Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, December 14, 1968, Image 11

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    How Lime Works
Have you ever wondered how dissolves slightly to release
lime neutralizes soil acidity’ It some calcium (Ca) and some
does this by inactivating or ‘ty carbonate (COS) The caibon
ing up’ the excess hydrogen in ate (COS) combines with the
the soil excess hydrogen (H) in an acid
Calcium carbonate (CaCOS) soil to form carbonic acid
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(H2CO3) Carbonic acid is un
stable and splits apart to form
carbon dioxide (CO2) and water
(H2O) Therefore, by this pro
cess, we have taken acid-form
ing hydiogen out of the soil
system and combined it into a
neutral, inactive water mole
When limestone neutralizes
soil acidity, the calcium in the
lime replaces the hydrogen on
the surface of soil particles
But, calcium does not neutra
lize the acidity As pointed out
previously, it is the carbonate
in the lime that inactivates the
excess hydrogen
The most important benefit
of liming is that nearly all
agronomic crops can be produc
ed more efficiently when rhe
soil pH is 6 5 to 7 0 In long
time studies in Wisconsin, we
found that liming a soil with a
pH of 5 2 resulted in yield in
creases of 40 percent for corn,
2 percent for oats, and 67 per
cent for alfalfa Research m
lowa and Ohio indicates that
maximum yield of corn, oats,
and alfalfa are attained when
the soil pH is about 6 8 to 7 0
Liming acid soils improves
crop yields primarily because
1 Microorganism activity is
enhanced This results in moie
rapid release of nitrogen, phos
phorus, and sulfur from decom
posing organic matter, and m
more efficient nitrogen fixation
by legume plants
2 Nutrients, such as phos
phorus and molybdenum, aie
more available at a pH of 6 5
to 7 0
3 Elements, such as iron, alu
minum, and manganese, which
are apt to be toxic in acid
soils, are not a problem when
soil is limed
NEW YORK The civil dis
orders that laged across the na
tion during the summer of 1967
caused insured losses of more
than $64 million, the Insurance
Information Institute reports
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Lancaster Farming. Saturday, December 14,1968 —
(A 5-question quiz on traffic safety from the Pennsylvania
Bureau of Traffic Safety published through the cooperation
of this newspaper)
1. In 1967 there were 2112 fatal accidents. Of these,
approximately percent of the offending drivers
involved were 24 years of age or younger.
<>) 24
2. While women drivers are the brunt of many jokes,
statistics for 1967 reveal that of the 2112 offending
drivers in fatal accidents, only were female.
(a) 252
3- Not one of Pennsylvania’s 67 co unties escaped with
out a traffic fatality in 1967. Only one county was able to
hold traffic fatalities to one death. That county was
(a) Clinton (b) Huntingdon (c) Potter (d) Forest
4. Under the recently passed legislation on "implied
consent”, an operator of a motor vehicle will be presumed
to be under the influence of alcohol if properly conducted
tests indicate the alcohol content of his blood to be
(a) .10
5. School’s now in session. The speed limit for auto
mobiles, when passing a school building during recess, or
while children are going to or leaving school during
opening or closing hours is miles ujer hour.
(a) 10 (b) 15 (c) 20 | (d) 25
„ j q-g ‘rs-p ‘p-g ‘q-Z ‘o-l .4raAtsay
9 0
Prevent Ice Buildup
. , prevent ice buildup, it may be
If water got into youi house lun through the downspouts to
01 any othei building during re- keep them clear of ice, they
cent heavy rams, it might be be- need to be turned on only when
cause the eaves and downspouts the lce 13 f° rmm S i om i e sa^et J
weie clogged with leaves With precautions must be observed,
buildings under or near trees, Fasten it fiimly with clips, make
tins could asily happen and sure 13 § r °unded, and don i
should be given some attention cut standard cable lengths
before seuous damage is done These safety items are tiue with
Also, I’m aware of the possibil- any heatmg cable at any place,
itj of ice building up along the
f' se of th f e trou | h - or the hve for, if it is
downspouts, and causing water
io entei the building Zigzagging n °t to make life less difficult to
a heating cable along the edge others’ Geoige Eliot
(c) 36
(b) 30
(c) 412
(b) 313
(c) .15
(b) .12
of the roof or the spouting helps
(d) 41
(d) 613
(d) .18