Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, December 14, 1968, Image 10

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    Study Cites Need For Dairy Produtt
Research And Development Program
The dairy industry has an ur
gent need and an excellent op
portunity to produce new uses
for milk that would benefit
dairy faimers through an ag
gressive dany product research
and development program, a
professional advisor to top
American corporations has con
cluded after a three month
The statement is made in a
report to American Dairy Asso
ciation by McKinsey and Co , an
international firm of manage
ment consultants hued to help
guide the organization of the
ADA reseai ch and development
division, formed early this year
After a detailed review of
current dairy industry research
efforts, McKinsey and Co con
cluded that “an intensive dairy
product research and develop
ment program is ui gently need
ed to counter the growth of
dany substitutes and imitations
and to overcome the decline in
pei capita consumption of na
tuial milk products.
“While substantial effoit will
be icquired to put a significant
program into operation, the op
portunities for creating funda
mental new uses of milk pro
ducts on which the economic
health of the American dairy
faimer depends makes the ef
fort cleaily worthwhile”
The leport notes that only
minor efforts have been made
to date to find products that
will create new demands for
milk All sectors of the dany
industry together will spend on
ly an estimated $l2 to $l3 mil
lion on dairy product research
in 1968 about 0 1 percent of
industry sales and only one
thntietb of average U S. indus
try research and development
expenditures of three percent
of sales.
“Not only arc expenditures
small.” the report goes on, “but
they are spread thinly among
neaily 50 private and public or
ganizations and generally are
aimed at product modification
rather than at finding funda
mentally new milk products In
total less than ten percent of all
danv reseal ch findings can be
classed as product develop
ment ”
Standby Generator
The standby geneiator could
be a very important investment
on most local farms, many fam
eis ha\e aheady made this
move With the winter stoim
season approaching, powei fail
uies aie a possibility with im
mense problems with modem
machines and automation When
the electuc powei fails just be
foi e milking time, or time to
feed the cattle and no electuciU
to mn the automatic feedeis or
no powei to opeiale a totally
ccnti oiled environment poultiy
or livestock bain, the investment
in such a geneiator might be a
life saver In most cases a power
take-off operated generator will
be adequate to foiestall serious
delay or loss; most farmers have
a u actor handy to operate this
unit. Don’t be caught without
one this winter
Employee Dishonesty
NEW YORK Although
American business suffers astio
nomical losses estimated at up
wards of $1.5 billion a year be
cause of employee dishonesty,
only about 15 to 20 percent of
business firms piotect them
sehes against such losses by
pui chasing fidelity bonds ac
•coidng to the Insuiance Infor
10—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, December 14,1968
"Not only has little attention
been given to new milk based
products, but some products
that have been developed have
not been marketed because the
developing agency has not had
the funds or facilities to conduct
necessary market testing and
product refinement Important
segments of the consumer mar
ket, institutional users and in
dustrial consumers have not ie
ceived adequate attention
“The overwhelming need in
the dairy industry,” according
to the management consultant
firm, “is for a well-organized ef
fort at one place that is large
enough to support research that
will lead to fundamental new
uses of milk products This ef
fort must supplement existing
programs, yet close the gaps in
piesent fragmented lesearch
“As a national, non-competi
tive oigamzation, American
Dairy Association is the logical
sponsor of a unified research
and development program,”
McKmsey and Co. states.
“The long-term objectives of
dairy industry research should
be to develop important break
through markets and to ensure
commercialization of attractive
new product ideas,” the report
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It recommends that the focus
of efforts during the first two
years or so be on the commer
cialization of products already
in existence Potentially attrac
tive products not exploited be
cause of unproven demand or
other factors included frozen
milk concentrate, freeze dried
milk, spray dried butter, sterile
cream, and many others
Financial requirements for
productive lesearch and de
velopment were estimated at $4
million for the first year, with a
desirable growth to $8 million
in three years and to about $lB
million in seven years
“This objective study by Me-
Kinsey and Co confirms the
soundness of the decision to
cieate a research and develop
ment division in ADA,” said
ADA general manager M J.
Framberger “It also provides
us professional guidelines in
terms of overall strategy, or
ganization, staff requirements,
and placement of an R and D
piogram within ADA.
“The findings of this study
more than justify the million
dollars ADA has allocated for
research in 1969,” Framberger
added, “and provide a sound
basis for producers to support
a systematic, well-planned, and
urgently required research and
development program ”
Burnell Buchen
• Buchen
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Lancaster and third was Paul
Scheumg, Quairyville R 1 These
prizes were $5O and $25 respec-
The contest is sponsored each
year by the local Kiwanis Club,
and Jay Irwin, Associate County
Agent, served as the judge.
Fire Victims
NEW YORK Fire tends to
victimize the very old and the
very young. The Insurance In
formation Institute notes that
the highest death rate by fire is
among persons 65 years of age
or older; the second highest rate
among children under 5
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Food Buying For Two
Con Be Interesting
Buying small quantities of
foods and using convenience
foods can make cooking for one
or two interesting, says Mrs.
Ruth J. Blick, extension foods
and nutrition specialist of The
Pennsylvania State University.
But the homemaker in a two
person household may need to
check her buying habits, espe
cially if she has been used to
cooking for a family ot several
children. No longer are the
larger economical size packages
necessarily her best buys
For husband and wife, cereals
in large boxes may get stale be
fore they are eaten. A better
buy for the retired couple might
be individual serving boxes al
though they are more expensive.
Usually one serving pieces of
meat may be their choice
Buying in smaller quantities
may mean a larger outlay of
cash for each food item, reminds
Mrs. Buck In the long run,
however, it is a money caver be
cause fewer stale oi spoiled
products are thrown away
Homemakers who use package
mixes for baking will have little
need for a large sack of flour.
And where there are no chiV
dien in the house, thej have cut
down on their baking
It’s possible to ha\e a well
balanced meal with little effort
and time with the use of con
venience foods A fruit or vege
table salad and a glass of milk
will round out the mining nu
'tCTtN f Jcp”'
I I*4 C=.