstein Com
mittee meeting, Starlite
Restaurant, Carlisle, Pa.
explains his steer and tobacco operation to
Jared Hoover, Abilene, Kansas, Clyde
Watson Jr., Max Meadows, Va.; Ivan Yost,
Local Farmer and Chairman, National
Executive Committee and John Nixon,
Cridersville, Ohio. L. F. Photo
ation and commercialization of
the County’s diminishing supply
of farm land, was one of the com
mittee's mam proposals They
recommended that “land use”
areas of 4,000 adjoining acies be
designated and set aside foi
fanning pui poses only County
Commissioneis would be authoi
ized to establish these areas aftei
appiopnate public healings, held
on petition of no less than 15
land owneis
Wachsmuth explained to the
governoi that the proposed Agn
cullmal Land Conservation Plan
would provide financial incen
tives for farmers to participate
They would include
Assessments to be based on
agncultuial values only; owners
would be compensated for allow
ing hunting and fishing on their
propel ties and for maintaining
watershed protection; heirs of
landowners who continue to par
ticipate in the plan would be eli
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, December 20,1969
i 4-H Angus Steers
I To Be Distributed
2 The steer calves for the An
3 gus Club members m the 197 C
5 Red Rose 4-H Baby Beef Club
will be distxibuted this Satui
| day morning December 20,
S fiom the New Holland Sale
I Barn at New HoUand time will
I be 9 00 a m according to- M M.
Smith, County Agent
J Each membei is expected to
j come to the New Sale
l Barn at the above tunic firepiO,
i '
) ed to diaw for his steej/pay toi
S him, and take him home
1 “Please be theie along with
t your parents, if they would like
} to come,” Smith said
BALLOTS Thursday afternoon at
the Department Of Agriculture
Building in Harrisburg. Ballot
counting began Wednesday, on
the milk marketing program for
dairymen across Pennsylvania.
No information on which side
the counted ballots were favor
ing was allowed to be released
from the closed door counting
session but James Kegel, at the
Agriculture Department Infor-
National Farmers
Show Interest In
Co. Agriculture
Intense interest in how Lan
caster County Faimeis do it, was
appaient Monday and Tuesday
as faimeis trom 22 states acioss
the Nation visited local host
families as part of the National
Young Faimei Educational In
stitute held at the Host Faim,
tms week The laising of tobacco
and maiketmg of the ciop pro
bably received the most atten
tion But othei intei estmg sub
jects centered aiound close
Farm Public
Image Discussed
“Farm products are produced
on economics,” said Boyd Gart
ley, Member and Public Rela
tions, Inter-State Milk Produc
ers, “but they are sold on emo
Speakmg as one of three
panel members on Young Fai m
er Public Relations at the Na
tion Young Faimer Education
al Institute, Wednesday mom
mg, Gaitlev told the leading
fanners that you must select
the image you want, pick the
class of people you want to
*each and then use the media
‘Jdu want to do the job “What
fli#' peofffl’>;want is what you
must give them,” he said “Sell
the difference between just oi
dinaiy and the best
Dr Muny McJunkm, Maiket
Development Division, U S
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mation Center said officials were
pleased with the more than 10,-
000 ballots that were received in
the referendum. Approximately
22,500 dairy farmers were eligi
ble to vote on the proposed self
assessment plan to finance an ad
vertising, promotion and resear
ch program to increase the sale
and use of milk.
Kegel said it would be several
days before a conclusion would
be reached because counting in-
$2.00 Per Year
neighbors, haid-topped lanes and
sliong, well-built bank barns.
Pai t of the 250 persons attend
ing the Institute, went one day
to the Millersville area to visit
members of the Penn Manor
\oung Farmers Chapter and the
other day to visit young Farmers
in the New Holland area
The farm stops, arranged by
the Garden Spot Young Farm
eis, included, the Neff Brothers,
Melvin Shei tzer and Amos Funk
all of Millersville Rl, Lloyd Har
nish, Lancaster R 6, Harold Wis
sler, Harold Musselman and John
Campbell all of New Holland;
Stauffer Homstead, East Earl Rl
and an Amish faim at Kinzers
In the Monday night banquet
speech Morns Fonda, General
Sales Manager for A 0 Smith
Haivestore Products, said “Chan
ge is ceitain ” Speaking on the
subject “Managing Change”, Fon
da said in the future the real com
mei oial fai m will be managed by
young people with new manage
ment abilities He piedicted in
\estments foi faimeis three tim
es as gieat as now and said the
future faimei will be an innova
toi, have laigei nsks, be giowth
ouented with a moie business
like appioach
Fonda piedicted credit would
be available (maybe at a higher
rate) but the credit people would
be asking foi projected profit
and loss statements and looking
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volved not only recording the
yes no vote but also tabulating
the individual voter’s milk pro
Working in the Lancaster
Farming Photograph above are
(left to right) Raymond F. Wit
mer, Willow Street Rl; Jacob N,
Smith, Palmyra; Miss Sandra
Rarends, Ag. Dept.; Warren
Bucher, Myerstown R 2; Larry
E. Kegerreis, Ag. Dept.; and Ray
F Reiter, Ag. Dept.