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    Weekly Poultry Report
Eastern Pennsylvania
And New Jersey
Prices of light type hens %-%
higher. Offerings limited and far
short of buyer Interest as pro
ducers continue to hold hens
for further production as a re
sult of current high egg prices.
In instances, grade advices indi
cate availability of replacement
pullets short of current needs
thus causing producers to con
tinue with present flocks despite
declines in production rates. De
mand for heavy type hens good,
and far exceeding available lim
ited supplies. Prices paid at
farm: Light Type Hens 8%-12c
mostly 11% -12 c. Heavy type
Hens Tfewr.
December 2, 1969
(Prices paid dock weights, cents
per lb., except where noted)
HENS, Heavy Type 10-25;
PULLETS 19-32% mostly 25-28;
ROASTERS 22%-30 mostly 23-
27; DUCKS 24-34; DRAKES 21-
42 mostly 37-42: TURKEYS.
Toms 25%-29; RABBITS 25-47
mostly 40-46; GUINEAS 50-66;
PIGEONS (Per Pair) 90-1.30.
Find Out More About
Pork Bellies, Live Cottle & Potatoes
and other commodities
You are Invited to attend a
Seminor on Mon.; Dec. 8 7:30 P.M.
At the Farm & Home Center, Lancaster.
Turn North at Jones Pontiac on Manheim Pike.
For further Information call 717-665-3713
2.9 LBS
...w/th Fu
Talk about fast gains ... on less feed per
pound of pork! Let us tell you how hogs fed
1 Ful-O-Pep Gro-Pork 45 and ground corn—lo
weeks to market—can produce a lb. of gain
on only 2.9 lbs. feed.
Extra feeding efficiency— extra pork from each
ton of feed—can make a big difference in your
Stevens Feed Mill) Inc.
Harold H. Good
I (
Current rcady-10-cook move
ment no better than fair in most
quarters with prices generally
very competitive. Advance in
terest developing fairly well in
instances with trading generally
centered on 27c Live supplies
continue ample despite current
heavy slaughter schedules.
Pool trucklot (Thursday arriv
al at terminal markets): U.S.
Grade A 27%-30 M 27%-28c;
Plant Grade 27-28% M 27-27% c.
Special packs including 13/«-2,l 3 /«-2,
3% # sizes Tfewr.
New York Eggs
Prices higher on large and
mediums. Receipts light. Trading
stocks of large both whites and
browns, short of needs both
locally and at country shipping
points. Mediums about in balance
to occasionally short while smalls
were cleared early in the period.
Demand while not aggressive
was good particularly on large
and improving on mediums. Buy
ers were forced to pay higher
premiums in many quarters in
order to obtain supplies outside
regular channels. Jumbos con
tinue in excess of needs with
sales noted in a range of 63-69 C.
Carton orders good.
Terr© Hill
net returns. Get the extra efficiency of Fui-O-
Pep Gro-Pork 45—for top feed conversion at
low cost.
Come in. Check the record on Ful-O-Pep ero-
Pork 45. It could be the most profitable 10
minutes you’ve spent this year! And we'll bs
happy to visit with you.
S. H. Hiestand & Company
I Stevens Feed Mill, Inc.
Realized Net
Income Seen
Income from farm market
ings, farm production expenses,
gross farm income all seen at
record highs this year. Realized
net income seen up sharply.
USDA’s Economic Research Ser
vice now estimates cash receipts
from farm marketings at around
$47.5 billion, compared to the
former high of $44.4 billion dur
ing 1968; and gross farm income
at $54.5 billion, compared to the
previous high of $51.1 billion
last year.
Meantime, farm production
expenses are expected to total
around $38.6 billion, record
high for the fifth straight year,
topping the 1968 total of $36.3
That’ll put realized net at
around $l6 billion, up sharply
from last year’s $l4 8 billion
total and the fourth highest on
record (it’d be exceeded only
the $17.3 billion of 1947, the
$16.1 billion of 1948, and the
16.2 billion of 1966.
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90 lbs. 25.50-28.00, couple Choice
32.00; Utility 40-80 lbs. 20.00-
and Good 7.00-9 50.
Winterize Tractor
Farmers who spend-a little
time winterizing their tractors
before hard winter weather ar
rives will save time and money
next spring, reminds Burton S.
Home, extension agricultural
engineer at The Pennsylvania
State Umversity.
Wf'i. '■ v v s^ %'< v s#,}- "' ' * fi' ■■
Pa. Livestock Slaughter
(For the week of December 1,1969)
Cattle Hogs Sheep
Ist 4 days 455,000 1,184,000 153,000
Same period last week 358,000 947,000 118,000
Same period last year 440,000 1,330,000 170,000
Lancaster Farming. Saturday. December 6.1969
Weekly New York Egg Mkt.
