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4—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, Ju
Farm Wife and Family
Ry Mrs. Richard C. Spence, Food Editor
Tips On Summer Preserving
success with jelly, choose a recipe from a
source you can rely upon, and follow it care
fully. Use standard measuring cups and
spoons, and time, cooking accurately.
Using the right equipment is important
for success with jelly, jam, preserves and
conserves. If you make these foods frequently,
you’ll want lo go over the list below and make
sure you have the equipment needed.
1. An 8 to 10 quart kettle with a broad
flat bottom is needed for head room for foam
which rises as jelly is cooked. Otherwise boil
overs occur. Of course you can make half a
recipe and use a 6-quart saucepan, but this
slows down the process.
2 Foi extracting truit juice
foi lollies, use a truit press or
a telly bag made of fnm un
bleached muslin, canton flannel
with napped side in, or several
thicknesses of closely woven
3 Fci the cleaiest jelly put
the cooked truit in a jellv bag
and let it chip without squeez
mg the bag (which is slow)
II you squeeze the bag or use
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a fruit press strain the juice
thiough a jelly bag that has
been dampened; and do not
4 The “sweep” hand of an
elcctnc clock, or a clock or
watch with a “second” hand is
helpful for accurate timing of
shoit cooking processes used
for pioducts made with added
5 A household scale is ban-
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dy for determining the amount
of fruit to prepare.
S. A Jolly, candy, or deep-fat
thermometer is an aid in mak
ing fruit products without add
ed pectin.
7. Other equipment needed
and generally found in most
kitchens includes: Standard
measures, quarts, cups, spoons,
paring knives, food grinder or
chopper, masher, reamer, grat
er, bowls, wire basket, collan
der, long handled spoon and
Grape Conserve isn’t some
thing you find on every gro
cer’s shelf. Consider making
your own white grapes and
raisins are plentiful and prices
are favorable. When you serve
it to family and friends you’ll
feel well rewarded.
cups grapes with skins re
moved (takes about 4 lbs.
Concord grapes)
1 orange
4 cups sugar
1 cup seedless raisins
Vz teaspoon -salt
Skins from grapes
1 cup nuts, chopped fine
To prepare fruit: Sort and
wash grapes; remove from
stems. Slip skins from grapes,
save skins Measure skinned
grapes into a kettle and boil,
stirring constantly, for about
10 minutes, or until the seeds
show. Press through a sieve to
remove seeds Chop the orange
fine without peeling it.
JifcmUr I tc/< ruf Ik* no System Member F D IC.
To make comervr To the freshly picked and processed
sieved grapes add the orange, within 24 hours, if possible,
sugar, raisins, and salt. Boil Refrigerate if they must be
rapidly, stirring constantly un- kept longer. Choose only pro*
til the mixture begins to thick- duoe that is free from bietn*
en (about 10 minutes). ishes.
Add the grape skins, and
boil stirring constantly, to 9
degrees F. above the boiling
point of waiter (about 10 min.).
Do not overcook; the mixture
thickens more on cooling. Add
nuts and stir well.
Remove from heat; skim, la
dle conserve into hot contain
ers and seal immediately. If
you do not use canning jars
that seal, cover hot fruit mix
ture in each jar or glass with
a thin layer of hot paraffin
.(about V»-inch thick). Makes
10 to 11 six-ounce glasses.
—Tangy, crisp pickles stimu
late appetites and add zest to
meals all the year around.
Take advantage of the plenti
ful supply of vegetables and
fruits at harvest time to make
your own pickles and relishes.
To be sure your pickles turn
out well, use only the best in
gredients, modern, tested rec
ipes and proper equipment Be
careful to follow directions ex
actly and to store the pickles
properly. For pickling, fruits
and vegetables should be
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Use un waxed cucumbers for
pickling whole, because the
brine cannot get through the
wax. Also, be sure to remove
the cucumber blossoms com
pletely, because the blossom
may cause the cucumber to
soften during fermentation.
Use a high quality vinegar
with the standard four to six
percent acetic acid. 'Mild tak
ing cider vinegar blends fi*»
vors better than the white vine
gar, but it may darken light
colored vegetables or fruits.
When color is important, as
with pears, onions, and cauli
flower, use the white distilled
vinegar. Do not dilute the vin
egar unless your redpe specif
ically mentions it. Add sugar
for a less sour pickle. Either
white granulated or brown
sugar works well.
Use pure granulated salt, if
you can find it. The caking
preventives in uniodized table
salt may make the brine cloudy
and iodized table salt may
darken pickles.
Last year’s spices have lost
their punch, use fresh spices
fur the best flavor Unless tine
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