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    t— Lancaster Farming, Saturday; December 13,1960
.# Champion
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John Martin sold for 40 cents a
pound on the bid of Watt and
In all. 124 head of 4 H steers
with an average weight of 966
pounds sold foi an a\ ci age price
of 38 75 cents a pound including
the champions Total income was
$46,453 44
The list of bin cis is as follows -
Armstrong Coik Co , Agway,
Inc, Darmstatteis Stoie. John
W. Eshelman. Inc . Farmers Na
tional Bank ol Liiuz. For.y &.
Hacker, Hamilton Watch Co.
A. K. Mann Ji . Muny Realty
Co; New Holland Supply Co.
Pinky’s Serucentei. Reynolds «Sc
Co; Raub Supply Co, Schick
Electric, Inc, Sears, Roebuck
Co , Wiggins Chevrolet Co ; Way
Oil Co.
Kunzler & Co , Myers Country
Meat House: Buneis Meat Mar
ket; Hess Foods. C B Rhodes;
Erwin Miller. Johnson Food;
Union Stock Yard Co ; Gap Lock
er; Hersheys General Store;
Hertues Meat Market, Witmans
Market: Ferguson & Hassler,
Lapp Food Market, Smuckers
Amish Village. Manor Plaza
Restaurant, Plain & Fancy Res
Lancaster Packing Co; Holl
ingers Food Maiket, Harry Rice
Market; Andrew Lenhenney;
Smuckers Amish Village; Dagen
& Martins Meats, Lapp Bros;
Bombergers Store, Union Na
tional Mt. Joj Bank, Arnolds
Garage; Jeff Duikota, Chrysler
& Plymouth Motors; Bell Tele
phone Co , Watt & Shand
A B Hollingei. Fred F Groff,
Inc, Martins Dany. A H Hoff
man Seed Co , Leisure Lanes,
New Holland Division. Sperry
Rand Corp, Whitford Sales,
Dick Thomas Restaiuant, New
Holland Supply Co , Lenape Inn;
First National Bank of Honey
Brook; Eagle Machinery Co;
Community Bank & Tiust Co;
Black Angus Inn
Ebys Mill; Bunting Oil Co;
Autohaus Co, Stock Yard Inn,
Leon Thomas, Vintage Sales
Stables, Inc, Manheim National
vaster Kiwanis Club; Dutch Won*
derland: Hildebrand Moat Mar
* —, p rOJ . j o j in jj u ni *.
tram: Albert Farms: Fulton Na
iional Bank: Charles B. Dillor:
Louis Lyons i Son.
In the morning show, the
sweepstakes showmanship con
test was won by Donna Hess and
Ida Mae RcitT was the reserve
champion Lancaster County
youths placing high in their re
<pocti\e bleed and weight class
es aie.
Lightweight David Kline:
Susic Mai tin: Sylvia Martin;
Kathleen Donough, Keith Biown;
Burnell L Buchen: Reba S Nis
slv. Call A Good. Jr: David
Medium-weight Caiol Ann
Hainish. Carol Jean Walter;
James Greider. Joann Weidman;
Ed Donough, Randy Hostetler.
Dwight Houses. Hairy S Nissly;
Randy Hess. John Long
Light Heavyweight Jeff Gre
ider: Joseph Lefevei; Cheryl
Biubaker; Darlene Neff, Gary
patuv rrttra Long; Chailotte Hoffines. Biyan
CATHY BRUBAKER with Wagner Rona i d Kreider.
her reserve grand champion. Heavyweight - Cathy Brubak-
Bank, New Holland Sales Stabl- ei • Susan Ann Graybill; Linda
es, Inc , A F Moyer & Son Inc , Nissley: Judy Thompson, Joseph
Walter Heistand, Lancaster Fritsch; Michael Ray Ober; Jo-
County Farmers National Bank: ann Weidman; Lucy Biubaker,
Hershey Estates Abattoir, Food Gary Brubaker; Debra Ki eider;
Fair, Inc; Conestoga National Marcia Rohrer.
