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    VOL. 13 NO. 33
Estate Fund
The $50,000 from the Willis
Esbenshade Estate Fund that
the Farm and Home Foundation
has been waiting for was releas
ed Friday, according to Attor
ney William H. Mann, 53 North
Duke Street.
In making the announcement
of the decision handed down by
Judge John L. Bowman, Mann
said the evidence was over
whelmingly in favor of the
Foundation. The fact that the
Foundation was a charitable one
and Esbenshade had made ar
rangements with Mayor Thomas
Monaghan to meet his promises'
to match the Foundation in two
$25,000 gifts were the main rea
sons the funds were released to
the Foundation, - ' -
If there is no descent within
the next 20 days the Foundation
should soon have the money
shortly thereafter.
Same Cow Herds
Top DHIA Again
The same Lancaster County
Dairy Herds placed one-two in
the monthly DHIA report for
May as did in April according to
reports just back from Penn
Edwin J. Landis, 1406 Lam
peter Road placed Ist with 36 5
cows averaging 571 lbs of milk
and 228 lbs. of butterfat per
day with a 4 percent test Last
month the Landis herd top the
county with 37 4 cows recording
56 lbs of milk and 224 lbs of
butteifat also a 40 percent test.
The second high herd was re
ported for Stanley Greiner, Man
heim R 4, with 23 cows, 56 2 lbs.
of milk, 2.19 lbs. of butterfat
and’ a 3.9 percent test. Last
month the Landis herd topped
the county with 37.4 cows re
emding 56 lbs. of milk and 224
lbs of butterfat also a 40'per
cent test.
The high lactation finished in
May was owned by the Red Rose
Research Farm, 226 Pitney Road.
Nancy, at 7-sy, in 3Q5 days pro
duced 19,380 lbs. of milk and
882 lbs of butterfat with 4 6 per
cent test.
.The second high cow was
owned by Charles Tindall, Peach
-Bottom Rl. Lucinda’s record
reads: 10-8 y 20,858 m 862 f 4.1%.
Farm Calendar
Tuesday, July 16
900 a.m.-Ag Teacher meet.,
Lampeter-Strasburg High Sch.
8 ’™ o oi^ l 'w rH L fn„ tS C T n c ,i
8:00 p msa & Home Foun-
dation Board meets. Farm &
Hoxne Center.
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Debrah Elaine Binkley, center, was chosen Wednesday
evening at the Princess Pageant held at the Host Town
-MoteLyMjss-iAnna-Mae -Bonotigh-, 1967
Miss Susanßarge, Ist runner-up to the new prmc-dsVis left. -
L. F. Photo
Shafer Signed Mandatory
Meat Inspection Law
Gov. Raymond Shafer recently
signed a new mandatory meat
and poultry inspection law which
he described as “evidence of
Pennsylvania’s determination to
give consumers the protection
they need in the modern mar
ket place ”
The measure, House Bill No
1566, replaces a 53-year-old meat
SHOCKING WHEAT, just north of
New Holland. Lancaster Farming Editor
unc | these fellows working along
Monday and asked if they would pose for
this L. F. Photo. They amicably consented
but asked that they not be identified.- To
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, July 13,1968
hygiene law which provided in
spection services on a voluntaiy
basis for butchers and packers.
“This new legislation places
Pennsylvania in the forefront of
states that have taken action to
safeguard the public’s meat sup
ply,” Gov Shafer said “It is in
teresting to note, in this respect,
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Debrah Binkley Is New
County Dairy Princess
Susan Barge Is Voted
Miss Personality And
Named Ist Runner-Up
Debrah Elaine Binkley, 17-
year-old daughter of Mr. and
Mis Richard O Binkley, Colum
bia R 2, won the right Wednes
day night, to represent the Lan
caster County dairy industry as
the new Daily Princess The
1968 Hsmpfield High School
graduate succeeded Anna Mae
Donough, the 1967 Lancaster
County Dairy Princess, at the
Annual Princess Pageant held in
the Host Motel
Named runner-up to the new
4-H Demonstration
And Public Speaking
Winners Are Named
A pair of junior leaders in the
Penn Manor Kookie Kooks, two
-Beef and Lamb Glub and a Don
egal Sewing Club member were
gained winners in the 4-H Dem
onstration and Public Speaking
Contests held Tuesday, at the
Farm and Home Center.
’ Connie Stehman, Conestoga
R 2 and Linda Porter, Washing
ton Boro Rl, teamed up with ah
“Out Door Cookout” demonstra
tion in the Home Economics di
vision to win blue ribbons
Others selected to compete at
the district level were Pat Smuc
ker, Ephrata R 2 and Ellyce Jean
Engle, Conestoga R 2.
In the Agriculture Division,
Marvin Nissley, Mt Joy Rl and
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this the editor agreed. Anyway, the grains
of wheat were rather hard indicating ma
turity and the 11 acre field being cut with
a binder at the time was standing very
$2.00 Per Ye*r
princess and selected by her fel
low contestants as Miss Person
ality was Susan Barge, 17-year
old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Raymond Barge, Ronks Rl.
Miss Binkley, showing poise
in front of the largest crowd
(.270 persons) ever to attend the
event, pulled the question: “How
much education do you feel you
need in the present world?”
She answered that you should
have at least a high school edu
cation and if you want to spe
cialize. you should go on and
tram for it
The new dairy princess is em
ployed as a clerk-typist by Arm
strong Cork Co
The featured speaker at the
banquet was Boyd C. Gartley,
Director of Public and Member
Relations, Interstate Milk Pra
ducer’s Cooperative. Gartley told
the group, “If the dairy indus
try is to prosper, a good research
and development program is ab
solutely necessary
“Many producers living in a
dream world of wishful think
ing,” he said, “are still believing
the job of promoting many of
their products will and should
be done by handlers Less than
50 percent of U S. dairy farmers
(and U S dairy farmers, by the
way, have 95 percent of the to
tal capital investment in the na
tion’s dairy industry) see fit to
invest any of their gross income
in advertising, merchandizing,
research and development, or in
consumer education activities.
With this inertia, how can dairy
men expect to compete against
strongly advertised new foods
and drinks which have develop
ed through product and market
research?” he asked.
In the contest. Miss Binkley,
Miss Barge, Carol M Brubaker,
Lititz Rl and Sherry Diana Lord,
Manheim Rl, were questioned
by Master of Ceremonies Harry
Kauffman, Director of Public
Relations for the Philadelphia
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Holstein Men
Set Field Day
For July 23
The Lancaster County Hol
stein Breeders’ Association an
nounced plans this week for
their annual Field Day to be
held Tuesday, July 23 at the
farm of J. Mowerv Frey, Jr., 401
Beaver Valley Pike.
The Judging contest will be
gin at 10:45 am. At noon a
Chicken Barbeque will be avail
able at $1 00 per person. Milk
and ice cream will be furnish
The afternoon program will
begin at 1 30 p.m. with William
L Conyngham, Hillside Farms,
Shavertown, as the featured
speaker. Conyngham will also
serve as the judge for the morn
ing contest.
The field day committee is
Robert C. Groff, H. Richard
Hershey and David Sweigart.