Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, January 15, 1966, Image 6

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    6—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, January 15, 1966
County Growers
Win In Tobacco
Lancaster Countlanfl got
oft to a good start Sunday
«t the Pennsylv .min Farm
Show In sweeping all com
petition in the tobacco show.
Roy M Rohrer of Stras
buta Rl. a 28-year Farm
Show veteian. won his eighth
championship with his cigar
fi*llei leat exhibit
Wrapper lent honois went
to Melvin L Long. Lititz R 3,
toi his long wrapper entry.
In the vocational competi
tion Richard Thomas of Mil
leisville Rl. winner of the
liilei in the county
4-H .inrt vocational shows
dm inn the past two weeks,
had the winning vviapper
entiv in the Faun Show FFA
Division Winnei ol the FFA
tiliPi c'a-s was Paul Somleis
ot Conestoaa R 1
The 1-11 du’sum was led
In Vdiuv ol Man
licim R 1 with 'hei wiappei
enti\ and bj Donald Thom
as ol Alillei->• ille Kl m the
bllei categom
ludmna the tobacco exhib
it-, was Many S Sloat toi
mei Lamastei Couutx assoc i-
a*c ai,eut
rount\ p'auim
Lons’ \\ tapper 1 Alel
iin L Lons (champion) 1
Lee Sin lei 1 (hnsuan H
Hi", 1 R AV Mai tin A
P, a 11 Dt-nl’nsei b Lan
d - L \',--iev 7 Alildied A
A - ex S Melx n S Fish
pi f t Ren M Roliiei 10
Kfineth Lee Hackman, 11
Ritchie Dealer
For Hogs And
Beef Cattle
|" >*•> >u \£ A
LNci.c:’: C2O : C r ;', .z Vsm
fx ra c. 2 y pc' j c'
c- ? u s i c c
1 1 _
1 :'c
__i i(' ir/ u.
cro~c o rt_, -".o ui c.~ t odcd
2C' / V
- .no y
'i cL i c f"
c w in crt r‘ ti c-> no. j PiKi e s
r - j co.or ui I/c oc' b c - o cs
r s i I dfi < cis cti i 10 I '•cs
-/ " 1 is/ tct K;r\ ( n . / wt. I
jlcw il I « i 7! 1/ (Vi* 1 -
, crs \’o ' ?4 hc< i s a o
-ally f'o /i' r (a.
ooom j
no t nc. 'icJ sfjj
j *ji K '/ p*»- B r..c v-e- is
Cur c{ic«.pc r t 'cejJ l C c y-.
fcr j< a.ure regL.c’eJ *rt i \/j er t -
■ I e/ M.e i.—cod i «•„ i
'L n pipeline s i oor .n re
f > qualif/ F. c u iw V'o l. c a Veur
c c, cf 77 d/ e-e-f \ u f rr« m 22
Oui* exclusive business sire*
FREE. .. C'jorfu! Kew
i pege lue-leck book
v v \ Just cff the pres Valu.h • nnd
\ „ \p ct teLle t ' r ary )j “
f""j; :t< ran C&r.te i» « a aA for
yew- FREE cop.
Wilson M. Scott
R. D. 1, Willow St.
Ph. 394-6374
Paul Meek; 12v Paul Nls»-
Short Wrapper —1, Wlt
mer J. Rohrer: 2, Lee K.
Snyder; 3. Melvin S. Fish
er; 4. Roy M. Rohrer; 5,
Ralph S. Frey; G, Harold B.
Krelder, 7. Eugene M. Roh
rer: 8, Jay Hostetler; !), R.
W. Martin: 10, Melvin L.
Long; 11. Larry Swarr; 12,
Marlin L. Cassel.
Long Filler —1, Melvin
S Fisher; 2. Witraer J. Roh
rer, 3, J. A Hostetler; 4,
Eugene M Rohrer: 5. Ross
B. Denlinger; G, Willis M.
Hackman. 7, D. B. Bruhak
ei , 8. Rov M Rohrer: 9.
Clyde B Wissler; 10, Haiold
B Kreider, 11, Jay Hostet
ler, 12. Walter K Cassel.
Short Filler —1, Roy M
Rohier (champion). 2, Wit
mei J Rohier 3. J C Steh
nian 4 Alelvin S Fishet 3,
D- B Binbakei, 0, Lariv
High, 7 1 Aithur Swan;
8 J A Hostettei; 9, Eu-
r, t .
*2*o vvjih 30
v b'e-L-
n n u ;
/ Pi -.I a
- a ts a
• r /
Elm Strasburg
v"d ro
Beacon now offers dairymen a
In dairy nutrition to promote
• Better Herd Health
* Caw Longevity
9 Higher Milk Predisetien
AII Beacon dairy rations are now formu
lated with new narrower, scienfiffse/iy
balanced caleium:pbosphorus ratios that
ere experimentally proven.
