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    VOL 11 NO. 29
JUDY BUCKWALTER AND LARRY ANTES review the booklet “Sugges
tions for 4-H Club Officers” following their elections Tuesday night to the respec
tive presidencies of the 4-H County Council’s home economics and agriculture di
visions L F. Photo
Annual State Poultry Meeting
Termed “Blueprint For Progress”
The 1966 annual conference
of the Pennsylvania Poultry
Fecleiation, to be held at Penn
State Umveisity June 22 and
23, has as its theme this year
‘ Bluepunt for Progress in
Pennsylvania’s Poultiy Indus
Following registration fust
thing Wednesday morning,
June 22 a series of talks fea
tuimg specialists from the aca
demic and business woilds will
take a close look at egg and
bioiler pioduction and market
ing tiends in all aieas of the
The annual banquet will be
held Wednesday evening in
the Balhoom of the Nittany
Lion Inn
Pait of the piogiam on
Thuisday morning will be con
cemed with a panel discus
sion by industry peisonnel on
Farm Calendar
June 20 20-23, 4-H Club
Congiess at Penn State Uni
June 21 Bpm Kirkwood
4-H Community Club meets
at Bart-Coleram Elementaly
June 22 22 and 23 annual
conteience of Pennsylvania
Poultiy Federation at Penn
State University
June 23 9 am, FFA
di essed poultry iiidging
woikshop at Victor Weaver's
poultiy processing plant.
New Holland.
~ 7 30 pm, 4-H Holstein
Club fitting iand showing
demonstration at J Robert
Hess farm, Strasburg Rl..
“How to grow good pullets"
The conference is scheduled
to end at noon on Thuiaday
Plowing Contest
& Field Day Set
For July 26th
The annual county plowing
contest and field day will be
held July 26 at the Isaac Geib
and Homei Giaybill faims,
Manheim R 3, it was announced
Monday night at a meeting of
the Lancaster County Soil &
Water Conseivation District
The directois set July 28 as
a rain date foi the event, and
completed plans that will in
clude exhibits by many of the
agencies coopeiating with the
District, such as Soil Consei -
vation Seivice, ASCS, FHa.
Dept of Foiests & Wateis,
Fish Commission, Extension
Seivice, Game Commission
and Dept of Highways
The contoui plowing contest
will be held on a 13-acie sec
tion ot the Geib faim, and will
begin immediately after lunch
Accoiding to plowung contest
committee chauman Aaron Z
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Weather Forecast
Temperatures for the pe
riod Saturday through Wed
nesday will average below
the normal range of 83 to 60
degrees. It will be cool in
the beginning of the period,
then milder early in the
Showers expected Monday
or Tuesday may yield V*-H
inch of precipitation.
rue n^^S£! a II URAI ÜBRARir
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, June 18, 1966
Manheim Ag. Seniors
Travel To Canada
Seven semois in the voca
tional agncultuie course at
Manheim Central High School
lel't the county Wednesday for
a five-day trip by car to Cana
The group, chapeioned by
Manheim business teacher Ray
mond Stump, will camp and
cook outside tor most of the
tup They plan to see Niagra
Falls, the Fingei Lakes, and
othei scenic spots along the
The boys financed this trip
thiough laismg three acres of
tobacco and other FFA pio
jects duung the year
Allotments Set
For 1967 County
Wheat Crop
Individual state and county
wheat allotments, based on 15
percent inciease in the na
tional acieage allotment tor
the 1967 wheat ciop, weie re
leased this week
Accoiding to Miss Doiothy
Neel, office managei, Lancas
tei County Agncultuial Stabil
ization & Conseivation Seiv
ice, the effective 1966 wheat
allotment in the county will
be mcieased by 14 9 peicent
lor 1967 The total wheat
acieage allotment in the coun
ty m 1967 will be 57,125 acies,
Miss Neel said adding that
her office will start woik
light away computing individ
ual faun allotments Those
figuies will be mailed out to
county farmeis in July, Miss
Neel said
The price-support payment
for No 1, 1966-ciop wheat
stored on farms will be $144
per bushel, Miss Neel stated
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New County Council Presidents Are
Larry Antes And Judy Buckwalter
Representatives to the Lan
caster County 4-H Council
elected officers for the 1966-67
year Tuesday night at the
Farm Credit Building, Lancas
Lany Antes and Judy Buck
waiter were chosen presidents
of the agncultuie and home
economics sections, respective
Antes will be a senioi at
Hempfield High School in the
fall He is the 16yeai-old son
of Mr and Mis Gilbeit Antes
of Mount Joy R 2
Miss Buckwalter, also 16
years old, is the daughtei ot
Mi and Mis David Buckwal
Eric Stoner Wins “Best In Show”
At Annual 4-H Strawberry Exhibit
Ei ic Stoner made it thiee
yeais out of four Wednesday
by again winning the “Best
in Show” ribbon foi his Cat
skill entiy in the 4-H Stiaw
berry Exhibit, held in con
junction with the Lancaster
Rotary Club meeting at the
Holiday Inn, Lancastei
Stoner, who has raised and
shown stiawbernes for nine
yeais, also won top honors m
the 1963 and 1964 exhibits
He is the 18 year-old son of
Mi and Mrs H Raymond
Stoner, 1051 Eden Rd Lan
Although he will be enter
ing Penn State University in
the fall, where he will majoi
in agronomy, Euc still has one
more yeai of 4-H eligibility
left If he tries foi his fouith
Best in Show nbbon next
yeai chances are he will have
some close competition trom
through again to earn him his third Best m Show
ribbon in nine years' of 4-H competition. These Cat
skill beauties are but one of two varieties he raises in
his half-acre strawberry plots The other variety is
Redglow. L. F. Photo
$2 Per Year
ter, Lititz R 3. She will be a
senior at Warwick High School.
Antes and Miss Buckwalter
succeed outgoing presidents
Kenneth Rutt and Gloria Her
Other officers elected were:
Agriculture vice presi
dent, Donald Miller, Elizabeth
town Rl, secretary, Nancy
Frey, Marietta Rl, treasurer.
Jay Wissler, Landisville, par
liamentarian, Lany High, Bare
ville, publicity, Lilli Ann Wiv
ell Columbia Rl Membeis at
laige Becky Atkins, New
Pi evidence Rl Baibara Her
shey, Lititz R 2, Michael Hos
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his young sistei, Faye, whose
fiist-yeai entiy Wednesday
placed solidly among the blue
nbbon winneis
Last yeai’s top stiawberry
winnei was Sandia Risser of
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Merriam Rejoins
Lane. Extension
Service Staff
Winthiop Meniam, associate
county agent, lejoined the
Lancastei County staff this
week following a nine-month
leave of absence He has le
sumed his duties here on a
full-time basis
While on leave, Mernam
completed i equirements for a
mastei’s degiee in Extension
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