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    10—Lancaster Farming. Saturday, December 13.1969
Rocutting Silage
Does Not Pay
Recalling com silage to make
it moie digestible for livestock
docs not pay, according to Di
\V R Ilcsscltme, extension dairy
specialist at the Umvcisity of
Increased use of com silage in
dairy and beef cattle operations
has resulted In substantial re
ductions m production costs, he
says But it cattle are to achieve
maximum production from the
crop it has to be mature when
Hesseltine points out, however,
that when mature corn is cut for
silage, more kernels pass through
the animals undigested. “Some
dairymen cut silage earlier to
help prevent this loss. Others
have pui chased equipment to
recut the silage after it has been
Recent field tests in Virginia
and New York show that corn
silage should be harvested at
maturity but recutting to mini
mize kernel loss is not practical.
In Virginia, researchers found
that recutting corn silage lower
ed both consumption of the sil
age and the fat test of the milk
“Recutting did decrease the
amount of dry matter excreted
as whole kernels, but this did
not affect the total dry matter
digestibility of the silage,” says
At Cornell University, work
ers cut silage at four different
stages of maturity, recutting the
more mature harvestings with
an attachment on the silage blow
ei. The silages were then fed to
steeis and Holstein cows as the
only source of roughage
The Cornell researchers note
that animals consume more act
ual dry matter from later cut
silages Recutting takes a lot of
power and does not increase the
amount of dry matter consumed
It does lower the number of
whole kernels passing through
the animals, but recutting does
not improve the total energy
value of the silage
Our word ‘mistletoe’ comes
from a Greek word meaning
‘tiee thief’ It is a parasite, and
kills its host in time.
Local Classified
Advertising Rates
Use This Handy Chart To
Figure Your Cost
Words (1) Issue (3) Issue*
14 or Less $lOO $2.40
15 105 2 52
16 1.12 2 69
17 1 19 2 86
18 126 3 03
19 1.33 3.20
20 1.40 3.36
KEYED ADS (Ads with
answer coming to a Box
Number, % Lancaster Farm
ing); 50c additional.
Ads running 3 or more con
secutive times with no change
billed at 20% discount with
$l.OO minimum.
DEADLINE: Wednesday
noon of each week’s publication
P. O. Box 266
Lititz, Pa.
Ph. Lancaster 394-3047 or
Lititz 626-2191
• Shuman
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limit access to markets for Cali
fornia grape growers through the
grape boycott as a “serious
challenge” to Farm Bureau’s ef
forts to organize faimers for bar
“Cesar Chavez and his union
and church-financed farm labor
organizing committee have been
attempting to prevent the mar
keting of California grapes
False propaganda, threats of
bodily injuiy, and other kinds
of coercion have been used to
intimidate retail food market
managei s and cause them to dis
continue offering grapes in then
“Duiing the past year, many
State and County Farm Bureaus
have organized Freedom to Mar
ket Committees with the objec
tive of protecting the right of
farmers to market their products
as long as consumers are willing
to buy The Freedom to Market
program is vital to the produc
ers of all agricultural commodit
ies,” he said
Nature does the healing, but
the M D sends the bills
Moil Box Market
For Sale—lo Registered Hol
stein heifers, bred and open.
Phone 215-932-9762.
Sale Register
MON. EVE DEC 15—Horses and
Pony Sale at Martin's Sale
Stables. Blue Ball, Pa. Terms by
Gene Shirk and Larry Martin.
MON. DEC 15—22 Head Horses
and Mules at New Holland Sales
Barn by Park Eshleman. R.D.
#2, Holtwood, Pa.
EVERY FRlDAY—Stockers and
Feeders—Sherandoah Valley Va.
Cattle. Staunton Union Stock
Yards, Inc. Staunton, Va.
FRI. DEC. 19—8 P M. Christmas
Sale at Black & White Holstein
Farm at Dairy Cow Sale Pavilion
along Rt. 230 Bypass directly
across from the Comet Outdoor
Theatre, just west of Lancaster.
Terms by Charles C. Myers, own
SAT. JAN. 3—1.30 P.M. Feeder
Pig Sale located 2 l z miles S. of
Bethel from US 22 and 6 mi. N.
of Myerstown, Pa. along US 501.
Terms by Norman M. Martin.
WED. JAN. 7—9 A.M. Martin’s
Sale Barn, Blue Ball, farm equip
ment and machinery. We sell on
Commission. Paul Z. Martin.
WED. JAN. 21—9 A.M. Martin’s
Sale Barn, Blue Ball, farm equip
ment and machinery. We sell on
commission. Paul Z. Martin.
MON. JAN. 26, 1970—Sugar
Loaf Sale, Staunton, Va., Div. of
Shake, Inc.
WED. JAN. 28—Public Sale of
75 head of Holstein dairy cattle.
Located 1 mile south of Bach
manville, Lebanon Co. Sale by
Wm. B Stauffer.
SAT. JAN. 31—Public Sale of
farm equipment located 1 mile
south of Bachmanville, Lebanon
Co. Terms by Wm. B. Stauffer.
