Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, October 28, 1967, Image 1

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    VOL. 12 NO. 48
MEMBER FOR 25 YEARS. Melvin J. Martin, (left)
Gap, receives a twenty-five year plaque from Melvin M.
Brendle, director of Inter-State Milk Producers Coopera
tive. The award was presented at the annual meeting of
District 6, Tuesday evening at the Gap Fire Hall.
Haind Sees Milk Price Outlook
Steady-For Immediate Future
The _dass I utilization and
the Glass I price are still the
tivo important factors in arriv
ing ait the blend price for milk,
recording to Dr Paul E Hand,
Economist for Inter-State Milk
Produ« ers Co-operative
Hand, speaking to the 180
dairymen and wives at the an
nual meeting for District Six
of Inter-State held Tuesday eve
ning, at the Gap Fire Hall, said
that the utilization of Class I
milk 'has dot decreased in the
Older No 4 area since it went
to a market-wide pool in June
He said the average blend price
has been about $6 00 “The
problem,” he said, “is to as
sume the responsibility for sup
plying markets and keeping the
market use* of Class I at about
80 percent ”
iAis for the price in the im
mediate future, Hand said it
should stay about the same
The imitation or- “filled”
milk products were discussed
by Hiand He said this product
is reported to be going on sale
Farm Calendar
Saturday, October 28 (today)
9 90 a.m —Lanohester Pony
Club event, John M Gibson
property at cross-country
9 00 a m.—Small game season
Monday. October 30
10 00 a m.—Knzer Hybrid
Corn Field Day, N. Walters
dorf Farm between Spring
Grove and Hanover.
Wednesday, November 1
1 & 2—Penn State Carnation
Clime, Host Town Motel
12;30 p.m.—District 18 ADA
& Dairy Council meet, Brick-
S 5 m!— -Animal Health
meet, Manheim Central High
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in New Jersey in November
It is 'already being marketed
in California and Arizona
This “milk’' is made of skim
milk powder, coconut oil and
emulsifier When it is cold, it
is repoited to taste as good as
real nulk
“In Arizona the letaal puce
for this product vanes fiom 37
cents to 47 cents per halt gal
lon while whole milk per half
gallon retails for 43 to 53
cents,” Hand said
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__ A
ter) receives a $5O dollar savings bond
ss the over-all winner in the 1966 FFA
Sears Swine Program. Making the pre
sentanon is Henry Givler, Area Vo-Ag
Director for York-Lancasiter, Looking
on (right) is Gerald Kiger, Agricultural
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, October 28,1967
Tobacco Buyers
Test Market;
Get Resistance
Tobacco buyeis started off
the 1967 season this week with
offers of 30 cents a pound foi
wrappeis and 20 cents for fil
leis, or 25 cents through
First repoi ts reached this re
porter Tuesday At that time
one farmer reported turning
down a 30-20 cent offei in
hopes of getting 35 cents "If
last yeai’s crop was woith 30.
this year it’s woi th 35 ” he said
A buyer not in the field said
Wednesday he thought this was
a test of the market to feel
the farmers out He said theie
was a fair demand for the crop
“The growing season was good
and the curing season was, if
anything, even bettei,” he said
At that time it was not yet
evident if this was a false start
or if buying would continue
However, he felt if farmers
Would continue to sell the buy
ers would continue to buy Buy-
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L. F. Photo
Holstein Men
Set Yearly
Dinner Meeting
The Laneastei County Hol
stein Assn will hold its annual
banquet and business meeting
Nov 10, at Hostetter’s, Mount
Joy, according to J Moweiy
Frey Jr, chan man of the ban
quet committee Time for the
dinner is 6 45 p m
Special featuie of the e\e
ning will be the highly lecom
mended Yoik Chorus Tickets
may be pm chased from any
Miss Mary Lou Landis and John H, Hess, Association
President, at the annual dinner meeting Thursday night.
L. F. Photo
Poultrymen Hear Director From
Tel Aviv, Israel, At Meeting
Special feature of the annual
Lancaster County Poultry Ban
quet, Thursday night at Hos
tetler's in Mount Joy was a
film, ‘ The ’Six-Day War", and
guest Speaker Sidney D Trov
managing duector Poultry
Bi eeders International Tel
Aviv, Israel
Tioy told the 250 members
and guests present that the
people of Israel wei e not fight
ing for their country 01 for a
moral viotorj during the now
famous “six-day war They
weie fighting foi then wives
or daughters or sons “They
Teacher at Lampeter-Strasburg High
School. Clair, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil
der Esbenshade, Willow Street, also re
ceived a $25 bond as one of the local
winners at the Leaders Conference held
Thursday at Red Lion, York Canity.
made it personal.” he said
The international poultry di
rector said Israel is now being
used as a model “I have seen
foreign students in Israel learn
ing the concept of pulling to
gether resources out of noth
ing This is what the peoples
ot the world are looking for ”
Troy said that now when you
flv over Israel you can see
where irrigation has and is
pushing back the desert. Their
dairy herds ai e well known and
lespected around the world
Isiael has learned, he said,
that a small country can't com
pete in pouLtiy meat and egg
pi eduction but thej can com
pete in brain power
Tioy concluded with the
thought that in history when
the people of Israel were unit
ed in land and language they
gave the nations of the world
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Esbenshade And
Kurtz Win At
FFA Conference
Blue jacketed FFA members,
200 strong, converged on the
Red Lion Area High School,
Thursday afternoon for the
Twenty-Thir d Annual Area
Leadership Training Confer
ence This event is designed
to provide leadership training
for chapter officers and give
practice in parliamentary and
public speaking.
In conjunction with the con
ference, the Sears Foundation
Savings' Bond awards in the
swine program were presented.
The over-all winner from Lan
caster courty was Clair Esben
shar»e. Willow Street R 2. He
was presented with a $5O sav
ings bond during the evening
pi oeram.
The FFA Quiz on questions
taken from the FFA Manual
L. i. Photo
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$2 Per Yeai