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    fr- Lancaster Farming. Saturday. December 7.1968
• Mystery Farm Contest
ent area each week is publish- correct answers at a drawing to
<-d The general direction from be held at the end of the con-
Lancaster is given and from lest.
theie it’s up to you. You or one of your neighbors
Study the picture each week, will be receiving that $lOO
Guess which of your neighbor’s check just after the beginning
:arm is pictured. Put your of the new year. So enter each
identification (the name on the week.
mail box and his address) along A complete list of the contest
with your own name and ad- mles and our address where you
dress on a 5 cent post card or send your entries is listed with
in a letter and mail it each week the Mystery Farm each week Be
so we receive it by Friday morn- sure to follow them We identi
i'ng following the Saturday date fy each Mystery Farm in the
of publication. following issue.
If you give us the correct That’s all there is to it. This
farmer living on our Mystery week we have a Western Lan-
Farm, your entry will be placed caster County Farm. Hope you
in competition with all other know it
Mystery Farm Contest Rules
1 The contest consists of eight weekly installments featur
ing the pictme of a Lancaster County Faim, each from a differ
ent area ot the County Cash pnzes will be awarded fiom a diaw
mg of the coirect entries following the contest The awaids will
be Fust Piize, $100: Second Pnze, $5O and Third Pnze, $25
2 All paid subscribers to Lancaster Farming are eligible
Subscubeis may enter each week (8 times) but only one entiy
per week will be allowed.
3 To enter, study the enlarged photograph within the Mys
teiy Faim Picture Frame in each issue. Guess which of your
neighbor’s farm is pictured Put your identification (THE NAME
ON THE MAIL BOX AND HIS ADDRESS) along with your own
name ancr address on a five-cent post card or in a letter. (Note;
the correct identification will be the person actually living on
the farm.) Mail it to us so we have it in our office by Friday
morning following the Saturday publishing date.
4 Entries must be mailed to our office address as follows;
The Mystery Farm Contest, Lancaster Fanning Newspaper, P.O
Box 266, Lititz, Pa. 17543. No phone calls will be accepted ai
5 Entries become the property of Lancaster Farming and
the decision of the judges is final. Identification of the Mystery
Farm will be published in each following issue.
THE ABOVE FARM SETTING was featured last week
as the third in a series of eight Mystery Farms. It is the
farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Nolt and family,
Manheim Rl, located just south of Manheim along Route
72. The Nolts have four children, Caroline 9, Ronald 7,
Joyce 6 and Kevin 1. They fatten 150 steers a year and have
50 brood sows.
The fourth Mystery Farm is pictured on Page I of this
issue as the contest continues. Rules to enter are found with
the photograph.
we recommend
for weed control in alfalfa
Smoketown, Pa. Phone 397-3539
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(Continued irom i’"rr 1) (Continued uom Page aj fact, I feel I will always have an
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m!mS d sS°DirS akCI "" °wilh it all. though. Glenn Vice
In the business meeting. Vic- keeps coming back to the farm. £j esid y nt and Ameri can Farm
tor Pinstow, Associate County ei . ij as a good start in any phase
Agent, spoke on “Production of at Ephrata High School intro- of agriculture he chooses to
Quality Milk”, and Frank Wil- d d his stU£ ient, Earl Gerhart, follow.
son, Field Representative fron u, " cu . -.t
the National Ayrshire Associa- who won lhe Ayrshne Cal t
tion showed slides of a tour to the Lampeter Fair earlier this Never try to sell a man any-
South America. fail. The calf came trom Esben- thing except food when he’s
Lewis Ayers, Vo-Ag teacher shade’s herd. hungry.
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