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    VOL. 13 NO. 25
Milk Promotion Discussed By
Group Of Interested Persons
Almost everyone participated
in the discussion at the meeting
of the group interested in milk
promotion in Lancaster County,
held Thursday night at the
Manheim Twp. Branch of the
Conestoga Bank. And many
ideas were expressed.
The leaders of the group had
met several weeks ago to dis
cuss the possibility of a county
wide milk promotion parade,
but Thursday night it was decid
ed to move in the direction of
creating floats to participate in
the existing Fall Fair parades
A committee was formed for
this purpose.
Other suggestions coming from
the meeting were: A radio pro
gram; Dairy division in the pa
lade; Leaflets in letters when
paying bills; TV program, Write
to farm editor; Advertisements
111 newspapers; Letters to
friends in city; Dairy bars at
farm fairs; Advertisements on
bulk tank trucks, Dairy princess
pageant and a Slogan contest.
Several farmers were appoint
ed to go oma- local- radio station™]
to use the time made available ]
and an attempt is to he made to
encourage milk promotion on
the tank trucks. The group also '
decided to expand more effort
toward the Dairy Princess
Throughout the evening gen- ■
eral concern was expressed at
the publicity filled milk is gett
ing and a general desire that j
Rural Life Sunday
The fifth Sunday after Easter }
is often referred to as Rural Life <
Sunday or Rogation Sunday This J
is a day set apart for emphasiz
ing the meaning of Christianity £
foi rural life c
On May 19 at 10 30 a.m , Rural
Life Sunday Services will be
held in the Bergstrasse Lutheran
Church, located just off Route
#322 between Hinkletown and
Ephrata. The Rev Lester Rudi
sill will conduct the service with
members of Lancaster 4-H Coun
ty Council assisting
Everyone is invited to attend,
especially young people in 4-H
activities. These services are
open to the public and all are
Farm Calendar
Sunday, May 19
-19-26 Soil Stewardship Week
Monday, May 20
I'oo p m-Intermediate Clothing
Construction Workshop, Farm
& Home Center
8 00 p m - Manheim Young
Farmers meet, (Insurance and
You) School Vo-Ag room
8 00 p m -4-H Horse and Pony
Club leaders meet, Farm &
Home Center.
Tuesday, May 21
7 30 p m -Lincoln 4-H Commun
itj Club meet, Mt. Aire Fire
® 00 p m -Farm & Home Foun
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proper means be used to get
milk in the same favorable
The milk parade itself was
tabled at least for the present
largely because of fear that
lack of organization and partici
pation might give the impres
sion of a demonstration.
Pequea Valley
Boys Top State
Dairy Judging
The Pequea Valley High
School FFA Dairy Judging
Team took State honors by
winning first place in the 43rd
Annual Dairy Exposition con
test held recently at Penn State.
The team consisting of Wavne
Yost, Wendel Ranck, Steve Her
shey and Arthur Bomberger,
was honored last Saturday night
at a banquet in the Spring Mills
Fire Hall in Spring Mills, for
their achievement
Yost, son of Mr. and Mrs John
"RTTost, Narvcforwas the" high
individual in the state and high
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Listing Revised
A change m the method of
auoting egg prices was instituted
last week by Urner-Barry Pub
The new setup separates two
classes of eggs and also takes
into account changes in trading
specifications on the New York
Mercantile Exchange
The change was recommend
ed by the exchange’s egg advis
ory committee after it had met
"ith producer elements, particu
larly fiom the South, who want
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the John E. Stoltzfus Farm, located one-half mile North
of Intercourse. Stoltzfus has 80 beds with a total of 1500
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, May 18,1968
Dr. Russell Larson
Farm And Home
Open House Set
For June 9
Dr Russell E. Larson, dean
of Penn State University, will
be the featured speaker for the
Open House planned at the new
Farm and Home Center, 1383
Arcadia Road on Sunday, June
According to Snavely Garber,
Foundation President, the open
house will last from 1 00 to 4 00
p m and the dean will speak at
2 00 p m All interested persons
are invited to attend.
Filled Milk Heoring
Reconvenes In Memphis
The U S Department of Agri
culture will reconvene a national
public hearing May 21 in Mem
phis, Tenn, on amending all
Federal milk marketing orders
with respect to filled or imita
tion milk
USDA’s Consumer and Mar
keting Service officials said the
considerations will be the same
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Rain Holds County Farmer Team
From Getting The First Tobacco
Plants In The Ground This Week
Spreading hog bristles by hand
over two acres of tobacco beds is
not easy but it helps hold the
moisture needed to sprout the
tmy seeds So. that is what John
E Stoltzfus, Gordonville Rl and
his family does.
And because of his extra me
ticulous care of the plants he had
fine, healthy-looking, 7-inch tall
plants by Tuesday, May 14. He
planned to team up with Joseph
Shirk, East Earl Rl, on Thurs
day, to get the Lancaster Coun
tv Tobacco planting season un
der-way this week But the rams
Thursday set the starting date
back to today or the beginning
ot next week, whenever the
g' ound is fit.
Stoltzfus, a 30-year grower of
tobacco plants to sell, has his
own methods of producing
plants He says to get good early
plants you must get the beds
sowed early and keep them
One idea he thinks is import
ant and is over-looked by many
plant growers, is to water the
beds good and keep them moist
until they are sprouted Then he
recommends letting them dry
cut to force the plant roots to go
down deeper and form a more
extensive root system “And
when you do water the beds,” he
says, “water them right If you
don’t soak the beds the roots stay
near the surface ”
John gets a lot of experience
each year raising tobacco plants
Located one j half mile North of
Intercourse, he has 80 beds for
a total of 1500 steam pans At
tobacco bed steaming time he
keeps himself busy with his own
ng He does no custom work but
he has many requests
Stoltzfus sows his beds under
muslin and uses no glass or plas
steam pans. The first plants were to be pulled Thursday
but rain postponed the start until today or the beginning
of next week whenever the ground is fit. L. F. Photo
$2.00 Per Year
tic. He has 200 customers who
buj plants
One of these customers i«
Shirk, a buyer of Stoltzfus' first
plants for five or six years.
Why does he buy plants rather
than raise them himself? "I get
healthy plants because Stoltzfus
takes good care of his plants
and uses the more costly chemi
cals to keep them free of disease
and growing,” he said Also I
can buy them ready pulled and
can get enough to plant my five
acres all within a week
“I like to plant early and aM
before Memorial day.” Shirk
continued “By doing this I can
get help to cut it before every
body else is cutting It also has a
better chance to cure in the
shed ”
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Dairy Edition
Coming June 1
The June 1 edition of Lan
caster Farming will again be
the Annual Special Dairy Is
sue dedicated to the promo
tion of the dairy industry in
Lancaster County. Special
dairy stories, advertising, edi
torials and reports will be
part of the foremat.
Of special interest will be
the inclusion of reports on
local cow families. Here is a
chance for you to get your
favorite cow family in the
news. Send us such informa
tion as: The foundation cow
and her daughters and grand
daughters. Include records,
names and a few comments
on the Family Tree.
For full information see
page 26 of this issue.