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    —Lancaster Farming, Saturday, September 24, 1966
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American Hereford Association
award ns one of the "top tea”
county agents in the U.S. A
year later, the U.S. Depart
ment of- Agriculture gave him
its Superior Service award for
his werk in beef cattle feed
ing, and 4-H Club livestock
Welk Wins Two Dairy Cham
pionships At Solanco John
Welk, Strasourg Rl, turned in
an unusual double win at the
Solanco Fair Wednesday (Sep
tember 20) when he exhibited
a mother-daughter combina
tion to the grand and reserve
Holstein championships.
The 12-year-old son of Mr
■ana Mrs Leroy Welk pulled off
the dual triumph with a thiee
year-old cow and her first off
USD A Charges Rigged Prices
Seven meat packing com
panies, thiee national food
chains, and two lamo dealeis
yesteiday (September 15) weie
chaiged with violation of the
Packers and Stockyauls Act,
the US Department of Agn
cultuie announced
The complaint chaiged that
tl.e accused failed to conduct
their buving opeiations in com
petition with, and independent
ly of each othei. and that
they made anangements they
would not compete against
each other in buying lambs in
ceitam producing aieas
These practices, the com
plaint charged, have the effect
of manipulating or conti oiling
the price of lamb.
Ten Years Ago
September, 1956
Garden Spot Ninth In U.S.
Farm Products In 1954
Lancaster County led the na
tion’s ndn-imgated counties in
value of all farm products sold
SBO-milhon according to
U S Department of Commerce
figmes leleased this week
(Septembei 14)
Lancastei is the only county
east ot the Mississippi River
icpiesented in the first 18
The only othei Pennsylvania
counties ranked in the nation’s
fiist 100 were Chestei 60th
and Ycik 87th
Dutch Days Serves Two Miles
Of Chicken Placed end to
end, theie was two miles ot
chicken seived to 100,000 peo
ple attending the Pennsylvania
Pcultiy Festnal and Dutch
Lays celebiation at Heishey
accouhng to a committee le
poit this week (Septembei 7)
Frost Tin eat Speeds Harvest
Thieat ot tiost damage put
a bit ol Light in Lancastei
County fennels last weekend
(Septembei 7), but the “light
white’ lepoited tailed to dam
age u ops
It does show howevei, said
county agent M M Smith
“that we could get hint thi 3
eaily in the season It has
speeded up iaim woik To
bacco haivesting is about 75
pei cent completed in the coun
ty and now is the time to
make silage of soybeans and
sorghum Silo filling is on full
tilt light now, the agent said
Severe Storm Rakes North
western County The north
western section of Lancaster
County neatly blew off the
map Monday evening (Septem
ber 17) in a windstorm that
toppled tiees, snapped power
and phono linos, and battered
Crops were slashed by rain
and hall driven by 68 m.p.h.
winds with gusts undoubtedly
The most severe damage
seemed to center around
Mount Joy. On the J.B. Hos
tetler & Sons farm, tenanted
by Donald Newcomer at Mount
Joy R 2, a 70x40 foot shed
filled with new crop tobacco
was demolished. At some
stores in town, plate glass
windows were smashed.
Crop damage would be dif
ficult to estimate in dollars,
advited county agent M. M.
Smith. Damage from bail will
be considerable, especially m
tobacco, he said. One farmer
reported a three-acre tobacco
field so badly shredded it
must be disced under.
Wins Cake Contest Third
Year at Solanco Fair A
prize winning walnut chiffon
cake placed first in the cake
division at the Southern Lan
caster County Community Fair
recently to give Mrs V Ros
coe Caitei of Quarryville K 3
her third stiaight winning
cake in that Solanco event
Her recipe was printed today
(September 28) in Lancaster
Nolt Steer Tops Ephrata
Show A 1000-pound Heie
ford steei shown by 13-yeai
old Joyce Nolt of Reinholds R 1
scored giand champion at the
Ephrata Fan habv beef show
Wednesday (September 26)
Miss Nolt, daughter of Mr and
Mrs Amos M Nolt, is a fresh
man at Cocahco Union High
School This marked the first
time a Heiefoid has won top
honors at the Ephrata steer
Reserve champion was shown
by Leona Augsberger, Rein
holds R 1
More “cold” and possibly
wet wearier has been order
ed for our area during the
next five days by the weath
ei man. Temperatures are
expected to average below
the normal range of 74 to
53 degrees. It will be cool
over the weekend, with tem
pei atures moderating some
what about late Sunday, turn
ing cooler again at midweek.
Precipitation may total v .>-
inch, or more, occurring as
rain in the lattei half of the
The trouble with the wel
faie state is that it costs too
much to get something foi
1967 Agriculture Outlook Good,
USDA Specialists Tell Workshop
This year Is turning out form production will continue
.much better for agriculture in to rise, however, the net farm
the United States as a whole income may be hard put to
than even the most optimistic match the net income indicated
foiccasts made a year ago. for 1966. Farm prices may
Accordnig to Rex. F. Daly, average slightly lower than in
chairman of the Outlook and 1966, but supplies will be larg-
Situation Board, Economic Re- er, particularly for crops.
search Service, USDA, net
farm income could be as much
as two billion dollars above the
$l4 billion dollar net in 1965.
Speaking at the third annual
mid-atlantic states outlook
workshop at the University of
Delaware recently, Daly said
that 1967 promises to be an
other high income year for
farmers. Since the costs of
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Pari Daca takes the worr y
I iUU llUvJv out of feeding
The dairy situation in 1967
will again be favorable for
dairy farmers, according to
Robert L. Rizek, Economic
Service, USDA. Milk produc
tion in 1967 is likely to be
up somewhat from the 1966
level; however retail prices
may keep commercial use
down. Despite the increased
production, output should
Red Rose
about balance , demand. The
number of milk cows is ex
pected to decline less than
in 1966 because of improve
ment in dairy prices.
Rjzek told the workshop au
dience that hog prices will be
lower in 1967. Above-average
prices through most of 1963
and the first half of 1966 en
couraged hog producers to ev
pand production. Hog slaughtei
in the last half of 1966 w.u
above last year's, and the ex
pansion in production is ex
pected to continue well into
1967. Although the prices will
be down, they will likely re
main well above production
costs for most producers, Rizek
He pointed out that cattle
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