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    VOLt 14 NO. 16
the Lampeter-Strasburg FFA was crown
ed Thursday afternoon at a school as
sembly-program. She is Donna 'Hess. Do-
Health & Outlook Items
farm income has
caught'up-to the average income
for the county,” said Dr. C
William Pierce, Professor of
Agriffithte Economics at Penn
State Speaking at the Lancas
ter Ce 'Dairy Day Tuesday, at
the Farm and Home Center,
Pierce said, “The question is
not can we do better, it is can
we tpantain the 1 present milk
prices.* 9
With the subject, “Dairy Out
look”, the professor compaired
the period 1960 to 1964 with
196 b to 1968 saying we look at
what happened in the past to
make some judgment on the
future. In the first period,
Fierce said milk prices fell 18
cents? feed’ concentrates rose 10
cents and the returns on the
opeiators labor lost 40 per cent
“This was a tough period for
d?iry farmers,” he said. De
liveries increased 16 .per cent,
utilisation -declined, farm num
bers fell 20 per cent and cow
numbers dropped 7 per cent
Milfe output increased in 54
months out of 60 months in the
1» tae 1964-1968 period milk
prices, increased 25 per cent or
SI 20; feed concentrate rose only
Farm Calendar
Monday. March 17
1 30 v ro.—Potato Growers meet
ing for Lancaster and Chester
A tv Hn „„ rontpr
Co, Farm and Home Center
Tuesday, March 18
1 p in —Lancaster County Swine
Prcducers Live Evaluation
Contest, Lancaster Stockyards
7:30 p.m. Lancaster County
Faim and Home Board meet,
Farm and Home Center.
7.30 p.m. Manheim Young
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mg the honors is the 1968 Sweetheart
Denise Leidich. Paul Eckman, President
is left and John Brackbill, Vice President
is on the right. L. F. Photo
2 per cent or 10 cents and the
operatois labor returned tripled
“The aveiage income inciease to
pay other expenses was up
$1.07,” he said
Listmg reasons for this pros
perous period, Pieice said off
farm employment opportunities
permitted farmeis to get out of
farming and the price of cull
cows remained higher. ‘ 4 lt is
a veiy impoitant thing to con
sider the off-farm employment
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Baby Beef & Lamb Club Sell
Tobacco Project; Give To Fund
The Lancaster County Red
Rose 4-H Baby Beef and Lamb
Club contributed $717.00 to the
Farm and Home Foundation’s
Completion Fund Campaign it
was announced this week. The
contribution has been earned by
the 4-H teen-agers through three
Farm And Home Fund
Is Up To $53,503
In a second general “progress
report” issued this week by the
Steering Committee for the
Farm and Home Foundation’s
Completion Fund Campaign, of
ficials indicated that a total of
$53,503 00 has been produced by
the drive’s thiee divisions of
volunteer canvassers
. , T u
cl John H Heir and L H
Skromme, co-chairman o± the
$1500(M) capltal iunds appe ,i,
stated that soliciting has been
slower than originally antici
pated but that the committee
is encouiaged by the response
todate The drive leaders said
“a substantial volume of solicit
mg and reporting lemams, what
with the major gifts division
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, March 15,1969
Lam pete r-Stra sbu rg
FFA Honors Sixteen
Former Am.' Formers
Sixteen American Farmers
from former years were honored
Thuisday night at the Lampeter-
Stiasburg Annual Futuie Farm
ers °f America Parent and Son
Banquet held at the High School
The list of pronominent busi
nessmen and faimeis dated back
to 1940 stalling with Wilbui
Houser on through Melvin Burk
hart, 1942, Glenn Herr, 1943,
Raymond Witmer, 1945, Mark
Bushong, 1948, Carl Herr, 1948,
J- Robert Hess, 1950, Ira Welk,
1952; Richard Hess, 1953, Mar
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special projects adopted in 1968
for the specific purpose of aiding
completion of the new Farm and
Home Center. The most ambi
tious project centered on raising
an acre of tobacco Members of
the club planted, cultivated, cut
and stripped the tobacco and
sold it last week J Harold
Frey, Marietta R D 1, one of the
group’s advisors, made the acie
of ground available
Other money-raising projects
included a social, last June, and
a Parents’ Night “white ele
phant” sale in November Sale
of the tobacco, last week,
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Lancaster County
Outlook Meeting
Set By Foundation
A Lancaster County outlook
meeting for the year 1985 was
announced this week by the
Faim and Home Foundation It
is an educational meeting plan
ned for Wednesday, Maich 26 at
7 - 30 pm at the Farm and Home
A panel discussion moderated
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Agriculture Kept Economy
From Busting, Empie Says
“If it wasn’t for Agriculture,
our country would have had a
bust several yeais ago,” Carl
Empie, Chester County Commis
sioner said Tuesday night
Speaking at the Lancaster Coun-
Lancaster Co.
Swine Meeting
Is March 21
The Lancaster County Swine
Breeders have set their Annual
Meeting for Friday, March 21,
at 630 p m at the Plain and
Fancy Restaurant, Bird-in-
Hand The speaker will be Dr
Hannon Graves, Penn State,
who will speak on “Animal Be
havior” Tickets may be pur
chased from any County direc
In conjunction with the an
nual meeting a live evaluation
contest will be held on Tuesday,
March 18, starting at 1 pm. at
the Lancaster Stock Yards.
Winners in the Evaluation Con
test will be announced at the
Annual Meeting
Any swine breeder who
wishes to enter the evaluation
contest should contact Jim Hor
ton at Masonic Homes Farms in
Elizabethtown by Monday,
March 17.
TUESDAY, WAS PORK DAY for the Senior girls in the
Hempfield High School Home Economics Class. The class
made pork several different ways as part of their class
work. Materials and teaching aids are being provided for
schools by the Pennsylvania Pork Producers Council
through the Lancaster County Swine Producers to give
home economics departments an improved image of pork
and to help educate the students. In the L. F. Photo check
ing their casserole are: (left to right) Beverly Hershey,
Debrah Snader and Fran Bogart. The girls had to turn up
the heat to get their dinner finished in time after this
photographer finally got out of the kitchen. The teacher is
Miss Barbara Gamble.
$2.00 Per Year
tv Farmers Association Spring
Meeting at the Farm and Home
Center, the former State Asso
ciation vice president said,
"Farmers are carrying a much
heavier burden of taxes per per
son than others because of their
land ownership
A strong spokesman for agri
cultural land preservation, Em
pie cited some of his problems
as commissioner in Chester
"The law states that all prop
erty assessment must be uni
form for all segments of a coun
ty and this assessment must be
made at the fair market value,”
he said. “Farm land market
values m Chester county range
ficm $6OO to $l,OOO or $2,000 per
acre If we assess farm land at
that rate there will be no farms
left in Chester county m five
years. If we don’t assess them"
in that way, we are breaking the
“It is absolutely necessary to
get a constitutional change to
tax farm land on its use value
rather than on market value We
are one of only four states in the
country that hasn’t done this. We
must have this relief,” Empie
John Weidman was also on the
program with a slide presenta
tion of his lecent trip to Russia