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    18—Lancaster Farming. Saturday. A|
For the
Farm Wife
By Mra. Richard C. Speoce, Food Editor
How did the bunny ever get mixed up
with eggs and Easter anyway?
Easter customs are a mixture of Christian
celebration and old pagan spring festivals. In
India and China, the rabbit and egg were sym
bols of the new spring birth of crops and cat
tle. It did not take long for these symbols to
be included in a Christian festival that came
at the same time of the year.
Other lands have had customs that sound
strange today. In Old Russia even the'lowliest
peasant might greet the Czar on Easter Sun
day by giving him a kiss on the cheek while
saying “Christ is Risen.” In some countries
the hearth fires would be put out at sunset of
Holy Saturday to be relit with candles blessed
tract and 3 teaspoons water
by the church,
Easter customs are associat
ed with foods, too. Rich foods
have been absent during Lent,
which makes an Easter feast aH
tne more welcome In this coun
try we traditionally sene ham.
usually deeoratively glazed and
garnished. Special Easter cakes
and breads are a delicious fea
ture of the season.
What could be more tradition
al than Hot Cross Buns? Thex
can easily be made from a hot
roll mix Add 1 teaspoon cin
roman, Vj teaspoon allspice.
teaspoon cardamom and I 2 cup
seedless white raisins to the
flour mixture Prepare as di
rected on the package, shape
into 18 balls and let rise until
doubled on a greased baking
sheet Bake 15 minutes in a 400
degree o\ en , When cool, frost
the top of the buns in the shape
of a cross with % cup powdered
sugar, % teaspoon lemon ex-
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Tradition Of Easter
Try a few quick tricks with
packaged refrigerator biscuits
for an easy, tasty Easter break
fast. Quick Cinnamon Twists are
done in less than 10 minutes
Pull each biscuit to about 6
inches m length. Dip in melted
butter, then in a mixture of V 2
cup finely chopped nuts and cin
namon sugar. Bake for 8 min
utes in r. 475 degree oxen.
Cinnamon-Pecan Biscuits are
also delicious. Melt 2 table
spoons butter, add 3 tablespoons
honex, 1 teaspoon cinnamon. 1
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teaspoon grated orange peel and
Vi cup chopped pecans. Cook,
stirring constantly, over medi
um heat until pecans are glazed.
Flatten refrigerator biscuits on
baking sheet, and spoon the pe
can mixture over them. Bake
as directed on package.
Hard-cooked eggs are a must
for a traditional Easter break :
fast. They will be much more
tender and flavorful if the heat
is carefully controlled. Cover
the eggs with water at least one
inch above the eggs. Cover the
pan and bring eggs rapidly to a
boll, immediately remove from
the heat and let stand for 15
minutes. Cool promptly and
thoroughly to prevent dark sur
face on the yolks and to make
the shells easier to remove. If
desired, instead of allowing the
eggs to stand 15 minutes with
out heat, after bringing the eggs
rapidly to a boil, they may be
kept in water which is just be
low simmering for 20 minutes.
Decorating with eggs is a col
orful way to greet spring. Al
though hard-dooked eggs may
be decorated, emptied egg shells
could be used for more perma
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nent arrangements. To empty
raw eggs, carefully make a
small hole with a largo needle
in each end of the egg. Pierce
the egg yolk before blowing.
Hold the egg over a bowl and
blow gently. When empty rinse
the egg with cold water and al
low to dry.
Let your imagination run riot
when you are decorating eggs.
Dye them, of course, but do not
atop there. For easy but artistic
results, use flowers, ribbon, se
quins, beads, buttons, rick-rack,
colored cellophane tape, small
candy, or colored sugar.
Egg trees will display the
beauty of decorated eggs most
effectively. They can be made
bare twigs or branches,
depending on the final size
wanted. For a small tree an in
verted funnel works well as a
base. Put the twigs in the hole
of the funnel, and cover it with
Easter basket greenery. Tie
eggs on with loops of cellophane
tape or with ribbon slipped
through the blowing holes. Large
branches can be firmly planted
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in a flower pot filled with any
reasonably firm material such
as modeling clay, plastic foam,
crumpled chicken wire, or even
hard-packed soil.
Easter dinner is the high point
of the day... smell the promise
of that gorgeous ham coming
from the kitchen? But. leave it
to Mom, she has a real surprise
in store. There on the dinner
table, serving as a centerpiece
for the moment, is an elegant,
luscious • looking Easter Egg
Roll. It's frosted a soft pink and
dotted all over with Jellybeans
in an array of dainty colors.
And, when it’s dessert time and
this beauty is cut.... look at
what’s inside! Bright red. tart
and tasty cranberry sauce ....
that's what!
cup all-purpose flour
teaspoon baking powder
teaspoon salt
cup granulated sugar
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