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    Herringbone Milking Systems Best
For Any Size Herd, ARS Reports
Herringbone milking layouts, line milkers, bulk tanks, and
besides providing faster, more overhead automatic feeders,
efficient milking of dairy herds There is little or no dead time
than other types of milking sys- during milking, ARS reports
terns, also adapt well to a wide
range of herd sizes.
ARS agricultural engineer in two rows along opposite walls
Thayer Cleaver reached this and angled outward at about
conclusion after a study of 57 30 — as in the herringbone
herringbone parlors ranging in weave. At pit working area
size from layouts with two rows down the center separates the
of four cows each to two rows rows Each cow stands snugly
with 12 cows each. Herd sizes ag a inst her neighbor, head to
raried from 37 cows in lacta- ward the outer wall. The cow,
tion to 760. Most of the cows “positioned at an angle, juts her
tested were Holsteins. The Cali- rump Just beyond the neigh
lornia Agricultural Experiment bors. This makes udders readi-
Station at Davis cooperated in ly accessible and gives the op
the study. erator space for chores.
In some areas, dairymen have
I^°nifnJ eq nnri been slow in herring
bon ® alld ° ther 68 of elevat
ed stalls because of the high
mg barns. These features, plus
the compactness of the herring- ? ost . of cbai J» in = from one s y s “
™tem to another. However, many
dairymen who have had to re
npr d locate their dail “ies have switch
lowei building costs per cow. ed from conventional to , elevat-
Despite the labor-saving re- ed types. Those who switched
volution in agriculture, dairying to a herringbone give these rea
continues to require a lot of la- sons for the change:
bor at the milking stage. It still Lower investment in the
takes manpower to move cows milking structure;
in and out of the milking par- Fewer milkers are required;
lor, prepare them for milking, The milking rate per opera
attach milking cups, operate tor is generally higher;
feeding devices and clean up. Herd size can be increased
Increasing milk output on dairy without increasing the number
farms has accentuated this bot- of operators;
tleneck. Herringbone permits Less labor turnover because
near-capacity.operation of pipe-. of T milking operations.
Another Ist...
to serve the farmer
l||l Cope A Weaver Co.
■MMb new providence
’ZT,',rr 186-7351
C. B. Hoober International Harvester Kauffman Bros.
768-3501 EPHRATA 733-2283 285-5951
In addition, herringbone lay
outs save space by placing cows
let us tell you more ...
Joseph McGahen
Former Manheim
Vo-Ag Teacher
To Ext. Post
Joseph H. McGahen, who
nerved as vocational agricul
ture instructor for 11 years at
Manheam Central High School,
was recently appointed to the
extension staff at Penn State
University as an agronomist.
In making the announce
ment, Thomas H. Patton, ex
tension director, noted McGa
hen will provide leadership in
carrying out educational pro
grams in the areas of corn cut
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Messick Form Equip.
Lancaster Fanning, Saturday, July 29,1907
Baby Beef Club Tour Set Aug. 2nd.
— The annual tour of the Red
a n • ■ Rose 4-H Baby Beef and Lamb
I rroiect Club is scheduled for Wedmes
—. . . day, August 2nd, according to
Deadline Aug. 1 an announcement this week by
w d»TA aaa r* . county agent M. M. Smith.
In Ij/U.UUU liven t The tour will originate St
7 8:30 a.m. at the farm of club
HARRISBURG Nearly 500 leader J. Harold Frey, Mairiet
service projects that range ta Rl. Farms to be visited in
from eye banks to community the morning include: Lewis
centers, now nearing comple- Bdxler, Harold Ney, and Rich
tion in as many localities ard Yunginger. all of Marietta
throughout Pennsylvania, will Rl; and Clyde’ Wivell, Colum
compete in a $70,000 nation- bia Rl.
wide community progress con- The group will picnic in Sa
fest, State Grange announced lunga Park, and Smith reminds
this week the 4-H’ers to bring their own
John W Scott, master of the food and eating utensils. Soft
State Grange, said 478 of the drinks and ice cream will foe
state’s 643 subordinate Grang- available, toe adds. Following
es are sponsoring the local lunch there will be softball
projects as part of their work games and general' relaxation,
in community service. Similar starting at 2 p.m, three
programs are under way in the farms in the Mount Joy 'area
other thirty-seven states where w iu be toured. These include
the Grange operate*. the John W. Neff, Wilmer Nis-
Miany of the projects have sley, and Paul Hess farms
been developing over the past All beef club-members mak
two years, Scott noted, adding mg the trip will get credit for
that Pennsylvania winners will meeting attendance. Smith
be announced at the State notes, adding that friends and
Grange convention next Goto- parents of members 'are also
ber 23-26 at Gettysburg. The welcome to come along,
first-place winner from each of
the states will compete in the
national finals. These results *? e distributed at the
will be 'announced at the Na- s v* te level- ~ ~ ~
tionail Grange convention next Sponsors are the National
November 12-21 at Syracuse, Sears
NY. Foundation. Ail projects will
The national winner will judged on their contribu
get $10,1)00. Nine-runnersup tl °' n to community betterment,
will get awards ranging from «“** award money must be
$l,OOO to $5,000. Incentive fo f f he , f^ her
awards ranging up to S2OO 'localities ini winch.
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Save time! Save on labor!
VanDalo Stl7
A powerful 9 inch auger is offset within a giant, fully
enclosed 12-inch steel hood. This unique design provides a
reservoir for silage and feeds the full length of the feeder,
greatly increasing the capacity and speed with which feed
moves to the'livestock. Handles the output of the largest
silo unloader with ease.
Feed is augered the full length of the enclosed hood and is
then automatically dumped into the feeding bunk, providing
equal rations to each head of livestock at the same time. No
cattle crowding. No spilled and wasted feeds. When feed
is dumped, the hood closes automatically and repeats as
often as needed.
Powerful 9-inch auger never touches the metal hood;
eliminating metal-to-metal friction and providing the right
clearance to prevent binding and clogging even when mate
rials have high moisture content. -Horsepower requirements
are greatly reduced too.
R. D. 1 Drumore Center 548-2116 Pa.