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    —Lancaster Farming. Saturday. September 6.1969
From Where We
Successful Experiment
We lue m the post moon-walk age Us
i-iOer people ha\ e to make the adjustment in
our thinking, because it is a fact, though we
->a\e heard of some people who still don't
believe it
And some adiustment will need to be
mad., in our thinking also if the no-til corn
planting method continues to show up as
loou as it has for the farmers reporting in
‘he feature storv of this issue We would like
■*o cling to the plowed and finely harrowed
Lancaster County fields of the past It just
seems to be more like the Garden Spot we
are acclaimed to be.
But facts are facts And if a few more
seasons produce the same results as was
evident in no-til corn plantings this week,
we will have to be classed with the people
.\ho don't believed in the moon landing if
ac don’t accept the facts.
Every farmer we talked to is going to
plant no-til again next year. They like the
time saved. They like the reduction in soil
-oss They even like the savings in expenses
and machinery wear and most of all they
.ike the promising >ields of the no-til fields.
True, as one farmer said, no-til is still
an experiment But so was the moon w'alk.
That doesn't say it wasn't done, or that it
wasn't done successfully. The same can be
said for no-til corn planting At least that's
*ne way it looks from where we stand.
Music Reduces
Dark Cutters
Just when you think you ha\e heard of
everything something else comes along.
And in this day of changes in the beef in
dustry (longer, taller cattle instead of the
short stocky ones that won the shows 10
years ago) you are trained to listen to them
According to research at Kansas State
University the sounds a steer hears before
slaughter affects the meat produced. They
found that loud noises prior to slaughter
caused “dark cutters" in beef. Meat labeled
a dark cutter has an abnormal dark color
after slaughter and is normally avoided by
the consumer and for this reason meat pack
ers and retailers want to avoid this condi
We know of carcass contests where car
casses which would have made it into the
championship circles were labeled dark cut
ters. What do you do? Would you believe
playing soothing music before slaughter?
It was found at the Cudahy Company
packing plant in Wichita, Kansas, that when
the soft music usually played for its work
ers was not on they had an increase in the
number of dark cutters produced.
From this a study was conducted at
Kansas State with two groups of cattle being
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Stand. ..
handled the same except one croup was
handled as usual and the other group was
subjected to recordings of traffic, airplanes,
and heav\ equipment before slaughter. The
results showed the latter animals produced
darker meat than the control group. Dr
Allen of Kansas State Unuersity sa\s that
if music affects cattle, it may alfect sheep
and hogs.
For a long time many show men of beef
herds ha\e used radios in their show barn
and then took it on the show circuit for then
contented cows. It would appear from these
limited tests that sounds and noises do place
more stress on cattle than we thought and
perhaps showmen should be more selec
tive with their music this show season. It
just might eliminate most of the current
popular songs.
At least that’s the way it looks from
where we stand.
A Loser’s Game
In the American experience, inflation
has always been associated with booming
business and general good times. Those who
warned that continued deficit spending and
debt accumulation by government, without
regard to the taxpaying ability of the people,
would lead to disaster were labeled reac
tionaries by new-atyle liberals who believed
that government spending could open the
door to attainment of the highest human
Now 7 w’e are beginning to learn what
other nations have learned throughout his
tory that beyond a certain point the pro
gress of inflation is accompanied by hard
ship rather than good times. Economists
are beginning to speak of the possibility of
a recession and inflation at the same time.
Time magazine summarized a lengthy list
of spectacular wage settlements settle
ments that range as high as a 49 per cent
increase in 13 months for construction work
ers in one Ohio city. But far from bringing
good times to workers, these dramatic wage
increases are becoming increasingly illu
Wages are outrunning output. Says
Time: “During the last three years . . . the
purchasing power of the average U.S. work
er has done no better than hold steady.”
One union official, conscious of the trend,
concedes: “Every time we get a raise, the
prices increase and the hospitals go up as
well. Somebody should stand still. If the
others stopped, I think our men would be
happy to stop too.” The question is, are we
ready to stop following the doctrine of false
liberalism that has set the stage for a “re
cession” with inflation.
Across The Fence Row
Nothing, no, Nothing, causes-more ac
cidents than the Other Fellow.
Another example of a hazardous hie is
mat of a long - tailed cat in a house full of
rocking chairs.
Local Weather Forecast
(From the U. S. Weather Bureau at the
Harrisburg State Airport)
The five-day forecast for the period
Saturday through next Wednesday calls for
temperatures to average above normal with
daytime highs in the 80’s and over-night
lows in the upper 60’s. Seasonable tempera
tures are expected Saturday with a warm
ing trend toward Sunday through the end
of the period Normal high-low for the period
is 80-69.
