Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, May 06, 1967, Image 16

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—Lancaster Farming. Saturday, May 6.1967
produced dunng the laying pe
riod was recognized.
Obenholtzer’s 9000-bird flock
a\eraged 279 eggs per pullet
housed for 14 consecutive 28-
day periods
The 300 Egg Club was start
ed in January, 1963 by DeKalb,
producers of the DeKalb prof
it pullet. The purpose of the
club is to provide recognition
for top egg producers, encour
age accurate record keeping
and promote efficient egg pro
duction practices.
The 300-egg mark was chos
en as a goal because balanced
bred pullets available today
have the genetic capability of
surpassing this goal Sound
management of the growing
pullet and the layei are the
ke\s to utilizing this breeding
The top producer in the 300
Egg Club in the past year was
Trammell Oliver of Crewe Vir- A PLAQUE FOR TOP
gima His entry flock of 2800 presented to Mr and Mrs
MR AND. MRS. JOHN HUBER of Lrtrtz receive birds averaged 293 eggs per ng ht. by DeKalb regional
a plaque honoring top egg production from Oran Wil- In fouiteen c 0^ e ‘ Williams.
Liams (right), DeKalb regional poultry salesmanager. curate egg production records
2/i , r» i. II j n livability and required only for 14 periods beginning after
County r oul try men Honored oy sss n>s. of feed per dozen
n 1/ p rp P p 1,, eggs There are 12.000 layers
Oelvalb ror lop Production in his over -an operation
* A minimum flock size of 2000
Two. outstanding Lancaster were presented with plaques by birds is required for an entry.
County poultrymen. and their Oran Williams, DeKalb north- Each club member submits ac
wives were amone a number oast regional poultry sales man
wives, were among a numoer RED MEAT PRODUCTION
of east coast egg producers |\ p.\. DOWN 1 PERCENT
honored recently at a Haiti- Huber’s 6631-bird flock aver - HARRISBURG Red meat
mine meeting of DeKalb’s "300 aged 245 eggs per pullet hous- production in Pennsylvania to
i<lgg Club”. ed for 14 consecutive periods taled 89,100,000 pounds in
Both from the Litxtz area, of 28 days. In addition to his March, a one percent drop
they are Mr and Mrs. John flock’s high egg production, the from last year, according to
Huber, and Mr and Mrs. Har- overall feed efficiency of 378 the State Crop Reporting Serv
ry Oberholtzer Both couples pounds of feed per dozen eggs ice
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Production by species beef,
42.777,000 pounds, down 10 per
cent from March a year ago;
veal, 4.203,000 pounds, down 7
percent, pork, 41,438,000
pounds, up 11 percent; and
lamb and mutton, 682,000
pounds, up 5 percent
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