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VOL. 11 NO. 43
BRAVING THE WIND AND THE RAIN on Tuesday this tno toured the
hybrid poplar plots on the Miles W. Fry & Son farm at Ephrata R 3. From left
they are: Morton Fry and Miles Fry, farm operators, and Dr. Miroslaw Czapow
skyj, forfest And soils specialist with the U.S. Forest Service. The young trees
being observed abate were~pianted as cuttings this spring. L. F Photo
Area Grower Doubles Capacity As
Hybrid Poplar Popularity Grows
In response to a fast-growing
demand for the fast-growing
hybrid poplar, an Ephrata R 3
grower recently doubled the
size of his four-acre tree faim
Miles W. Fry & Son have
been “foolin’ around with
sticks”, as one bystander de
scribed Fry's process of plant
ing cuttings some time back,
for the past ten years These
“sticks” have grown in + o a
business which has shipped
hybrid poplars into all the 48-
contmemtal states, and to half
a dozen foreign countries
Last veai, Fry said he sold
close to 100,000 cuttings and
trees, this year he and his
son .Morton hope to double
that figure
Visiting the Fiy hybrid pop
lar faim thio week was Di
Mn oSlav/ Czapowskyj, soil sci
entist and research forester
with the_U S Forest Scivice
at the Northeast Foiest Ex
periment at Kingston. Luzerne
County His job is woikmg
Farm Calendar
Septeinbei 26 7 30 p m , Red
Rose FFA Chaptei at So
lanco High School
September 27 27th-30th,
West Lampeter Community
730 pm, Lanchester
Landowners Assn : at .Ameri
can Legion Hall Honey
„ Brook
September 28 28th-’Octqber
Ist, New Holland - Farmers
1 pm„ Swine Show at
Lampeter Fair.
7pm, Baby Beef judging
at Lampeter Fair.
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, September 24, 1966
with the various “clones”, or
varieties, that have been de
veloped, hying to fit them to
the needs of the 122,000 acre
anthracite region, which he said
“is without any biological life ”
It would take 100 million trees
to cover that area, he said
Many clones in the hybnd
poplar family are particularly
well-adapted to planting on all
sorts of spoil banks, according
to the Fiys’ experience, and
to the findings of the forest
service Czapowskyj added that
the rock coveung on the an
thracite spoil banks seives as
much to conserve moisture
This, plus the fact that there
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Area Holstein
Bulls Honored
area Holstein bulls have been
designated Silvei Medal Pi o
duclion Sues by the Holstein-
Fncsian Association of Ameri
ca They aie
Sequoia Jo Pilot (GP) whose
19 daughteis averaged 16 606
lbs milk and 612 lbs buttei
fat Mi sty vale Mastei Duke
whose 40 daughters averaged
15 806 lbs milk and 605 lbs
butiterfait, Yaiba Admiral Tid
umph (GP), whose 'l9 daugh
ters- averaged 15,146 lbs milk
and 605 lbs -butteifat All bulls
are owned by Atlantic Bl eeders
Cooperative, Lancaster '
Red % Rose , Winterthur Was
Leader (VG), owned by John
W Eshelman & Sons, Lancas
ter His 11 daughters averaged
16,803 lbs milk and 644 lbs
Elm Becca Rag Apple Larry
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AGP. Deadline Nov. 30
County ASCS Reminds
Limited funds are available
for fall conservation practices,
according to Miss Doiothy Y.
Neel, manager at Lancaster
County Agricultural Stabiliza
tion & Conservation office
Farmeis mtei ested in fall lime
or fertilizer practices are ad
vised to take soil tests and
emoll immediately
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GRAND AND RESERVE CHAMPIONS at the Solanco Fair Steer Show,
right and left, respectively, were an Angus named “Whitey” shown by Robert
Groff of Peach Bottom R 2; and a Hereford called “Pete” exhibited by fifteen
year-old Kay Weaver, Quarryville R 2. The winners will be featured in further
steer competition later in the season at _ L. F. Photo
Week’s Fairs ComeUp Wet
But Sun Shines On Winners
“Phase Feeding”
Neppco Feature
HARRISBURG—A system of
feeding laying buds at different
nutritional levels tkioughout
then laying life will be the
subject of a feature presenta
tion at the 29th Annual Noith
eastem Poultry Produceis
Council (NEPPCO) Exposition
at the Faim Show Building
heie October 4-5 6
The discussion of phase feed
ing by three well-known uni
veisity experts is but one of
a numbei of topics for panel
discussion expected to draw
peak mtei est at the show
Other topics will Include wire
rearing of pullets as cage re
placements, new CRD control
programs, the latest in broiler
housing and egg oiling systems,
federal activities affecting the
industry and other talks on
poultry health, management
and marketing procedures
Dr Floyd W Hicks, Penn
State University poultry spe
cialist, will moderate a dis
cussion of the subject by Dr
Edwin Singsen, head of the
University of Connecticut Poul
tiy Science Department, and
Dr Edward C Naber, Ohio
State University poultry nu
Formal presentations by the
three experts will be followed
by a panel discussion and a
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$2 Per Year
The new Fan - Season got
underway this week despite
the best hexing effoits of the
weatherman Rain scattered
cows and contestants at the
Solanco Dairy Show on Wed
nesday, seuously thieatened
the Solanco Steei Show on
Thursday afternoon
didn't ically let loose until
about a half houi aftei the
show was completed, and com
bined with the band music at
the Ephrata Fair Steei Show
on Thin sday night to keep the
cattle and showmen on edge
But as of pi ess-time, we are
happy to report that all shows
survived and deliveied the us
ual number of young winners.
The Ephiata Dairy Show, sche
duled foi Friday night, would
seem at this time to be assured
of dry skies and ground as the
storm center moves out of the
Next week’s fair activities
will be highlighted by steer,
dairy and hog shows at Lam
peter and New Holland.
At Lampeter on Wednesday,
1 p.m„ hogs will be judged.
At 7 p m on Wednesday, the
baby beef show will begin On
Thursday, at Lampeter, the
junior dairy show will be held
at 10 30 am, followed by the
open class dairy show at 1 p m.
At the New Holland Faimers
Fair, the baby beef and hog
shows will be Thursday’s mam
youth attraction These will be
held at 1 p m and about 230
pm, respectively A tiactor
driving contest at New Holland
will be held on Saturday at
noon, October Ist