Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, November 04, 1967, Image 17

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    New Feeder
Steers Need
Special Care
» bought feed- SS J3KSA? in"SS
er cattle, chances are good that summertime when the truck
they have been under consider- has to set In the hot sun. Be
able stress for several days, sure the truck exhaust fumes
Calves need special care to don’t seep into the bed.
keep them from coming down Pasture Helps...
with disease andi get them off Many feeders prefer to put
to a good start, says Dr. Rob- new cattle in a well-fenced
ert Hammond, Extension vet- grass pasture for a week or
erinarian at the University of two before putting them in the
Maryland. feed lot. But if you do this, be
If you bought healthy, alert sure they have shade and plen
cattle, only a small amount of ty of water. And (be sure the
preparation should be necessa- pasture is small enough that
ry to get them settled in their you can see all the calves ev
new home. ery day.
Remember, some calves may If the cattle go directly into
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have been on the road for sev
eral days. Load them gently
into the truck and avoid over
crowding, However, cattle ride
better if they are reasonably
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the feed lot, it should be ready
before they arrive. Have it
cleaned and bedded. Look for
and remove sharp nails and
loose boards that could injure
nervous calves. Move them as
little as possible for the first
ten days or so. Look them over
several times a day, but do it
quietly and keep the dog
Check for Disease...
Look for signs of disease dur
ing the first few days. Be alert
for animals that stand apart
from the herd and appear to
be listless. Coughing or shal
low, rapid breathing may indi
cate pneumonia. Carefully and
quietly separate questionable
animals and have them exam
ined by your veterinarian.
Watch for Shipping Fever...
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, November 4,1967 —
There is no sure way to pre
vent cattle from coming down
with the complex of diseases
known as shipping fever. How
ever, the length of time an an
imal is sick and the amount of
weight loss are directly related
to stress. Veterinarians use
shipping fever serum, antibio
tics and sulfonamides for
treatment, but good care helps
speed recovery.
Scours May Mean Trouble...
Most new feeder calves will
show some signs of diarrhea,
but this is usually from excite
ment and probably nothing to
worry about if the cattle are
alert and active.
However, if scours last more
than about four days, and the
cattle run a slight fever, it is
- v «_ , r f £
a good idea to ask your local
veterinarian to check them.
Check for Parasites...
After cattle have been in
the feedlot for about 10 days,
check them for both internal
and external parasites.
Collect a few teaspoonsful of
fresh manure from the drop
pings of 10 animals. Put this
material in a small jar and
take it to your veterinarian
for microscopic examination.
By a simple laboratory proced
ure, he can tell what type and
how many worms are in your
cattle. Clean, dry surroundings
will help in keeping your cat
tle from picking up new in
Lice and ticks cause cattle
to do a lot of rubbing and
scratching. They make cattle
unthrifty and give them a rag
ged appearance. Check the
calves for external parasites
and spray or “pour on” in
secticides before cold weather
to help your cattle use feed ef
ficiently. Check with your vet
erinarian or county agent for
the materials to use.
Other Problems...
Ringworm, an unsightly skin
disease, can usually be avoided
by giving your feeder cattle
enough room and keeping the
pen clean, dry and well light
ed. An outbreak of ringworm
may indicate a Vitamin A de
Foot rot can usually be elim
inated by draining or filling in
all wet spots in the feedlot.
Remove any sharp stones or
other material that might
cause foot injury Veterinari
ans say that feed additives
have been very little help in
controlling foot rot.
If you change silage or grain
types, do it gradually over a
period of time to help prevent
bloat. Coarse mixed hay fed
free choice along with any
change in grain or silage feed
ing, will also help.
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