(From Monday, December Ist to Friday. December sth)
Fey. Ex. Lge.
Fey. Large
Fey. Meds.
Fey. Pullet
Fey. Peewees
6263 63 634 63'2 634-644
62 62 624 624 624
594 594 604 604 604
44-45 47 47 49 49
36 36 36 36 36
Fey. Large
Fey. Pullet
Fey. Peewees
63 64 64 644 644
59 59 59 59 59
44-45 47 47 49 49
36 36 36 36 36
58 58 584 584 584
44 44 44 444 444
Trend: Market showing close clearance in most areas even
though retail prices are stronger at all points.
Copyright 1969 by Urner Barry Publications
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with 17 percent Prime and 73
percent Choice last week and 10
percent Prime and 78 percent
Choice a year ago. Average cost
and weight of steers estimated
at 29.15 and 1165 lbs. compared
with 29.08 and 1172 lbs. last
week and 28.49 and 1149 lbs. a
year ago. Heifer supply was
mostly High Good to Prime
weighing 850-1050 lbs.
Prime 1175-1450 lbs. Yield
Grade 3 and 4 29.50-30 00 around
15 loads at 30.00. High Choice
and Prime 1050-1400 lbs. 29,25-
29.75, few loads 1300-1475 lbs
Yield Grade 4 and 5 29.00-29.95.
Choice 950-1350 lbs. Yield Grade
2 to 4 28 50-29.50. Mixed Good
*V ¥ / Se S'"
Lowest cost, sparkling water
pipeline cool in summer,
warmed in winter for maximum
consumption...fastest gains.
Quick recovery, positive action
temperature control, completely
automatic. 70 styles, 25 mod
els. See or ca 11...
Lester A. Singer
Ronks, Pa. 687-6712
and Choice 27 75 28 50. Good 26.-
75-28 00. Standard and Low
Good 25 00-26.75.
High Choice and Prime 900-1050
lbs. Yield Grade 3 and 4 28.00-
28.25. On Monday three loads at
28 50. Choice 850-1050 lbs. Yield
Grade 2 to 4 27.25-28.00. Mixed
Good and Choice 26 75-27.25.
Good 25.00-26 75.
A Lot of Ownership: When
you own an acre or a lot, you
have a triangular slice of earth,
some 4,000 miles deep.
Charles A. Trout and his son
David, a recent student at Penn
State, planted a number of As
grow Seed Company’s hybrids
this year, at a number of loca
tions to see how well they stack
ed up against the popular varie
ties commonly planted in their
part of the state. David check
ed yields by hand and then they
double checked these findings
during combining.
Recently, the Asgrow Seed
Company acquired the United-
Hagie Company which is a lead
ing developer of new hybrids in
the Corn Belt, The variety, IXL
9, had a terrific performance
record in various state and
county trials in the mid-west un
der an experimental number. It
was released last year for field
scale plantings
After observing it at various
locations in his 200 acres of
corn acreage, Mr Trout stated,
“Asgrow’s IXL 9 is at least as
good or better than any full sea
son, single cross planted on my
farms It stands excellent, ears
filled out beautifully, and it
really holds the ears. We had
some trouble with another top
single cross dropping ears be
fore we could harvest it. IXL 9
didn’t show this problem. It is
a good combiner 1 would cer
tainly recommend it to my
neighbors My son’s checks
showed it to be a high yielder
but when we combined it along
with the other corns we found
IXL 9 to yield higher because it
ran heavy at poor spots in the
field. I can’t say this about
other corns we had planted. It
certainly appears well adapted '
to all soil types ”
For more information on this
Asgrow Hybrid or others call or
write either Charles A. Trout,
RD #3, Stewartstown, Pa. 17363,
Phone Area Code 717-993-2815
or Asgrow Seed Company, Box
8, Mechamcsburg, Pa 17055,
phone area code 717-766-7608.
Lititz Area contact - J. Quentin
Buckwalter, Koser Rd., Lititz,
Pa , Phone 569 0751.
Kutztown Area contact: Gor
don Gruber, RD 2, Kutztown,
Pa, Phone 683-3958.
Boyertown-Oley Area- Hause
man’s Store, R. D 1, Boyertown,
Pa, Phone 987-6826.
Abo\e is <i paid advertisement
b> the A-'Urow Seed Co , subsidiary
of the Upjohn Company, Mechan
ic'-burp. Pa 170 V»