Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, March 22, 1969, Image 10

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    10 Lancaster Farnuim. Salurclav. March 22. 1909
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F.n m-, 1 ipion (11,imp i I 0 li.u k
1.,l J!)2 i.iu.ios Icncth. 4 0 iom
cno 4().V, .mil lorn 4,
V.i->omc Homo F.n ms, Kli/.iheth
town, (I)uioc) 1 1 back Kit, 28 8
Ctii tMss length. 5 8 loin esc.
40 5% ham ,md lom. Leon Ai
nold. Lebanon, (Yoik) 13 back
fat, 310 caicass length. 4 9 loin
e>e, 39 7 ham and loin, 6. Paul
Bollinger, Denver R 2, (cioss)
11 back fat, 30 6 caicass length,
4 5 loin eye, 38 2% ham and
lom; 7, John SUawbndge,
Stewartstown, (Hamp) 11 back
fat. 30 6 carcass length, 5 4 loin
e>e, 38.1% ham and loin, 8.
Barry Graybeal, Peach Bottom
R 2, (cross) 13 back fat, 30 7
carcass length, 4 9 loin eye,
37 9% ham and loin, 9, Aithur
Rohrer & Sons, Paradise Rl,
(York) 13 back fat, 14 carcass
length, 5 4 loin eye, 37 2% ham
and loin, 10, Willow Glen Farm.
Strasburg Rl, (York) 12 back
fat, 31 8 carcass length, 51 loin
eye, 36 7% ham and loin.
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Farm Groups Ask Nixon To
Name Trade Representative
Le.ideis ol the nation's llucetive vice piesident, IVCFC ft n
< f.ithi orj'.im/.ilions and Dechant, president \ati‘’ial
the National Council of F.n m- Faimcis Union, and John W.
ci Coopeialives have sent a Scott, master, National Gia ige.
telegram to Piesident Richaid “Recent repoils from Em ope
M Nixon asking him to give appear to icconfmn the \a ues
"highest pi ioi ity to the naming of tiadc negotiations at the
of a special liade representatixe highest possible excel,*ive
to insure that coordination of levels, to minimize mismUer
cntical national tiadc policy standings which could ieooar
issues is accomplished through dize Amencan foreign markets
appropriate balancing of broad and world trade patterns, ’ the
foreign policy, agricultural, and farm leadeis told the President,
other commercial interests ” “American agriculture would
The telegram was signed by
Charles B Shuman, president,
American Farm Bureau Federa
tion: Kenneth D Naden, execu
tion Contest were 2, John Hen
kel. 3, Paul Bollinger, Carol
Henkel and Leon Arnold
The Annual Swine Banquet
was set to be held last night at
the Plain and Fancy Restaurant
and the awards for these plac
mgs were to be given at that
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be dealt a particularly serous
blow by any narrowly-conce ved
action, here or abroad, which
failed to consider all imp ica
tions for trade and international
relations The office of the
special trade representam e,
directly responsible to the ?ie
sident, is uniquely qualifier: to
perform this service in a ay
which harmonizes the intei rsts
of the various executive dep ai t
ments with our highest goals for
national welfare ”
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