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    B—Lancaster Farming. Saturday, February 22, 1969
SENIOR BOYS at Ephrata High School get practical
experience in repairing and trouble shooting of engines.
John Merkey, (left) and Earl Stauffer have a motor apart
for repairs. L. F. Photo
• Herd Health best all around silage has 65 to
(Continued from Page 1) ™P" cent moistuie contents >”
With the new forage testing
abilities, Ace also expressed
concern that much of the pro
tein (60 per cent) available in
corn silage is in the same form
as Urea used in gram feeds
Urea is fine to feed to cows,
but you can get too much of it
You must take into considera
tion the total ration (forage
and short-feed) when deciding
how much to use,” he said
A higher silage program
multiplies youi vitamin defi
ciency according to the specia
list “And vitamins play a more
important role in held health
then we suspect,” he said.
Ace also said that just be
cause you have low moisture
silage doesn’t mean you don’t
have problems With dry forage
placed m the silo, he reported
you get a heating action instead
of bacteria change This effects
digestable protein.
The forage test may still re
turn saying you have 12 per
cent protein, but the heat may
lower the part of the protein
content the cow can use “The
Sam Guss repoited on the
Bangs and Tuberculosis situa
tion in Pennsylvania A situa
tion has arisen where herds are
needing to be quarantined be
cause heifers have been vacci
nated too late and testing ic
actwn is resulting when these
animals are blood tested. “Don’t
vaccinate heifers that are one
day over six months old,” he
said “I pushed hard for vac
cinations back when we needed
it, but now we don’t know
where we stand because of late
vaccinated heifers ”
On the TB situation Guss said,
“We have made a complete
cycle When TB was senous 20
to 30 yeai s ago, we found infect
ed herds in dark bains eating
and drinking out of the sanr
troughs Then we went to nice
barns with individual troughs
and water bowls and now we
are back to putting cows in
holding pens so they can’t get
away from each other for sever
al hours a day and feeding them
out of the same feed and water
troughs ”
“The picture is not as bright
m cp a runs for an eight week period that will prepare him for hi»
9 (Continued fiom Pice 11 (March 24 to Mav 16). Cooperat- i o le as an adult leader in AgH
_ <s ing business include: farm ma- culture, As the FFA motto says,
“Agri-Business Training chinery dealers, landscape the young men in Agriculture at
“Sff Xl "’Sin. repair shop,, Ephraia High Sahool a„ op
classes in the moimng and after garden centers, feed mills, and portunity an opportunity to
lunch report to the local busi- g o lf courses. learn, an opportunity ta do, an
ness job. The on-job training student here obviously oppotrumly to earn, ari an op
provides further oppoitumty to The student «eie ooviousiy
“learn by doing”. The program has the chance to develop skills P y - •
The Junior FFA boys at Ephrata High
School work on farm machinery as part
of their shop and class work in the school’s
as we would like ” he said, arian and the farmer they come rules that have been ir. effect.”
utt ~, , . ’ . „ from ” “We really haven’t done “You will be requested to tell
Health charts are not worth j Qb Qn the individual herd where every animal .r your
the paper they are written on blood testing plan and this year herd came from and where
unless you know the vetenn- they are going to enforce the every animal went.”
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