Bank; Acme Markets, Inc, As- ANGUS
sociated Services, Inc ; Penn Har- Lightweight Sheryl D Wea
vestore, Charles Shultz % Arbo- ver; Larry Denlinger; Donna
gast & Bastam, Brown & Crab- Walter, Glenn Long, Elaine Herr
lick % Arbogast & Bastam, John Ida Mae Reiff, Richard Peifer,
J Hoober Feeds, Inc, Black & James Martin, Timothy Good
White Holstein Farm, First Na- Medium-weight John Har
tional Bank of Strasburg, Offic- msh, Gary Neff, Jeffrey Brubak
ers of the Fust National Bank er, Linda Good, Donald Bolling
of Strasburg. ei, Suzanne Obeiholtzei, Daniel
Einest J Sauder; North Lan- Baum; Joseph Shank, Ray Erb,
TROPHIES were presented to Cathy Brubaker (left),
for showing the reserve grand champion and Suzie duPont,
for showing the grand champion at the 4-H Baby Beef Show,
Wednesday. Making the presentations for New Holland Divi
sion of Sperry Rand is William Hockman. L. F. Photo
• Farmers
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told a group of faimeis Monday Robert Gi eider, Lany Hen
that the mold, though not gen- Ricky Hess, Edwin E Hess, Kai
eralß being found to have affect- en High, Bany Longeneckei
ed eveiy part of a gioweis crop, Michael Longeneckei Lyn Mai
is diffeient than the usual type tin, Marvin Nisslej, Shai on Wea
that often appeals in any given vei, Judy Wengei, J Ronald
yeai because the mold this year Zimmeiman
is appealing on both sides of the HEREFORD
leaf Marlin Bollingei, Ray Biubak
“And it is not a ease of just er. Dennis Biubaker Debia J
diopping the grade”, he said, Buchen, Gary L Buchen John
speaking at a special farmer in- Enck, Daryl Fony, Steven Geh
foimation meetings at New Hoi- man, Susan K Hen, Curtis Hess
land and East Peteisburg “We Randy Hess. Sharon Kieidei
are asking the farmei to keep it Kenneth Longeneckei, Roland
sepai ate so we can get h s good Longenecker, Donna Nissley,
tobacco in a giade Otheiwisewe Marian Reiflf, Claik R Stauffer,
have moldy tobacco scatteied Nancy Zimmeiman
thiough every giade, and we SHORTHORN
can’t have that Keep the moldy Eugene Bollmgei; J Kenneth
tobacco dry and market it sep- Biubaker; Nancy Herr, Robert
arately,” he advised He also said S Hess.
this was true whethei the farm-
er was sorting 01 straight-strip- part of the ci op that isn’t damag
ping his crop eci is as good as any ciop grown
The fedeial mspectoi was con- here”
ceined that the total crop not be In the meantime, everyone is
condemned just because of the waiting and watching to see just
pioblem Tn many ways the how great will be the pi oblem.
• Local
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SOLD! The grand the Southeast District
4-H Baby Beef show, an Angus, shown by Suzie duPont,
West Chester R 4, was sold Wednesday afternoon to Robert
Frame of Whitford Sales Co., in Exton. Price paid was $1.30
per pound. L. F. Photo
Robert Erb, Wendy Hostetter Boyd; Gary Forry, James Lefev-
Light Heavyweight Glenn er > Kathy Ann Hershey; James
Brubaker, Jr, Glenn Weidman; Thompson; Bernadine Gish;
Nancy Mane Wengei, Billy Le- Jeffrey Musser; Donnie Dorwart.
fever; Kevin Rohrer, JoAnne SHORTHORN
Rohrei, Janet Sauder, Karen L. Donna Hess, John Martin; Kar-
Harmsh; Shirley June Stauffer, en L Weave , Mike Smucker;
Heavyweight Shirley Ciaig; Cindy Hess, Nancy Yunginger;
Ronald Stauffer, Edward Weid- Kandace Borry, Steven Donough;
man; Ann Nissley, Kerry E Eric Wittel, David Long.
i 8
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