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    I'L. 13 NO. 16
FFA Chapter
Presents $350 To
Farm & Home
T'.<- Lampeter Strasburg High
Sch«o) FFA Chapter presented a
$l5O check to the Lancaster
County Farm & Home Founda
tion Thursday evening, at their
annual Parent and Son Banquet
held in the school cafeteria Ba
ud ftohrer made the presenta
tion to B. Snavely Garber.
1 gold medal in record book
competition was won by James
Higa Henry Givler, Area Vo-Ag
Supervisor, made this presenta
tion High also won the Produc
tion Credit Award, Dairy Farm
ing 'Queen Dairy Award (also
von last year); was the high
Junior and Senior Seed Sales
man and was recognized as one
ot tne Keystone Farmers
Ciair Esbenshade was named
the Red Rose Star Chapter
Farmer, Paul Eckman was
named Chapter Star Farmer
and Clair Witwer is the Star
Gieen Hand
The Sears Gilt awards went to
Glenn Livengood and Witwer
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Farmers’ Assn.
Plan Meeting
The Lancaster County Farm
ers’ Association has announced
an annual spring meeting to be
held March 26 at the new Farm
& Home Center, Arcadia Road
Time for the meeting is 7 "30
p m
According to Noah W. Wen
ger president, the speakers for
this educational meeting will be
Charles Ord, administrative sec
letarj, and Chester Heim, leg
islative director, both from the
Pennsylvania Farmers’ Associa
tion They will speak on the
theme “You Can’t Go It Alone”
Farm Calendar
Sunday, March 17
17-21 National Farmers Un
ion Annual Convention, Min
neapolis, Minn.
—Manchester Pony Club meet,
John Gibson Farm
Monday, March 18
1 00 pm Lancaster County
Swine Producers Assn Spring
Carcass & Evaluation Con
tests, Vintage Sales Stable
7 30—Manheim Young Farmers
meet, (corn production), Vo-
Ag Room
8 00 p.m —4-H Redevelopment
Fund Committee meet, Farm
& Home Center
Tuesday, March 19
7 30 p m —Lincoln Community
4-H Club meet, Mt Airy Fire
30 p m —Cattle Feeder meet,
Farm & Home Center
30 pm—Wayne Dairy meet ,
Lawn Fire Hall.
30 p m.—Garden Spot Adult
Farmer meet, Vo-Ag Room
30 p.m.—Farm & Home Foun
dation Board meet, Farm &
Home Center.
30 p.m.—4-H Tractor Main
tenance Club Round-up, Lan-
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DANIEL BURKHART took office practice for his work
experience m the Vo-Ag Course under the direction of
Phillip Ogline at the Garden Spot High School. The seniors
at the school are working several afternoons a week to gain
experience in Agri-Business. L. F. Photo
Eggs Should Be In Every
American Refrigerator
Shouldn’t e\ery refrigerator in
America ha\e eggs on its shelf?
Dr Cecil E Howes, head of
the Department of Poultry Sci
ence, Virginia Polytechnic In
stitute, thinks they should
Speaking at the final education
al meeting of the current series
sponsored by the Lancaster
County Poultry Association on
Wednesday evening, Howes said,
“We have a good product and we
should ‘cackel’ about it We
don’t tell people what we have ”
The Virginia professor ac
cused the poultry, enterprise of
simply taking orders and not
really “selling” the product
not advertising all the good
qualities of eggs and poultry
“As long as you simply take or
ders you aie not marketing,” he
In a table of comparative perf
ect value foods Howes listed hu
man milk at 95% eggs at 94,
cow's milk 90 mer 77, beef,
76, potatoes, 67 and corn, 60
He said that you know milk is
nature's most perfect food be
cause dairymen ha\e advertised
it to be But the professor show
ed where eggs are actually
more perfect than cow’s milk
“There is nothing phony about
the war on hunger.” Howes
said He showed where land in
Lancaster Farming. Saturday, March 16.1968
North America and a part of
South America are the only land
places where food production
can be expanded
The lively speaker showed
slides along with his presenta
tion to show “Our Industry
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PALS. Carl Brown (second from left) re
ceived a plaque from the Lancaster
County Poultry Association Wednesday
night, at their educational meeting, for
service and use of the Farm Credit build-
Agriculture Students Are
Exploring Agri-Business
Sixteen senior vocational ag
ncultuie students at Garden
Spot High School in New Hol
land are now participating in
the 1968 Agri-Business Work Ex
perience Program under the di
rection of Phillip Oghne, Vo-Ag
Teacher in charge
The boys stait their senior
class work by exploring careers
in Agriculture At this time the
study centers around full de
tails of the farm situation and
the opportunities to be a farmer
Then they actually (on paper)
buy a farm, finance and farm
it foi a year, keeping all rec
ords and making repoits on
their tiansactions They take
field trips and have experts in
e\ery area of the farming en
terpnse into the class room to
increase the effectiveness ol the
Former Local Dairyman Speaks
On Dairy Management Problems
Dairymen were told Tuesday,
that they'must have a balance
-among eight factois in dairy
Samuel Dum, Farm Manage
ment Specialist from Penn State
and a former Lancaster County
dairyman, speaking to 300 dairy
men at the annual Dairy Day,
held at the Guernsey Sales Pa
vilion, listed these factors in
dairy profit or loss - Size; Pro
duction; Feed costs; Invest
ment, Labor efficiency. Rec
ords, Production program, and
(See Photo Page 13)
Under production costs Dum
said feed amounted to 50 per
cent of the total And DHIA rec
ords for 1966 showed herds that
had 9,500 pounds of milk per
cow had only $238 above feed
costs whereas those having 12,-
000 pounds made $336 per head
ing as a meeting place. John Hess, presi
dent, made the presentation. Dr. Cecil E.
Howes, (left) was the featured speaker
and Allen B. Graybill, vice-president,
(right) was in charge of the meeting.
$2.00 Per Year
Now, they are taking a look
at business off the farm “To
let the boys see the alterna
tives,” as Oghne says “Many
times he ends up thinking it’s
best at home ’’
Each senior has the chance
to choose the type of work ex
perience in the Agri-Business
world that he would like to try.
This year a boy on a small farm
wanted to work on a larger
Possible employers are con
tacted in the interest fields and
each boy actually applies for a
job and is accepted or rejected
the same as any other job seek
This year the starting date
for the project was February 26
and it will end March 22 The
boys work on-the-job. Monday,
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over feed cost He said the $335
level was the average
The herds having 16,800
pounds of milk per head had
$517, over feed costs “It is my
contention,” the specialist said,
“that many herds in the state
can produce at the 15,000 pound
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Combine Meeting
Of Young Farmers To
Be Held Tuesday
A combined meeting of the
Penn Manor and the Ephrata
Young Farmers will be held
Tuesday, March 19 in the Penn
Manor Vo-Ag room at Millers
ville The subject for discus
sion will be wise credit use
A panel discussion will fea
ture George Lewis, Conestoga
Bank; Stanley Musselman,
Farmers Bank; and Carl Brown,
Production Credit
L. F. Photo