WED. FEB 4—9 AM. Martin’s
Sale Barn, Blue Ball, farm equip
ment and machinery. We sell on
commission. Paul Z. Martin.
TUBS. FEB. 10—Sale by Verna
Nissley for Luke Nissley, deceas
ed Clair Nissley Exe on Aber
deen Rd,2mi N. of Rt 230 at
Aunt Sally’s Kitchen, Elizabeth
town, Pa Farm Equipment, corn
and hay.
WED. FEB 18—9 AM. Martin’s
Sale Barn, Blue Ball, farm equip
ment and machinery We sell on
commission Paul Z Martin.
WED MAR 4—9 AM Martin’s
Sale Barn, Blue Ball, farm equip
ment and machineiy We sell on
commission Paul Z Martin
SAT MAR 14—Public Sale of
modern Alhs Chalmers farm
equipment located four miles
west of Elizabethtown, near
Goods Chinch. Sale by John M
TUES MARCH 17—at 10 AM.
40 head of dairy cattle, full line
of faun machineiy and house
hold goods, located 2 mi noith
west of Manheim on Old Line
Road, turn west on Colebrook
St in Manheim. Terms by Roy
B 801 l
WED MAR. 18—9 A M Martin’s
Sale Barn, Blue Ball, farm equip
ment and machinery, We sell on
commission Paul Z Martin
SAT. MAR 21, 19/o— Blacs
Gold Farm’s Sale, Forest River,
No Dakota.
your \
HOGS *=<u fA]
We will be glad to look at
your hogs & bid you.
376-2941. Evenings 779-3847
For Sale—Palomino Gelding, 30
mo. old, 15 hands, $300.00 Wes
tern broke. David H. Brubaker,
Gieen Hill Rd.. R.D. #l, Con
estoga, Pa.
For Sale—GE chest freezer $95 -
00: Deluxe Smith-Corona port
able typewriter $50.00; Survey
ors transit $50.00. Call 626-7440
S. G. Darlington.
For Sale—Holstein heifer, pure
bred, ABS Sire, record on dam.
close. Phone QuarryviUe 786-
For Sale—Keeshound puppies, 1
male and 2 females, $5O. each.
Donald Water. New Providence,
Phone 786-7160.
Wanted—Odd jobs to do with
my own chain saws. Will cut
trees, poles, logs. etc. Phone
Mountville 285-5649.
Wanted to Rent—Space to house
approximately 10 heifers ov_er
the winter. Phone 215-445-5105.
For Sale—2 pairs men’s figure
skates, size 5 and 7 $6 00 a pair.
Call Mt. Joy 653-5612
For Sale —Chevelle Gas refriger
ator. Phone 733-3262.
FREE. Subscribers to Lan-
~ caster Farming will re- L
ceive one advertisement ||
' Free each month in our
Mail Box Market. Sub- t
scnbers using the Mail
' Box Market will be £
' governed by the following 3?
rules: |
' Limit your advertisement
to 25 words; All advertise-
'* ments must be in our ||
V hands by Thursday noon t?
or same will be held over f-2
j for next week’s paper; No p
$ business advertisements K
? j accepted. &
« JOHN q
End of year inventory reduction sale.
Waiver of finance charge on new and used machinery until
next spring and in some cases until next fall.
Some new machines will be left go for as much as 30%
off. The best offer will buy most any used piece in the
Included in our SALE-A-THON are:
Tractors, combines, plows, disc harrows, spring tooth har
rows, cultipackers, gram drills, corn planters, cultivators,
forage harvester, mowers, hay conditioners, rakes, hay
fluffers, balers, manure loaders, manure spreaders, flail
Highway 851 Stewartstown, Pa.
Phone 717-993-2470
John Deere
Brady Dahlman Potato Harvesters Lely Rakes
Help Wanted
Experienced or inexperienced
man to work and learn Diesel
Mechanic. Many Benefits.
Intercourse, Pa. Ph: 768-8231
Dairy Equipment
200 gal. Girtoa bulk tank;
jOU gal. Girton bulk tank,
McD. No. 1 approved.
Rl, Kinzers, Pa,
Ph: Intercourse 768-8228
For Sale—DeLaval Equipment
-73 pump good condition; 2 units,
new type, 50 lb. pails, dumping
station for pipeline, complete
pipeline system for 64 cows.
Phone 215-287-6198.
Livestock For Sole
For Sale —Purebred Yorkshire
bores, bred gilts and open gilts.
Carcass championship bloodlines.
Willow Glen Farm, RJ). 1. Stras
burg, ‘Pa, Ph. AC 717-786-2562.
For Sale—Springing Holstein
Heifers from December till Feb,
ruary. John Esh, R.D. 3, Box 223,
Quarryville, Pa.
Real Estate
For Rent—-Farm bouse 7 rooms
and bath, oil hot water beat,
South of Lancaster with oppor
tunity to take over 45 to 60 cow
herd on shares in near future.
Write Box 266 A. % Lancaster
Farming, Lititz, Pa.
Stockers & Feeders
All Weights
All Breeds
Now beginning to Move
Good Doing
Shenandoah Valley
Va. Cattle
Staunton, Va.