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    VOL. 14 NO. 5
PEANUTS and Tomey, two tame
Pennsylvania Wfaite-tailed deer pose on
the patio of Mr. and;Mrs. Adam Schaffer,
Henkel Elected
Chairman Pa.
Pork Producers
A, Lancaster County Swine
Breeder has been elected chair
man of the Pennsylvania Pork
Producers Council according to
Mark F. Nestleroth, Manheim
-- R 3, Publicity Chairman for the
: John Hr Henkel, Willow Glen
Farm, -Strasburg El, a York-
breeder, was elected at a
recent regular monthly meet-
ing. He is to serve for 1969.
-Vice - chairman is. Ronald
.Trostle, 47 Lightner Rd., York
and Secretary-Treasurer is Her
bert Schick, Kutztown H 2.
: Nestferoth also reported 6,511
hogs were checked off in Penn
sylvania during'November to
bring the total of 50,719 hogs
* deducted for the first 11 months
in the* “Nickels-for Profit” pro
Also, two new organizations
have been accepted into the
state council: Tri-County Pork
producers with Charles H.
Masser, Klingerstown Rl, as
president; and Center Susque
hanna Pork Producers with Wil
liam Geiss, Northumberland Rl,
as president.
Mystery Farm
The Mystery Farm Contest
continues this week in Lancas
ter Fanning with the seventh In
the series of eight County farm
photographs to be published
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Macungie Rl. These "doe' along "with
Smokey, the buck, are household pets.
Tobacco Imports Gain
The world’s biggest producer
and exporter of tobacco, the
U.S., is also the third largest
importer. Imported tobacco will
account for one-sixth of all to
bacco consumed in the U.S. this
Most of the imported tobacco
is unmanufactured cigarette
leaf and scrap tobaccos, which
U.S. .cigarette makers blend
with domestic tobaccos. The im
portant feature of the. imports
5 s their low price.
Imports of cigarette tobaccos
rose 26 million pounds to 172
million pounds last year, and
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, December 28,1968
another large gain is expected in
1968, as cigarette makers at
tempt to stabilize their prices.
Smoking tobacco imports are
increasing by one-third this
year, and are expected to gain
further in 1969. Imports of this
kind have gained steadily for
years. Totaling an estimated 5
million pounds for 1968, they
are equal to about 7 percent of
our domestic output of smoking
Imports of manufactured ci
gars are increasing by an esti
mated one-third this year, but
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Peanuts, Tomey & Smokey
Are World’s Tamest Deer
by Everett Newswanger
Lancaster Farming Editor
A fire is crackling invitingly
in the fireplace It’s the day be
fore Christmas and you have
just entered the beautifully dec
orated family room of Mr and
Mrs Adam Schaffer and are
drawn to the wooded view
through the picture window. A
wide, fast-moving stream passes
beneath the window and when
you turn to make a comment
about the lovely setting to your
very gracious hosts, it happens l
Out of the corner of your eye,
through the glass patio doors,
you see them A second look re
veals two of the most splendid
Pennsylvania White-tailed Deer
you ever could see. This intro
duction to “Peanuts” and “Tom
ey”, lying on the doormat like
any ordinary pets, is only the
beginning of an experience not
ebon to foe forgotten.
started five years ago
when Schaffer, a contractor
-from - Macungie Rl r . bought - his
buck as- a -fawn. Smokey,-as he
is' affectionately, called, is now a
huge 10 point buck who lumbers
Elizabethtown FFA
Purchases New Truck
L. F. Photo
The Elizabethtown FFA Chap
ter recently purchased a 1969
Dodge Custom Sportsman. The
new truck replaced the four
year-old truck that traveled sev
eral times to the west coast. Lo
cal dealers placed bids for the
new truck. Petticoffer Dodge
won the contract. The new truck
is equipped with air condition
ing. The truck will be used for
field trips. The seniors will take
the truck out to the west coast
this summer,/ Funds for the
truck were raised from the bo
logna campaigns the chapter has
in November and March.
by Paul Swanger
Chapter Reporter
$2.00-Per Year
over his two-acre spread with
his mates A year later Peanuts
arrived and Tomey was acquired
three years ago
The deer population at the
Schaffer home increased by four
each of the last two years when
both doe had twins The fawns
are sold to other hobbiests who
happen to have a pasture and a
stream with a six foot high fence
around it Schaeffer says you can
keep a dber on one-half acre of
ground and it costs about $3O a
year for the dairy calf starter to
feed him The deer also get ap
ples each day and potatoes are
a regular part of their diet. Deer
regurgitate like a cow and have
a six month gestation period.
Fawns are generally born in
The real star of the house
hold, proclaimed as the “tamest
deer in the world,” is Peanuts.
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Tobacco Meeting
;Set At Maitindale -
The second in a series of to
bacco meetings will be held at
the Lincoln Independent School
Building near Martindale on
Wednesday evening, January
Bth at 7:30 P.M. as part of the
Eastern Lancaster County Adult
Farmer Program. Mr. Mark
Hess, Manager of Tobacco Mar
keting for Agway, Inc., and Mr.
Richard Charles, Manager of the
Bayuk Tocacco Company, will
lead a discussion on the han
dling and marketing of quality
A variety of topics of current
interest to local tobacco farm
ers will be discussed by the two
specialists. Among them will be
the pricing of tobacco before
planting, the drop in local pro
duction, the future of tobacco
substitutes, foreign tobacco
competition, the pricing of to
bacco by grade, the orderly
marketing of tobacco, a revi
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