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    Bi—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, May 21, 1966
LOOKING DOWN ON HUBER’S POND from the nearby hillside gives a
panoramic view of this recreational operation which will feature campsites for
vacationers. In addition to activities centering around the spring-fed pond,
Huber’s 30-acre campsite will offer three archery ranges and a foot-trail through
the Dogwood-dotted woodland. L - F - Photo
• Compsites
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edged with green woods and
rolling fields.
Huber had been a dairy
nan for about 23 years, but
turned that business over to
his son Elmer W. some years
ago. He has been an active
committee member of the
County Agricultural Stabiliza
tion and Conservation Service
for the past seven years. He
said that when he took over
the farm originally the land
was in bad shape Erosion had
carved large gullies in its roll
ing fields Conservation-mind
ed, he has since repaired na
ture’s damage with terraces
and contour strips to divert
water run-off.
Now forty sites for camp
trailers are ready to go, and
he plans to add sixty more
soon. For two dollars a day,
city-weary campers can park
their trailers and relax in
this natural setting, away
from the din and dirt of
crowded cities and busy high
ways. And their two-dollar
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fee entitles them to the use
of the facilities swimming,
fishing, hiking, archery and
cooking. For each campsite
Huber provides a picnic table
and fireplace.
He is constructing a block
building which is behind
schedule for want of a block
layer—that will house coin
operated soft-drink and laun
dro-mat facilities as well as
showers and toilets. He also
plans to set up a food stand
to operate on a part-time
schedule to service campers
with hot dogs and assorted
The pond, which may well
be the central attraction at
Huber’s, was constructed last
year. It is located at the low
est point in the immediate
area, and is surrounded by a
terrace of sufficient size to
prevent any amount of water
shed runoff from flooding the
pond. At its deepest point
the pond measures about ten
feet, but along one bank Hu
ber has concreted an area and
roped it off for swimming and
wading. Last spring, and
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again this year, he stocked
the pond with 200 trout and
bass fingerlings. To encourage
production of natural food
for the fish he fertilized the
pond earlier, but feared the
murkiness this created might
be objectionable to swimmers.
Now he feeds the fish daily
with a commercially-prepared
Getting water to fill the
pond and to maintain it was
no problem, in fact, the prob
lem was too much water. Wa
ter from five springs feeds
the pond constantly. There
are so many springs in the
area that it was necessary to
lay 800-feet of tile and pip
ing to dry up the ground
That this recreation site,
located just a short walk
from the Pequea Creek, is
also frequented by some of
nature’s larger creatures was
evident from hoof prints in
the soft sand near the pond
indicating that deer had come
down from the surrounding
hills to dnnk.
Huber says he doesn’t an
ticipate too much difficulty
maintaining the camp and
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supervising its activities}. He manager, I wondered whnt
has each trailer site number* problems he would find in the
ed, and will collect his fees coming season, and how he
on daily. rounds. He said'■-fie • would solve them. The re
had had some interest from suits could he very enlighten
campert .who wanted to trent ing for other -farmers who
a trailer site by the” year so might wish to cash in on the
they could use' it anytime growing recreation boom by
they' wanted. Hviber seemed " diverting some of theii land
to regard this idea "favorably, and efforts to campsites, farm
and said a flat fee could prob- vacations, or one of the other
ably be worked out satlsfac- partitime enterprises in the
torily. - tourist-cash-crop business We
will check back with Elmer
As I left this dairyman- Huber in a year or so and
turned*- campsite - owner-and- keep you posted.
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