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    How To Ruin A Warm
(Ed. Note: There are lots of
ways to put the freeze on a
warm friendship and the
colorful characters described
below have discovered most
-of them. This satirical collec
tion of kooks based on a
psychologists’ summary and
prepared by Florists Trans
world Delivery reveals some
common foibles sure to turn
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the trust in any relationship
straight into bust, with prac
tical advice On how to avoid
The sit-in, shoo-out, hang-up
and put-down are just four of
the common ways in which won
derfully warm friendships are
ruined sometimes turning in
laws into outlaws, and taking
the “r” out of friend.
Though a really good friend
is hard to find, losing one is
often far too easy. Nobody
wants to change from a pal to a
pill and a recent psychologist’s
report describes some colorful
characters whose foibles usually
turn affection to rejection . . .
with some sage suggestions on
how to avoid them.
1 Bad News Bernie.
Berme is a wonderful friend
as long as you’re having a tough
time. If your mother-in-law
moves in or your wife moves
out, Bernie is always the first
to know and to call full of
sympathy. But when you get
that big promotion or your first
son weighs in at a lusty 9
pounds, Bernie is strangely ab
sent . . . and stays that way till
fate deals you another blow.
Don’t be a Bad News Bernie
Your friends need you around
to celebrate as much as to com
miserate. So when good news
comes their way, be the first to
call or write. Even better
send flowers. It’s surprising how
pleased folks are to be remem
bered when things are going
The “We’ll Be There” Wilkin
Almost everyone has friends
like the Wilkinsons for a
while, anyhow. They’re always
the life of every party and they
never miss one. If you decide
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to ask a few neighbors in, the
Wilkinsons turn up as a sur
prise. And when you rent that
little cottage by the lake, they
just happen to be driving by
for the weekend. Obviously, the
Wilkinsons are so busy with
their gregarious gadding, they
never have time to entertain
you. And, since they’re never at
home, you can’t just drop in on
Needless to say, the Wilkin
sons have ruined a numbei of
warm friendships as you
will, too, if you lack common
consideration and fail to le
cipiocate with your own invita
tions Even when fi lends say
“Diop in any time” its tactful
to call before you do And aftei
an overnight visit, it’s a must to
send a thank-you note a biead
and-butter gift or a thoughtful
bouquet of flowers with your
own individualized message.
Good Time Gilda.
You may have at least one
Good Time Gilda on your list
of friends . temporarily The
opposite number to Bad News
Bernie, she’s just as obnoxious
in her way Gilda is one of those
blithe spirits who gravitates to
ward fun and runs from trouble
Whether you lose your job, your
boyfriend or your apartment,
Gilda is the first to know
and go She won’t be around
till you’re fully recovered and
by that time who needs hei ’
Many people instinctively
shun misfortune as though it
were contagious But this type
of behavior is guaranteed to
turn the trust in any relation
ship straight into bust. Do be a
friend in need, offer positive
help as well as sympathy and
you’ll be pretty sure to have a
friend around when you need
“You-Poor-Thing” Pattie.
Pattie is a remarkably sym
pathetic friend In fact, she
fairly overflows with sympathy
but, unfortunately, that’s all
she has to offer and as she con
tinues with condolences on your
latest haircut, most expensive
dress, brand new draperies,
your husband’s business affilia
tions and your children’s be
havior you start by feeling aw
fully sorry for yourself then de
cide you may be allergic to
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, December 7,1968—47
Expressing the right amount
of sympathy at the right time
is certainly in order. But don’t
overdo it. Belittling a compan
ion is one sure way to rub the
“r” right out of friendship.
How-To-Do-It Harry
Hairy’s the kind of friend
who loves to give advice, solicit
ed or not Whenever you have
to make a decision, Harry makes
it for you And, if you fail to
follow his suggestions, regard
less of the outcome, he is cer
tain to say “I told you so” Har
ly is also an amazing second
guesser, given to such endearing
expressions as “How could you
have - -” “What, you mean
you’ve nevei heard of - -
“I’m surprised you didn’t -
Of all the wavs to uan a waim
friendship, offering unwanted
advice 01 criticism is probably
the most potent Even when
friends ask for your advice, they
usually prefer to make their
own decisions and want to be
respected for it.
There ai e a number of othei s
on the list some of whom
may be among your own ac
quaintances Catastrophe Cate
who goes from one ghastly cris
is to another and insists on
phoning you about each, usual
ly at 3 a m ; the Two-Faced Ta
tems who ooze with compli
ments and chummess in your
presence, but run you down
mercilessly behind your back;
the Borrowing Barclays who are
always in debt and find it’s
becomes an all-season performer
with these quick-change accessories
S* A f®s minutes
Pond Road
(2 miles Northwest of Intercourse)
easier and cheaper to borrow
from you than a bank; Name-
Dropping Ned who knows every
body you don’t and loves to rub
it in; Boring Benjie who only
stops talking about himself long
enough to repeat the same old
jokes which weren’t even good
the first time and Awkward
Annie who inevitably manages
to break up the furniture, burn
a hole in the rug 01 smash your
best china whenever she’s a
The fictitious characters de
scribed above aie obvious exag
gerations Few real persons aie
so consistently poisonous yet,
accoidmg to psychologists,
eveiyone commits some of these
unfuendly acts occasionally
even to their nearest and dear
est Howevei, with a little effoit
and self-examination you can
eliminate most of them and
thus manage to keep on good
terms with those fi lends you
most want to keep.
” and
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