Precipitation may total up to one-half
inch as rain Saturday and scattered showers
and tnunder showers toward the end of the
pen oa
Lesson for September 7,1969
B*cl|r<und S<npKjr«- 1 Scruel I through 12, 15)
,( Ift 5 12 26 31 1 7.
D«v»ti»n»l Rttrfinft De.'ironomy 17 M 17,
In a few short months the
American people will go once
again to the polls. In the interval
between now and then the game
of politics will command a lion’s
share of our national attention
In the midst of all
the color, noise
and high spirits
that have be
come so much
a part of the
American politi
cal scene, we
are particularly
vulnerable to a
most dangerous
deception. This
Hev. Althouse deception goes
far beyond what the various
candidates will say about them
selves, each other, the issues, or
the parties.
“Thus says the Lord..
In Romans 1:25, Paul says;
"because they exchanged the truth
about God for a lie and served
the creature rather than the Crea
tor ...” hi other words, Paul is
saying, we often deceive ourselves
and thus give to men the
sovereignty and allegiance that
belongs to God alone. We look
to human beings with divine ex
pectations and are thus doomed
to disappointment in our political
Paul was not the first Biblical
writer to sound this warning. We
find fids same concern ini
Samuel. You will remember that
when the Isradites entered the
land of Canaan under Joshua,
they then dispersed throughout
the land, each tribe settling in
its own designated territory.
During'the period of the Judges,
other Isradites formed a loose
confederacy of independent tribes.
When the tribes were threatened
with" grave danger from time to
time, they would co-operate
briefly under the leadership of
men like Gideon.
From these experiences of co
operation came a growing desire
for a more permanent unify in the
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To Beware of Silo Gas
I’d like to repeat this warning
as we go into the silo filling sea
son. With larger silos and with
more liberal use of commercial
fertilizers, we seem to have
more dangerous accumulations
of silo gas. Most of these gases
are odorless, heavier than air,
and some are ’colorless; how
ever, one of the most common
is nitrogen dioxide which 'is
yellow Farmers are urged to
bewaie of these gas conditions
at silo filling time and for 10
days afterwards
To Seed Certified Grains
Small grams will be seeded in
the next month and growers are
form of a centralized government'
They wonted to abandon the con-;
federacy and replace it with a'
monarchy. They had seen tha
kingdoms of their neighbors and
witnessed all that could be ac
complished with a strong central
government So they clamored
for a king,
To fight our battles
Samuel, their spiritual"leader,
vigorously opposed this request
Yet, when he had had his say,
“the people refused to listen to tha
voice of Samuel; and they said,
•No! but we will have a king over
us that we also will be like all
the nations, and that our king
may govern us and fight our
battles.’ ” Still Samuel resisted un
til at last the Lord intervened
and told him: “Hearken to their
voice and make them a king.*
Now this story does not mean
that the whole Old Testament is
pessimistic about the establish
ment of a monarchy, but it does
indicate that throughout the Old
Testament there is a recurring
uneasiness about it Not that
government in itself was evil; It
was what men did with their
governmental institutions.
Among all the ancient peoples,
therefore, the Hebrews were
among the first to regard the
monarchy, not as a divine sa
stitution handed down from
heaven, but as one quite human.
Though they realized the need for
these human institutions, they
also fully recognized the tendency
of these institutions to become a
substitute for God.
History’s confirmation
How often history has con
firmed the judgment of both Paul
and Samuel. Not only has there
been a willingness on the part of
man to assume the role of politi
cal messiah, but there has also
been an even greater willingness
on the part of the great masses of
people to accord to them
an almost superhuman or divine
Samuel warned the people
about this great self-deception and
then helped them to choose a
king. This is instructive for us,
too: let us ask his aid in choosing
our leaders, but when we have
cast out ballots, let us not fail to
continue to serve God in the
responsibilities of our own Chris
tian citizenship.
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By Max Smith
Lancaster County Agent
urged to use the best seed avail
able; in most cases this means
certified seed; the other inputs
into a grain crop will be the
same such as labor, fertilizer,
and overhead; therefore, the
greatest returns have the best
chances with 'certified seeds.
Don’t plant the unknown; it may
be very costly.
To Save Nitrogen onliarlcy
On many farms the problem
of lodging with winter barley
reduces the grain crop. In most
cases this is due to high fertil
ity and too much nitrogen;
growers are urged to use only
phosphorus-potash fertilizers on
barley this fall and do not top
hi ess with any kind of manuie.