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    VOL. 14 NO 18
Raising Prime Veal For
Aristocratic Restaurants
Is Profitable Business
Raumg laigeiiamed Holstein
bull calves into pume pink
mealed veal toi anstociatic
restauiants in New Yoik Citv
is not just a hobby foi Mi and
Mrs Roy Shultz and then son
Charles They make a business
of it on then Willow Stieet R 1
farm A busme-s that is piov
mg quite pioiitable
It wasn’t always piofitable,
though When they staited, the
Shult.’s had some bad expen
enres, losing quite a few calves
“When a call is bawling.” Roy
said, ‘the noimal taimei is
going to tiy and get the animal
satisfied” “That’s wheie we
made om mistake We didn’t
follow the feeding chait close
enougn The calves seemed hun
gry and we wanted to get them
satisfied But you just dare not
over-feed in this piogiam,” he
Shultz also says failure to
keep close check on the call's
temperature with a veterin
arians thermometei conti ibuted
to his problem Now, when a
calf hat a level of 101 5 degiees
or mose it gets a shot of Peni
cillni “The quickei you get on a
problem the bettei,” Rov said
“Don’t wait ”
Blit Roy and Charles didn’t
quit Altei spending thiee days
on a -farm in New Jeisey watch
ing aim helping with the 600 to
700 cau>es on this progiam. Roy
came Hack and turned out a
group of calves that netted $33
clear wofit per head.
The program lun by Provum
Inc and distributed thiough
Agway Inc, has as its main fea
ture, the production of prime
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choc «ed regularly by Roy Shultz. Mr and
Mis snultz and their son Charles, raise the
Morgan Speaks
To Local Sheep
Flock Owners
Ben Moigan Livestock
Specialist fiom Penn State told
local sheep faimeis MoncLv
night that ewe numbeis aie de
el ning while beef cow numbeis
aie incieasing, but he lepoited
lie can’t understand why
Speaking at the local Exten
sive Service County-wide sheep
meeting, at the Farm and Home
Centei, Morgan said, “You can
keep seven ewes on the same
amount ol feed as one beef
cow But with an aveiage lamb
pi ice 'of $22 and $5 foi each
fleece the total income fiom
your flock inciease counting on
ly one lamb pei ewe is $lB9
(7x 827) The average ivmf call
is worth only about §125 ”
“At times he said, “the puce
has been two to one in favor of
the sheep And even at piesent
prices by inci easing the num
bei of lambs pei ewe, you can
add money to vour lamb ciop
'The most impoitanh single
item m gioss inciease fiom a
sheep flock is the pei centage of
the lamb crop,” he said “Many
people think one good lamb is
bettei than two not as good
lambs But the figures just don’t
piove this Nature has a way of
pioviding milk for the lambs
in accoi dance with then needs
so that while a ewe raises one
lamb to 100 pounds, she can
laise two lambs to 80 pounds or
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cakes on their Willow Street R 1 farm.
L F Photo
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, March 29, 1969
1,002 Farms Enroll
in ASCS Programs
Enrollment in the 1969 Wheat
and Feed Grain programs ended
last Friday, March 21st. Accord
ing to the Lancaster County
ASCS Office 1,002 farms enroll
ed in the county, SGI in the Feed
Grain Progtam and 894 in the
wheat program. This is an i li
es ease over the 1963 enrollment,
which was 345 for Feed Grain
and 857 for wheat.
Farms em oiled in the feed
grain ha\c established bases of
5968 acres for corn, 12 acres tor
soighum and 932 acres for bar
hy Total intended diveision is
4665 acres from feed grain.
Allotment on cm oiled wheat
farms is 9589 acres. In addition
to the required diveision, 990
acres of this wheat allotment,
will be diverted foi payment.
Advance payments of §42,124
have been issued to those form
ers requesting diversion pay
ment at time of enrollment.
This represents one half the
total payment.
Farmers Told
To Work With
His Neighbors
li a laimei spieacls maniac
and an in ban housewife com
plains to the Health Dcpait
ment the Depaitment will Uv
to bring about a pacification be
tween the paities involved
They may also ask the faimei
to lemove his pile ot mania e il
it is attracting flies or harboi
mg rats according to answers
given to a repoitei’s question
at the Lancastei County Waste
Disposal Meeting at the Faim
and Home Centei, Thuisday
Milton Stanley, Local Repre
sentative of the Pa Dept ol
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Gerald Mai tin, Warwick, was first; Nelson Weaver, New
Holland, was second and Dean Shenck, Penn Manor, was
thud. The event was held Tuesday night at Manheim Cen
tral High School L F Photo
Gerald Martin & Solanco
Star In FFA County Meet
County Farmers
Attend Banquet
Of Legislators
Moie than 350 farmers lepie
senlmg the Pennsvlvama
er’ Asociation conveiged on
Hainsbuig Tuesday to discuss
issues with members of the
Pennsylvania Geneial Assembly
A banquet was held at the
Penn Hams Hotel, Hainsbuig,
foi moie than ICO legislators,
following individual visits with
legislator Some of the items
on the agenda dealt with the
pioposed frozen dessert law,
Milk Maiketmg Boaid, and com
pulsoiy auto insurance
Charles R Old, admimstiative
secietaiy, Pennsylvania Faim
eis’ Association, told the legis
lator at the banquet that PPA
wants the Fiozen Dessett Law
administered by the Depait
ment ol Agncultme “The Sec
ietai> ot \giiculture should
have the light to standauhzo
packaging, and labeling of fioz
en dessert items,” Orel stated
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Averril Royer
To Attend 4»H
Nat, Conference
-\\ei'il L Ro\ei 18 ol 2025
Oiegon Pike Lancastei toclai
\\..s named one ol Ine outstan i
mg Commonwealth 4H men
beis to pa/ 4, cipale m the 1969
Vtional 4-II Conteience \pul
2 125 m Washington DC
The conteicnce bungs to
gethei membeis liom all 50
states to exchange 4H goals
duections, and achievements, re
poits Jerry H Reybmn, assis
tant State 4-H leader at The
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S 2 00 Per Year
A Waiwick High School
sophomoie won the Lancaster
County FFA Public Speaking
Contest, Tuesciav night after
placing 3id List year
Geialcl Mai tin, 15 son ol Mr.
and Mis Amos Z Mai tin, Lit
itz R 1 topped the contest at
Manheim Cential High School
with a speech entitled “It’s
Yom Life,’ an exposition on
faim safety Martin had finish
ed thud in the County Contest
and 2nd in the Aiea Contest in
1968, behind Penn Manoi’s Nel
son Newcomer Newcomer was
not a contestant this year
In the County Parliamentary
Proceduie Contest held at the
same time, Solanco was the
winner, following a second place
finish last year Solanco later
did win in the Area Contest in
Runnei-up in the local speak
ing contest was Nelson Weaver,
from New Holland High School.
Weaver’s topic was “Man Made
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Farm Calendar
Monday, Maich 31
7 30 pm— New Holland 4-H
Club meets Home of Mrs.
Woodi on Good 568 W Main
St, New Holland
Tacsdav, \piil 1
b 45 pm—W <p u FF V Ban
quet I) union Cm Fuo HalL
730 p m Manheim Young
Fumei R;ut'u on Night,
Hi-in School
tvedncsdav \pnl '
8 pin—l CounA Hol
stem Tom Lea\e Lancaster
Shopping Centei
7 30 pm—Caiclen Spot \oung
Faimei Meet Vo-Ag Room
730 pm Lancaslei County
Soil and Watei Consei vation
Distinct Dnectors meet. Farm
and Home Center
8 p m—Lancaster County 4-H
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