Beacon dairy rations now carry 15% more
total phosphorus and 30-40*% more available
inorganic phosphorus than previously. The new
phosphorus source Is more soluble in the digestive
tract and thus has greater biological availability.
The new availability and new higher levels of
phosphorus plus the narrower calcium;phosphorus
ratio mean better digestibility of the total ration,
more efficient calcium utilization (important to
bone formation and milk production) and are
helpful in keeping calcium blood serum values
above the level where milk fever occurs. Higher
available phospho r us also means better conver
sion of carotene to vitamin A.
Other improvements include the addition of
magnesium (needed, for proper body metabolism
and to prevent grass tetany) and zinc (important
in hide and hair health).
These changes bring dairymen better nutrition
for their herds, will improve the utilization of
many nutrients and promote better herd health
and productivity.
We have full information on all Beacon
dairy rations. Why not call us today?
Intercourse Denver
Beacon Division of Textron Inc.
gene M. Rohrer; 10, Ross B.
Denllnger; 11, Henry N." En
gle; 12, Melvin L. Long.
Long Hinder* —1, Roy M.
Rohrer; 2, Robert B. Leed;
3, John H. Hershey; 4, John
Breneman; 5, Melvin S. Fish
er; 0, I>onald E. Shank; 7,
J. C. Stehman; 8, Melvin L.
Long; 9, Eugene M. Rohrer;
10, Winner J. Rohrer; 11,
Mildred A Nisaley; 12, Clair
Short Hinders —1, W't
nier J. Rohrer; 2, Susan L.
Rohrer: 3, Clair Freneman;
4, Melvin S. Fisher; 5, J A.
Hostetler: 6, Ross B Den
linger, 7, Eugene M Roh
rer: 8, Donald E. Shank; 9,
Landis L. Nissley; 10, Roy
M Rohrer- 11. Jay R Niss
ley: 12. Donna Lou Hess.
Wrappers 1. Richard
Thomas. 2 Dennis Weaver,
3 Chtfoid Bollinger, 4, Mar
lin Sheaiei, 5, Da\e Fre>.
b Dennis Kauttnian 7, Don
ald Xissley. 8. Lintord D
Martin Adam Zimmer-
Xew Holland
man; 10, Tony Rossi.
FUloi’n —1, Paul Bonders;
2, Roy Bowman; 3, Harry
Byers; 4, Larry R. Weaver;
5, Larry High; 6, Clifford
Bollinger; 7, Richard Thom
as; 8. Adam Zimmerman; 9,
Linford D. Martin; 10, Mar
lin Groff.
Wrappm —1, Nancy Nes
tleroth, 2, Eric Stoner; 3,
Richard Thomas: 4, Leigh
Walton: 5. Phillip Bixler; 6.
Richard Bu'ckwalter, 7, Pat
Yunginger-, 8. Jeff Witman;
9, James Landis; 10, Eugene
Fillers —1, Donald Thom
as; 2, Leigh Walton: 3, Eric
Stoner: 4, James Landis; 5,
Jeff Witman; 6. Pat Yung
inger, 7. Richard BUck-nal
tei; 8, Philip Stehman; 9.
Richard Thomas; 10. Barrett
" 1
•* —
Just arrived! Bigger power! Put all the odds on.
your side. With a new B-10 Alhs-Chalmers snow
machine. Big power, plenty stiong.
And you can get tools foi the B-10 just like a
farmer buys his implements—all kinds, for summer,
fall, spring.
Get a real tractor. 'We’re v, aitmg to show you.
L H. Brubaker
Lancaster, Pa.
Nissley Form Service RG M & s„ n
W,shms, “, Pa. Hh „ ms , Pa .
L. H. Brubaker Grumelli Farm Service
Lititz, Pa. Quarryville, Pa.
MikMutai and Fiber JBlends
A liber mixture la achieved
•fterr spinning by twisting to
gether two or nVore strand*
of spun yarn or continuous
filament,. A fabric mixtuaie
may be ralade up of a mix
turn of yarns, different sin
gle yarns laid side by side,
or warp yarns oif one liber
and flUMng yarns of another.
Fiber blending la done be
fore spinning a yarn from
exact proportions of different
libers. A blend nva,y be made
up of man made and natural
libers, combinations of man
made libers, or combinations
Of natural libers.
The washability of any
fabric woven from mixed or
blended yarns depends upon,
the fibers involved and/or on,
the finish applied to the fab
ric after v, eavmg.
Chet Long
Akron, Pa.
Allen H. Matz
Farm Equipment
New Holland, Pa.