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    The Cost Lowering Factors
In Agway’s Egg - Lift Program
Higher Peak Production
As pullets come into production, they have a
double job to do. First, they must meet the re
quirements for continued body growth; and
secondly, they must meet the increased demands
for peaking out. The nutrient levels built into
Egg-Lift permits the birds to reach higher peak
production than when they are cheated on any
of these essential items. Young pullets need ap
proximately one gram of protein per one hundred
grams of body weight per day during this critical
period The 18 'I level in Agway’s Egg-Lift per
mits birds to get the protein they need.
Greater Total Production.
Whenever birds are unable to take in enough
protein or other nutrients for continued body
growth during the peak-out period, they will drop
in production shortly after reaching peak in order
to finish their body growth. During this produc
tion slump, they put on the weight that they
should have gained while they were still climbing
in production. Agway’s Egg-Lift is designed to
reduce the possibilities of this slump occurring
and, thereby, increasing total production for the
Lower Feed Cost Per Dozen
The pounds of feed required to produce a dozen
eggs is directly associated with level of produc
tion. Maintaining a high peak of lay tends to re
duce the amount of feed needed for each dozen
eggs; and, therefore, reduces total feed cost.
New Holland Lancaster Quarryville - Honey Brook
Report to Poultrymen
the rain, which twice interrupt
ed the dairy show at the So
lanco Fair Wednesday, were
associate county agent Arnold
G. Lueck, right, and his guest
Mohamcd Ameur Laagab, Laa
gab is in the county as an In
ternational Farm Youth Ex
change (IFYE) visitor. He is
25-years-old, and is an assistant
veterinarian in the Land Office
in Tunisia. Laagab is staying
with the Richard Lefever fam
ily on their farm at Holtwood
Rl. He has visited families in
Washington D. C., North Da
kota, and Kentucky. He will be
departing Lancaster County
September 29. L. F. Photo
Less Mortality
Since the nutrients built into Agway’s Egg-Lift
help the bird meet the stresses of continued grow
th and high egg production, they tend to reduce
the chances of mortality during this high stress
Improved Body Condition
For pullets to lay at a high rate throughout
much of their productive life, it is essential that
they be kept on the lean side; that is, there should
not be a build up of heavy deposits of fat. Agway’s
Egg-Lift is designed to carry the birds through
their first twenty weeks of lay in a lean condi
tion. /They will have plenty of muscle but will be
free of troublesome fat.
Better Egg Shell Quality
The right calcium level combined with Agway
Feed Additive Extras (FAX) that have been built
into Agway’s Egg-Lift insure top egg shell quality
during this critical period in the pullet’s life.
Increased Egg Size at Start of Lay
Agway’s Egg-Lift has been designed to permit
pullets to increase their egg size more rapidly up
to their genetic potential. This means during the
early weeks of lay, that they will produce more
medium eggs than they will on conventional ra
tions and there will be fewer peewees and pullets.
This faster increase in egg size occurs over the
first six to eight weeks of production. Beyond
this, it appears there is little that can be done to
further increase egg size.
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, September 24, 196®-
Landowners In Two-County Area
Continue Gas Pipeline Protest
Members of the Lanchester
Landowners Association and
other interested farmers and
landowners staged two meet
ings this week protesting the
proposed gas pipeline of the
Manufacturers Heat & Light
Co The first, at Paul Z Martin
Sales Barn, Blue Ball, on Tues
day was attended by some 50
interested persons, according
to a spokesman for the Land
owners Assn
On Wednesday, a second
meeting was held in the office
of the Lancaster County Com
mxssioners Commissioners
Campbell, Wagaman, and Wea
ver listened as 30-40 landown
ers and fanners presented their
cases individually
As a result of the second
meeting, the association spokes
man reported, the commission
ers sent a telegram to the Fed
eral Power Commission request
ing the FPC to intervene on
the basis that citizens have
been denied the right of due
process of law.
The commissioners are also
in the process, the spokesman
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Rain And Cold
Hamper Harvest
fanners—desperate for winter
feed and forage for livestock
—find themselves in a strange
situation, according to the
Pennsylvania Crop Reporting
Sen ice
Recent rams have stimulated
excellent growth in hayfields Ik
most sections of the state,
brightening the outlook for a
late cutting of hay Continued
precipitation and cool weather,
however, may make it difficult
or impossible to dry hay suf
ficiently for baling
Wet soil from last week’s
rain interfered with most field
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His Total Service I
Program Includes: |
* Choice of 75 stud tiros I
available daily ■
• 35 plus-pioven tires a
• high production ft ■
type |
• popular-bred yew* ■
sires "
• all dairy ft beef i
• free of diseases
* United Semen Exeha»fe
275 more sires
■K Technical Service p»»-
• semen from *eni-
J side” bulls 1
I * custom collection ■
| • reserve A.B.C. sire* |
■ * storage & inaemina- ■
■ tion ■
I * Mate-Rite herd analysi* ■
| and sire recommends- |
■ tions ■
2* Dependable daily servie* ■
!* Years of Experience _
Modern Equipment A S
I Sanitary Procedure* ■
I* Detailed Sire Information I
|* Held Bleeding Record* |
|* Annual Patronage DM* |
Idends ■
■ Lancaster !
■ 569-0411 *
Akron 859-2552
Christiana 593-5098
Mount Joy 653-1451
Quarryville 786-7381
Strasburg 687-6292
Represented at local fairs with
exhibit, parade float and show