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    VOL. M NO. 42
Fairs Start
In County
Next Week
The 3P69 Lancastei County
Fair Season opens next week
with Solanco Community Fair’s
20th Annual Exhibition starting
Wednesday Sept 17 The usual
full scnedule of judging events
will -high -light the fair with
classes ioi everything from live
stock to domestic and fine aits
A full stnedale of events at the
Quahyville Memorial Park may
be found elsewhere in this issue
Law aster Farming News
paper will be running a
small Mystery Farm Con
test at their booth at Solan
co Fair next week as a pre
lude to a giant Mystery
Farm Contest coming in the
paper later this fall and
Visitors to the booth at
Solaiud'during the three-day
fair willhaye_the opportun- -
ity -to identify a local' farm
on-the backdrop
the display. There will be a
drawing among the correct
entries and the winner will
receive $25 in cash.
The West Lampetei Commun
ity 'Fair and the Ephiata Fan
share the week of Sept. 24 with
both events drawing farmers and
their city relations to the shows
Lampeter Fair as usual will be
the convening place for the scor
es of FFA youths representing
the nine County Vo-Ag depart
ments in- livestock judging con
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ASC Election Ballots Mailed
Ballots have been mailed to
all farmers for elections of Ag
ricultural Stabilization and Con
servation Community Members
To be elected in each com
munity, are a chairman, vice
chairman, regular member, and
first and second alternates The
person receiving the most votes
will be ASC community com
mittee chairman, the second
highest will be vice-chairman,
third highest will be the regu
lar member, and fouith and
fifth highest in votes will be
fust and second alternates
First duty of the newly elect
ed chairman, vice-chairman, and
member will be to serve as dele
gates to the county convention
at which vacancies on the Lan
Farm Calendar
Tuesdav. September 16
10 00 a m —Corn Field Dav, Jef
ferson Yoder Farm, Elvei -
7 30 p m.—Lincoln Community
4-H Club meets, Glenn
Wissler’s Home, Ephrata
8:00 pm. Lancaster County
Farm and Home Direc
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A PASTURE SCENE of the Charolais beef cows and
heifers at Stauffer Homestead Farm located south of
Stauffer Homestead Farm Rooted In Local History
On a farm that dates back to
the year 1732 and is looted in
the advances of local history,
you find 152 acres of beautiful
farm land and buildings kept m
the true Lancaster County tra
ditional style. Charolais Cattle,
Cross-bred swine and Suffolk
caster County ASC Committee
will be filled. The County Con
vention will be held on Thurs
day, September 25th, at 800
PM, in the Faim and Home
In general, ASC Commumtv
committees assist in carrying
our farm program responsibili
ties assigned by the ASC county
committee and in informing
farmers of purposes and provi
sions of progiams administered
by the Agricultural Stabiliza
tion and Conservation Service
ASC Committees are a vital link
between the faimer and the
men m Washington who admin
ister the farm piograms passed
by Congress Fanners are re
minded that two envelopes ac
company each ballot Ballots
should be marked and sealed in
the plain white envelope This
plain sealed envelope »should
then be put in the, second enve
lope addressed to the Lancaster
County ASCS Office This
second envelope must be signed
on the back by the voter. With
out the certification signature,
the ballot will not be counted
Ballots received in the coun
ty office will be placed in a seal
ed* ballot box until Thursday,-
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, September 13, 1969
sheep form the animal enter
Stauffer Homestead, located
south of Route 23 at Goodville
is owned by Mrs Edna P Groff
and Mrs Elizabeth Groff Miller,
direct decendents of the origi
nal owner Mathias Stauffer who
Averril Royer
Miss Royer Selected
State 4-H Winner In
Veterinary Science
Aveml L Royer, 19, of 2025
Oregon Pike, Lancastei. who
has compiled an outstanding rec
ord in 4H work this week, was
named state veteunary science
contest winnei in the 1969 4H
National Awaids Program
Averril will be eligible to at
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Goodville. They also have an extensive cross-bred swine
operation and a flock of Suffolk sheep. L F. Photo
purchased the land from Thom
as and Richard Penn' The farm
has been passed down from gen
eration to generation in the
Stauffer family since Pennsyl
vania was a province during the
reign of King George 111 of
Great Britain.
A spring house is seen on
the farm as you drive in the
lane and Mrs. Groff lived with
her parents in the stone build
ing until the frame house across
the road could be completed
and made ready for occupancy
Swine Carcass Shows
A pair of carcass hog shows
are coming for Lancaster Coun
ty swine producers At the Lam
peter Community Fair, Sept, 25,
the yearly show will be held,
with entry deadline Sept 17 and
judging to start at 3 p m on the
25th. The show this year is spon
sored by the fair and money
prizes run over five places from
$2O to $5 in both the Live Class
and the Rail Class
The entry fee is $lOO and the
event is limited to 25 hogs
The second carcass hog show
for local competition will be
held at the Manheim Communi
ty Fair October 9 This show is
new this year and is sponsored
by the Lancastei County Swine
Association Entnes for this
show should be mailed to
James Horton, Masonic Homes
Farms, Elizabethtown, Pa by
October 2,
Also new will be the evalua
tion contest For information on
any of these events John H
Henkel, Strasburg Kl. may be
$2.00 Per Year
That was in 1888 Mr. and Mrs.
John Stauffer, her grandpar
ents lived in the present farm
house and were owners of the
farm at the time
John Stauffer was born in 1830
and died in 1910 on the farm
where he was born
Although a farmer, at the
early age of eighteen years he
began the livestock business as
a side line. In 1848, he followed
his first herd of cattle over the
mountains across Pennsylvania
from Ohio, on foot and on horse
back, and found ready sale for
them in this area Later, he
made frequent trips to Ohio and
Indiana and sent large herds of
cattle and sheep to marlcet in
the East. When the railroad was
built from Downmgtown to
Honeybrook, John Stauffer was
the first to send a carload of
cattle to market shipped over
the road
His son Harry Lincoln Stauf
fer, also a cattle dealer as well
as a fanner, continued sending
cattle to Philadelphia, gradually
developed weekly auctions at
the Styer House Stables of New
Holland m 1913, and in 1923
built the present concrete sales
barn in New Holland, known
today as New Holland Sales
Stables, Inc
At the death of John Stauffer,
his son John Hayes Stauffer in
hented the faim In 1935 the
farm was sold by John H Stauf
fer to his brother Harry L.
Stauffer who was the father of
the present owner, Mrs Edna
Groff. Harry Stauffer died in
1937 leaving the farm to his
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